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Sudha and priyu deliver turmeric milk to virender. He asks about purvi. Priyu says she is making charge to the laundry man. Veer comes with wheelchair simply then. Virender is touched by using the gesture. You introduced it for me? Veer says you said you’ve got a lot to do but you are advised to take mattress rest for two-3 weeks. You can go out now. Virender says it is a great idea. Thank you. Veer begins to move whilst virender asks him to assist him sit on it as nicely. Veer appears at priyu and nods. Sudha enables veer and they assist virender sit down on the wheelchair. Veer takes virender out of doors. Sudha says veer is a good son. He introduced wheelchair the moment he found out that his father can’t stroll. Priyu disagrees. It became a tremendous issue to do. His sister is accountable for mukhi ji’s condition. He is attempting to cover his penitence.

She walks out of the room. Sudha thinks i realize you don’t like veer so that you are saying this. I suppose otherwise though. Purvi smiles as she seems on the wheelchair. Sudha and priyu instructed me about it. Virender nods. It suggests that veer is atleast nevertheless a touch concerned for me. Purvi says it seems like he is still worried about you and loves you. Triumphing over him wont be that hard. Virender nods. I want it changed into that smooth with nandini too. I don’t recognize how to win her coronary heart. Purvi says i’ve an answer. I went to chaudhary’s house these days. She tells him the whole thing (in mute). They’ll come to our house to invite for nandini’s hand. Please say yes. Virender asks her if she is mad. My daughter wont turn out to be the dil of that house! How dare he convey his son’s alliance for my daughter? I would have hit him if i used to be nicely. She attempts to speak to him frivolously but in useless. Virender pratap singh and chaudhary charan singh can never be friends! She asks him if he can’t do it mend his relation with nandini. Virender tells her no longer to trap him in her candy phrases. I have advised you virtually.

Purvi reminds him how nandini had held onto his hand at some stage in the film most fulfilling. I noticed love in her eyes that day. I even observed your image in her diary once i went to her room. I can say that she may be sour to you or might hate you however she nonetheless loves her baba. You too should forget about approximately your enmity with chaudhary if he can depart the beyond at the back of. She folds her palms in the front of virender. Say yes for the alliance tomorrow if you need nandini to like and be given her baba again. This may be your biggest danger. Subsequent morning, youngsters run around excitedly. Purvi tells them to be careful. She tells virender that nandini is excited after knowing which you have agreed to fulfill chaudhary ji. Allow’s pray that matters turn out to be higher between you and nandini quickly. Anjali tells purvi nandini is ready. Let me recognize when they’re here. I will bring her. Maid informs them that chaudhary is right here with his circle of relatives. Anjali goes to convey nandini whilst veer and prakashi visit welcome the guests. Purvi tells virender to remember the fact that he’s doing this for nandini.

Chaudhary greets all people. The haveli is sparkling even nowadays. Virender says mukhi’s haveli is his delight. It changed into and will usually sparkle, irrespective of who comes or goes. Anjali brings nandini downstairs. Nandini and aarav observe every other. Veer takes his sister to the living room. Chaudhary says let’s begin afresh today. Their happiness is more vital than our enmity. Prakashi concurs. Anjali serves candies to chaudhary who takes the plate to virender. Virender actions his hand apart. Chaudhary name callings him for sitting at the wheelchair. How can you manipulate the village when you can not walk yourself? Virender asks him if he has ever visible a horse race. The rider is always sitting on the pony and guiding him. It’s far about how you manual / manage a horse. The tighter the grip, the faster the horse runs! Virender continues to be keeping the reins of rewari village. No person can lead them astray till the time i am here. A servant gives a paper to chaudhary. Chaudhary says permit’s awareness on this for now. He gives an engagement invitation to virender. Virender tells him to preserve it with himself. We haven’t stated yet. Chaudhary says dad and mom should supply in reluctantly when their younger daughter says sure for the marriage. It’s miles only a formality now. It’s far approximately appreciate after all. Take delivery of it and say yes for the alliance. We’ve come to are searching for the bride, not your happiness.

This is approximately relationship, now not a deal! If a younger girl elopes from her house, villagers / neighbours make the life of other own family individuals hell. I don’t need you to undergo some thing similar. Say yes. I will fold my fingers and request you if needed. Anjali tells him it isn’t wanted. We’re fortunate that our daughter will go to your private home. It is very last! Virender signals chaudhary to lean ahead. Nandini and aarav keep hands. Virender tells chaudhary he knows that just how a dog’s tail can in no way be instantly, he too will by no means exchange. Inform me absolutely what you need. Chaudhary asks him if he nonetheless cannot understand. I want this village. You are clever so that you might recognize what i suggest by means of that. I will be conserving you and your daughter’s reins after marriage in any case. He smiles.

Virender tries to stand up but purvi tells him to stop. He holds out his hand to be able to prevent her from interfering. He gets up with trouble and tears the invitation stunning everyone. Prakashi and anjali smirk. Virender tells chaudhary he understood his intentions and mentality properly. Get out of the house proper away or i can throw you out of here! Get going. Don’t stare at me. Simply depart. I was right about your intentions however i used to be helpless due to my daughter. I used to be supplying you with a threat however you will in no way trade. You are a snake who wants to chew us most effective! Apprehend it nicely that our families can in no way emerge as one. We were and could always remain enemies. My daughter wont become the dil of your private home ever! Do something you need! Purvi asks him what he is doing. Chaudhary tells virender this could price him badly. He asks his son they must go now. We had been insulted sufficient. We begged him and requested him however he wont budge. How will he be ours whilst he couldn’t be his personal daughter’s? Aarav starts to leave when nandini requests him to prevent.

Please don’t depart me. I absolutely love you. Aarav frees his palms. Virender tells chaudhary that he’ll kill him and his own family if he sees them near his circle of relatives ever again. Don’t try and mess with virender pratap singh again! Recall it well. Prakashi smirks. Nandini breaks down. She appears pointedly at virender. Purvi and virender come to nandini’s room. Nandini throws a vase angrily stunning purvi. She asks virender to go away. Why have you ever come here? You have got snatched the whole thing from me already! My ma, my existence, my happiness! Aren’t you happy but? Aarav turned into my most effective supply of happiness however you ruined that too. You cannot see me glad. You best think about your self. You are a selfish man or woman! Virender tells her it isn’t so. Try and pay attention to me once. Purvi seconds him. He is your baba.

Please try and pay attention to him once. Nandini shouts in disagreement. Nor is he my baba nor are you my ma! I don’t need to concentrate to everyone. Simply leave me on my own! She storms out of the room. Purvi tells virender they ought to give her some time. She will neither pay attention nor understand you proper now. We ought to communicate to her as soon as she calms down. Purvi brings virender to their room. Virender wonders how to inform nandini he is her father. I am doing it for her sake. I’m doing it for our circle of relatives. Why can’t she recognize what chaudhary is honestly after? Nandini is crying in her room. Veer brings food for nandini but she asks him to depart. He tells her to wake up. I got here right here for the hungry mice on your tummy. We’re twins in spite of everything who percentage a special bond. You can still understand what the other is feeling.

She calls him disturbing however he does no longer mind. I got the license when i used to be born. He feeds her. She is aware of that he hasn’t eaten something either and feeds him too. She tells veer she wont forgive mukhi ji for what he did today. He does no longer want to look his children happy. I can make him pay for what he did though! He asks her what she can do. She says i’ve made up my mind already and calls aarav.


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