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Juhi factors on the blood on the steps. Virender shouts to name ambulance.

Police catches Sakshi. She seems downstairs at Purvi. I will make certain you may be in ache for existence if I can’t be happy!

Purvi loses conscious.

Virender and children wait outdoor the OT. Virender comforts them. Juhi asks him if haathi can be first-class. Virender nods. She can be first-class in a few time. Ward boys shift Purvi to every other room. Virender asks document if Purvi is first-class. She nods. There is some thing essential that I ought to let you know. Doc seems on the children worriedly. Virender sends them to Purvi’s room after which asks document what it’s far. She says Bawri ji.

Purvi wakes up and remembers what Sakshi had done. Virender is calling at her thru the clean area at the door. Purvi sits up. My child! Virender comes inside. She asks him approximately their child. He tells her that it’s far sufficient that she is first-class. Purvi maintains asking approximately the child. Virender tells her that the child isn’t anyt any extra. Purvi breaks down. Virender comforts her. Purvi murmurs that it can’t be true. Virender says I realize you cherished this child extra than your self however this changed into God’s wish. I am happy which you are first-class. I wont be capable of forgive myself if whatever had passed off to you. I changed into cursing myself as Sakshi had made your existence hell due to me.

I simplest need us to be together. That’s all I need. Juhi and Manas are your children too. It is right that Sakshi’s ultimate souvenir is out of our existence. It is right. Purvi agrees. What if we misplaced this child? We will have our very own child. Maybe Kanha ji desires us to have our child. It changed into the proper aspect. Virender seems at her speechlessly and tells her to rest. Nurse comes to test Purvi’s oxygen and blood level. Purvi feels as though Virender is hiding some thing from her.

Nurses go back Purvi her clothes. Mukhi ji is ready outdoor to take you home. Purvi realizes that the shirt is missing. She comes out and overhears the nurses speakme approximately her. Purvi has now no longer simply misplaced her child however she can be able to additionally be now no longer capable of grow to be a mom in future. Purvi falls down in shock. Nurses rush to her side. Virender walks in and notices her in tears. He calms her.

perhaps that’s what God wanted. We should take delivery of it now. This is the truth. Purvi asks him why he concealed this kind of massive aspect from her. Virender replies that he had no different option. How may want to I let you know this in that condition? You are above the entirety else. You have become a surrogate mom with a very good goal while Sakshi driven you down the steps out of jealousy. How may want to I let you know that you could by no means grow to be a mom? Purvi tells him now no longer to mention so. I am a mom simplest.

Juhi and Manas are my children simplest. I won’t have given beginning to them however I even have raised them. They won’t be associated with me through blood however we percentage a bond of affection that’s above the entirety else. Kanha ji won’t have made me Devki Ma however He did make me Yashoda Ma for all the time. I even have Juhi, Manas and also you for all the time through my side. I am content material with that. They hug.

Inspector tells Sakshi she is in reality fortunate as Arjun took the whole blame on himself. You wont be fortunate whenever though. She symptoms and symptoms her launch papers. Sakshi thinks that it isn’t destiny. I even have paid for it. Arjun has made a cope with me. I even have sold destiny to kill Purvi as soon as and for all. She walks out of jail. Get prepared Purvi as our combat goes to be bigger, risky and eventful this time!

Purvi is busy with the preps. She continues giving commands to all of us and begins offevolved cleansing the temple. Virender asks her why she is operating whilst she has simply back from hospital. He takes her down from the ladder and holds her in his arms. She tells him that everybody is calling at them however he isn’t bothered. I am simplest looking after my wife. He makes her take a seat down at the sofa. You will certainly rest. She factors at all of the staring eyes. He dismisses the servants. She reminds him that it’s far Diwali tomorrow. I am the DIL of this residence so I should paintings as well. He tells her to reserve all of us round as she is the proprietor of this haveli. I don’t need to experience the concern of dropping you again. You wont paintings at any cost. Shall I grow to be the vintage Krur Singh in case you need do as I say? She agrees.

Should I move again to paintings? She corrects herself. Should I move and inform all of us how and what to do? He stops her to present her the Diwali gift. He kisses her on her forehead. They percentage a watch lock. Purvi attempts to depart however he asks her in which she is off to. Purvi says to boss round. He asks for his gift. She feels shy. He factors out that nobody is here. She asks him if that’s why he despatched all of us away. He tells her to assume anything she desires. He gives to shut his eyes and asks for his gift. She feels shy and walks away. I wont be capable of do it. Virender wonders why ladies experience shy for no reason. She comes again, kisses him on his cheek and runs away.

Purvi wakes up Virender. He asks her why she is dressed up so early. She certainly asks him to include her. she suggests him the Diwali decor. He is surprised through it and compliments her. She takes him downstairs. They each take a seat down withinside the centre of the Rangoli. She makes him get rid of his kurta. He eliminates it hesitantly. She tells him to take a seat down quietly now. I will do what I should do now. He receives tensed however she tells him to live put. I am your wife. She applies oil and turmeric paste on him.

Ramji instructed Bhim Rao a tale approximately a village striving for rain. An antique guy requested them to pray. One day complete village amassed for prayer, a toddler delivered umbrella. He turned into puzzled. The toddler stated that he believed that it might rain after their prayer. Bhim Rao requested if it rained. Ramji stated that the crust of the tale turned into to consider in what they preach. Bhim Rao ought to consider in regulation.


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