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Virender is positive Sakshi has cheated. Something is fishy. She can’t win like this. Villagers love us so much. How are you able to now no longer win? They pay attention dhol gambling and Sakshi walks in with Anjali, Prakashi and her followers. Virender asks her how she dare come inside.

She factors out that they may be celebrating her victory. Also, this haveli belongs to me legally. Let me remind you that I were given your private home below my call whilst you have been in jail. I am the proprietor of this haveli. My phrase will rule now. I will see who will forestall me from staying right here. Virender is set o rate at her while Purvi stops him. There isn’t anyt any factor preventing now. Let’s go. They head to their room. Prakashi asks a person to deliver puja thaal.

Next morning, Virender asks Purvi what she has made in breakfast. They see Sakshi sitting in his chair. Purvi tells him now no longer to lose his cool. They start to stroll away while Sakshi tells Virender it’s miles his place. You will take a seat down right here handiest. She actions aside. Virender sits on his seat. Anjali is set to serve breakfast to him however Purvi takes it from her.

I will appearance after Mukhi ji until the time I am right here. 2 women come to Sakshi to are seeking for assist. They percentage that there may be a pr*stitute proper outdoor Rewari and their husbands are losing their tough earned cash there. Sakshi has the same opinion to assist them. I will name that dancer right here for a overall performance after which I will talk to her. Bring your husband’s right here as well. I will attempt my quality to throw the dancer out of Rewari. Ladies leave. Virender asks Sakshi if pr*stitute will dance in haveli now.

This has by no means occurred right here before. I wont allow it appear! Sakshi reminds him that she is the Mukhiyayin now. Things will appear as in line with my wish. I will see who will forestall me! Virender accepts the assignment and walks away observed with the aid of using Purvi.

Virender maintains pacing in his room. I made a totally massive mistake with the aid of using taking note of you. This wouldn’t have occurred if I had killed her that day! She will allow a pr*stitute dance withinside the haveli whilst I am alive? I will display her her place. Purvi stops him again. She is doing it intentionally. She is aware of your weakness. She is aware of that you may do matters incorrect whilst you are angry. We may be capable of throw her out of the residence handiest while she loses her calm. We ought to stay calm. Please calm down. He nods.

All the preps were made for the dance. She seems up and notices Virender and Purvi status withinside the corridor. Virender realizes that Bawri is proper. Anger makes one lose a number of matters. Anjali praises the preps. Few villagers are available as well. The pr*stitute walks in only then. Sakshi glances at Virender who’s searching on the pr*stitute pointedly. He turns to head while Sakshi invitations him to look Mujra. It is occurring for the primary time in haveli after all. Mujra starts.

Virender and Purvi are of their room. Virender is irked with the aid of using the noise. My head is set o burst due to the noise! Few guys fall at the ground and throw cash. Their other halves pull them away. Virender gets rid of the cotton balls and offers them to Purvi. This is of no use.
I will repair this! He heads outdoor. He screams at everybody to forestall the dance / music.

He asks the pr*stitute and the musicians to leave. This haveli isn’t supposed for you! The pr*stitute remains positioned. Virender asks her to leave. She remains positioned. Virender finally ends up pushing hr. The woman seems up. Virender and Prakashi are stunned to look her. Virender takes Renu’s call. Purvi receives curious approximately her. few women factor out that she is Mukhi ji’s sister. Virender asks Renu if she have become a pr*stitute.

Prakashi is in disbelief as well. Have you definitely stooped so low? Dint you reflect onconsideration on us even once? How are you able to do some thing like this? It takes years to earn respect. Have you now no longer notion approximately us even once? Sakshi smiles. It is amusing now. Everything is popping out the manner I had notion it’s going to!

Flashback indicates the equal women drawing close Sakshi with their hassle yesterday. Sakshi is going to fulfill the pr*stitute. She reaches there with Anjali, Prakashi and people women. Sakshi, Prakashi and Anjali are stunned to look Renu. Prakashi thinks of speaking to her however Sakshi stops her. we were given this kind of right chance. Let’s positioned it to right use. Prakashi asks her how it’s going to gain them. Sakshi says she is Mukhi ji’s sister. I will use her to soften Mukhi ji’s phrase and win him over again. Flashback ends.

Prakashi reprimands Renu. Virender provides that she ruined the entirety the day she ran farfar from the residence together along with her lover. I had decided on a exquisite man for her. She could have lived fortuitously if she had married him. This wouldn’t have occurred then. Renu admits that she become incorrect. I notion that Harish loves me however I become incorrect. He cherished my cash. He ran away with my cash and jewellery.

What else may want to I do? I become useless to you the day I had eloped from haveli so I couldn’t come lower back right here. I met an vintage man. I notion he’s going to assist me however he took me to a brothel instead. All my hopes died that day. I notion that is my destiny. I popular it as it’s miles! Prakashi asks her if she couldn’t take delivery of her dying as her density. Renu shouts that she did try and kill herself regularly however they used to take me lower back there each time. I felt as though I become being punished. I spent many days with out meals and water.

I broke down ultimately as I couldn’t recognize what I ought to do. I dint need to do it however I become compelled to do it. It wasn’t with the aid of using choice. She breaks down. I survived there somehow. a woman factors out that her tale wont alternate her man or woman now. Another woman factors out that she may be labelled as a pr*stitute handiest. Sakshi makes a decision to take the lead however Purvi steps forward. Enough!

Precap: Purvi says, Renu is daughter of this Haveli and he or she will live right here handiest. Sakshi says, I don’t take delivery of this. I won’t permit a pr*stitute to live on this village, not to mention on this residence. Virender says, that is my ancestral Haveli and I will determine who will live and who won’t. Later, Sakshi tells Prakashi, if Molkki is two steps beforehand, then she can be able to live two hundred steps beforehand of her. Renu gets abducted tonight. A few masked guys are taking Renu away. She screams for assist. Purvi is in kitchen, getting water. Virender wakes up from his sleep.


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