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The Episode begins with Purvi saying Maa… . Daksh looks on stunned. Prakashi says she is our administrator’s mum, you would have felt she resembles your mum. Purvi says sorry, I felt she is my mum. Prakashi says its alright, she likewise gave you favors. She sends away Purvi’s mum. Purvi returns for mehendi. Virender asks what was the need to lie, she distinguished her mum. Prakashi says you said she shouldn’t recollect the past, on the off chance that she realized she is her mum, in the event that anything happened to her, on the off chance that she blacked out, she might have kicked the bucket, I did what you told, I was attempting to deal with the matter. He blows up and leaves.

Prakashi says now you trust me, right Daksh, you have seen Virender’s face, he does what he needs, he went to town to get Purvi’s mum, he made her substitute front of Dhwani, specialist said she ought to recollect things step by step, on the off chance that she had kicked the bucket, who might be dependable. Nani grins. Prakashi requests that he accomplish something, else Virender can successfully remind her, he is extremely obstinate, he will not allow Purvi to happen to any other person, not even you. Nani says Prakashi is saying the right, I feel Virender is distraught, we can’t confide in him, Prakashi dealt with Dhwani today, else Virender needs Dhwani back, you need to accomplish something, else you will lose Dhwani.

Juhi and Manas converse with Purvi’s mum. Virender says I m sure that Purvi will remember everything fine. Purvi’s mum asks are you certain. He says indeed, individual can fail to remember everything, except not mum.

He says she will distinguish you soon, she said Maa seeing you, you need to remain around her, she will get her memory back. Purvi is in her room. Aide comes to call her for supper. Purvi says I would prefer not to have food today. Her mum comes and says get her food here. Assistant says sure and goes. Purvi’s mum asks her not to decline to food, individuals who get food are fortunate, Kanha blows up in the event that you decline to food. Purvi asks did you not go to feast with everybody. Her mum says how could a mum eat food leaving her girl hungry. Purvi asks what are you saying. Her mum says you called me Maa before everybody, so you are my little girl, right. Assistant gets the food. Purvi’s mum feeds her. Purvi cries and eats. Tumse judi hai… ..plays… Purvi says don’t have a clue, its the flavor of your hand or love, I feel my mum would have taken care of me the same way with affection, I wish I know my mum soon, who realizes she is sitting tight for me. She takes care of her mum. Her mum embraces her. They cry.

Daksh sees Virender. Virender and children take a gander at Purvi. Daksh says his mum was saying right, he is a smart man, he is attempting to do enthusiastic extort, he doesn’t know I m remaining before him, I will not allow him to get Dhwani, Daksh never loses what he needs.

Purvi is on the porch. She reviews her mum’s words. Virender comes there. He says you are separated from everyone else here, is everything fine, what are you thinking. She says all is well. He says Dhwani ji, a tongue can lie, yet an individual’s face, eyes comes clean, mention to me what are you thinking. She says I met that aunt today, I wished I additionally realized who is my mum, my family, I would likewise have a family, interestingly, I feel like a vagrant today. She cries. She says you additionally have a family, mum, kids, for what reason don’t I have anybody here. He says dislike that, everybody is made for an individual, you will likewise have a family, you will have a mum, kin, spouse and children additionally, perhaps you don’t recall. She asks what do you mean, assuming I have a spouse, how might I wed Daksh. He says I intended to say that you will have somebody, I have a family, you will have somebody like that, somebody would be missing you, I can’t say it without a doubt, assuming you are hitched, your significant other would be there. She says you are correct, I never thought about this, perhaps I truly had a family, my significant other, who might be sitting tight for me even today, relations don’t break in the event that one loses memory. He says you said right. She says my mum will be my mum, my better half will be my significant other, my Sasural… . no, until I look into my family, I can’t wed Daksh. He gestures. She says I have an inquiry in my psyche, is Daksh truly made for me, or is there anybody hanging tight for me, who will come, don’t have a clue. He says when life doesn’t reply, then, at that point you ought to ask your heart, I close eyes and ask my heart, I find every one of my solutions, you ought to likewise attempt once, ask your heart, you will find your solutions, attempt once. He makes her nearby eyes. He requests that she ask her heart. She sees Virender. She opens eyes and sees him. He says you found the solution right, advise me, whom did you see, who is your soul mate. She says I have … . Daksh comes and says who else will Dhwani see with the exception of me, Daksh will be Dhwani’s soul mate.

Daksh says we love each other a great deal, we will track down one another when we open eyes, am I right, Dhwani. He says I don’t need you to get dark circles, proceed to rest, Virender and I will partake in my lone wolf party today, goodbye. She goes considering Virender. Prakashi says you have seen what happened today, we need to accomplish something, Virender is obstinate, he got Purvi’s mum. Anjali says I was frightened when Purvi called her mum as Maa, I thought the whole game is finished, Nani clarify Daksh, how might he let Dhwani go. Nani says stand by till the morning, Daksh will give a shock to Virender. Daksh and Virender drink. Daksh says lets partake in the unhitched male party. Virender asks what’s this. Daksh says enormous city folks drink with their companions a night prior to the marriage, individual doesn’t get time with companions, they partake in the final evening of opportunity, I have nobody to call my companion here, I thought to partake in the party with you. They drink. Daksh says companions don’t have a decent life, a few companions are great, however a few companions deceive, disclose to me a certain something, what sort of companion are you, one who secures or one who double-crosses.

Precap: Daksh says I see your eyes, and feel your eyes are getting ready to wound me. Virender thinks does he think about Purvi. Nani says everybody can perceive what’s going on among you and Virender, even Daksh can see. Daksh says we are going to Delhi. Virender gets stunned.


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