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The promoting is on in complete swing for each the candidates.

Sakshi asks Juhi and Manas in the event that they wont meet their mom. Manas shouts no. Juhi provides that they do now no longer like her. we help haathi. Manas says you ought to wait and watch. Our haathi will win. Virender asks Bawri to return back. We have loads to do. Kids cheer for haathi and extra humans follow. Sakshi watches them depart. This is politics. I will visit any volume to defeat you this time.

Purvi and Sakshi go to the villagers. Both are welcomed properly at each house. Purvi takes a pot of water from a pregnant woman. It isn’t accurate for the infant to hold this sort of heavy pot. Virender says that is what your Sarpanch ought to be capable. Sarpanch ought to be capable of help you and shoulder your responsibilities. Sarpanch shouldn’t simply display faux love and click on photos (hinting at Sakshi). How will a person assist humans of Rewari in the event that they don’t understand it? The different female takes the water pot and seconds Virender. Choti Mukhiyayin turns into our Sarpanch now.

Sakshi offers speech on stage. Sakshi calls Purvi Molkki. She wont be capable of do what I can do for you. Many such Molkki’s have come and move however a DIL leaves handiest while she dies. I got here right here as DIL, as Mukhi ji’s spouse. I will depart handiest after serving all of you for my whole lifestyles. You ought to pick out your DIL. A guy seconds her. Not Molkki however Mukhiyayin ought to be the Sarpanch. Her supporters cheer for Sakshi.

Purvi’s help cheer for Purvi as she comes on stage. Sakshi ji changed into proper. She got here right here as a DIL and I got here as Molkki. She may have ignored telling you that the identical own circle of relatives and identical Mukhi ji has ousted her from the own circle of relatives. It is due to the fact she cheated and ruined her very own own circle of relatives. She risked her youngsters’ lifestyles and had even despatched her husband to jail. She has carried out her obligations beautifully! She has forgotten that she had made me Choti Mukhiyayin and the proper of a DIL herself. I even have in no way cheated all people for the reason that I got here right here. I even have fought for justice for the ladies of Rewari and for others as well. I even have stood with the aid of using Mukhi ji’s aspect in Panchayat too. Decision is yours now. You should determine who the actual DIL is and who merits to be the Mukhiyayin.

Sakshi walks up. I am the deserving candidate. Molkki is speakme approximately sincere and obligations. Ask her what the most important responsibility of a spouse is? Is it to simply accept her husband as the whole lot or to flirt with each different guy? Ask her what her relation with Vipul, Daksh and Arjun is! Why did she marry Arjun while Mukhi ji changed into there? What will humans think about the ladies of Rewari if such ladies are made Sarpanch? Think thru earlier than coming to a choice.

Purvi stands up. It changed into Sakshi ji who had added Arjun right here. She laid a entice for me and were given me married to Arjun forcibly. She is the only who shot Daksh and he or she trapped Mukhi ji for it instead. She has carried out a lot to take revenge from me. She dint even spare her very own youngsters. She were given them abducted and placed their lives in risk. She dint even allow her very own infant survive. The DIL who couldn’t be her own circle of relatives’s and the mom who couldn’t appearance after her very own youngsters can not contend with you. How are you able to consider her then? The mom who can kill her very own infant and is a murderer, who can not see past her selfishness and revenge and who isn’t frightened of God and laws, can not contend with all people else. Everyone stands in help of Purvi and cheers for her.

Virender does aarti of Purvi. You do my aarti and pray for my achievement each time. I even have carried out it this time. I am certain you turns into the Sarpanch this time. Come and test for your self in case you don’t consider me.

Voting has began and those come to forged their votes. Sakshi, Purvi and Virender are outdoor the vote casting centre. Officer tells the defend to shut the door as they begin counting.

Purvi tells Virender she is anxious. He tells her now no longer to worry. You are going to win. Sakshi have to be worried. Officer comes outdoor. Virender asks him if Purvi has been made the brand new Sarpanch. Purvi’s supporters begin gambling dhol. Officer stops them. Celebrate later. We haven’t introduced the choice yet. Sakshi is asserted the winner. Virender and Purvi are bowled over even as Sakshi smirks.

Officer pronounces Sakshi as the brand new Sarpanch of Rewari. Panch are similarly disappointed. Virender asks officer how this could be. Entire village helps Purvi. how can Sakshi win? Officer motives that they’ve counted the votes thoroughly. Sakshi says that is an insult to me. do you believe you studied I can not win? Virender nods. Sakshi has the same opinion for a re-count. Officer starts offevolved to head internal while Virender stops him. It may be counted in the front folks this time. Officer permits them to return back internal.

Votes are counted in the front of Virender, Purvi and Sakshi. There is a completely large hole among the wide variety of votes for every candidate. Officer tells Virender that Sakshi has won. Sakshi asks Virender if he’s happy now.

Sakshi smile. Did you in reality assume I will come again unprepared this time? I even have include complete training this time. Flashback indicates Sakshi paying bribe to the peon. She tells him to open the window of the room in which ballots are kept. My guys will update the ballot . He is hesitant however she assures him that it’ll be carried out smoothly. She can pay him. Peon sends the man sitting withinside the ballot room internal. Sakshi’s guys update the ballot and set hearthplace to the votes that Sakshi had definitely received. They ship the video to Sakshi and tell her over call. Flashback ends.

Sakshi asks Virender if he desires to look into extra. Virender and Purvi stroll out of the workplace in shock. Anjali and Prakashi come there with dhol and garlands. Purvi and Virender are at a loss for words to look them there. Prakashi congratulates Sakshi. you’ve got got proven the whole Rewari how tons they love you. You ended up turning into the Mukhiyayin. She places the garland round Sakshi’s neck. Anjali follows suit. I am so happy. You have defeated Molkki badly. Purvi asks them in the event that they aren’t ashamed. Don’t you don’t forget how she had insulted you earlier than throwing you out of the house? Anjali says it doesn’t matter. Everyone salutes the growing son. Why ought to we think about it while Bhabhi has forgotten the whole lot? Prakashi provides that they can not mess with the winner.

Precap: Virender tells Sakshi that no female has danced on this Haveli. Sakshi says, some thing I need will happen. Later, a female in veil is dancing in Haveli in the front of the guests. Virender comes and says, prevent all this. He throws the lady out. Her veil comes off. Virender receives stunned seeing her. Guests say that is Mukhi ji’s sister, Renu.


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