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Virender amd nandini take a look at every different emotionally. She withdraws her hand and wipes her tears. She smiles at aarav. He sends her a text asking her to fulfill him inside the backside. Aarav and nandini depart stealthily. Veer says it is a lovely film (to priyu). Sudha has the same opinion with him. Nandini hugs aarav. She remains emotional.

He tells her to relax as he wipes her tears. I am here now. Simply chill. Virender wonders wherein nandini is now. Wish she wont lose her manner on her manner again. He tells juhi and manas to take a seat on the cot. Purvi asks him wherein he’s off to. He replies he were given tired after sitting on the grounds that see you later. I’m going for a stroll. Youngsters take a seat with priyu.

Nandini tells aarav to take her to someplace wherein it’s miles simply the 2 of them. They hug once more. Virender continues to be seeking out nandini. Purvi notices aarav and nandini’s mirrored image at the projector display. They lean nearer for a kiss. She accelerates to the bottom. Virender notices the shadow as nicely.

Who is there? Purvi comes and pushes aarav away. Nandini asks her how dare she push her aarav. Purvi stocks that mukhi ji is searching out her. He is coming right here most effective. I pushed him to prevent. Nandini tells her to live out of her business. You don’t ought to fake to be my ma. I don’t care what you or mukhi ji reflect onconsideration on aarav. I love him and i’m able to meet him.

Do anything you need to! Nandini asks aarav if he’s exceptional. Virender comes there simply then. Aarav and purvi panic. Nandini touches aarav’s face and asks him if he is great. Purvi attempts to say something but virender stops her. He asks aarav to go away right away.

Nandini attempts to argue however he warns her to be quiet. You’ll see the worst of me in case you say anything now! He drags nandini from there observed through purvi. Purvi tells him to allow her go however virender refuses. He makes nandini sit down inside the automobile and pressure away together with her and purvi. Every person reaches haveli. Virender says i idea you came returned right here after all these years for me but i dint realize you had been as much as this. Purvi tells him to allow pass of nandini but in useless.

He drags her to her room. Nandini attempts to argue as nicely however virender brings her to her room. You can consider me as you enemy or anything, i don’t care.

I wont spare you in case you try and meet chaudhary’s son after nowadays. I am now not saying this because chaudhary is my enemy however because you don’t realize what type of people they’re. Do you apprehend now? Purvi tells him to sit and listen to her. He tells her to be quiet. Nandini is young. She will do such stupid stuff but i dint assume it from you. You helped her even after understanding the whole lot.

You dint reflect onconsideration on her even as soon as? Nandini tells them to stop pretending to be her dad and mom. I don’t care who’s your pal or your enemy. I am no longer a small youngster who will get afraid whilst you’ll glare at me. Aarav and i really like every different. It wont trade.

Do not forget this properly. If you need to keep me faraway from aarav then it is my zidd to get him. I promise you i can fulfil it any value! She storms out of her room. Prakashi tells virender not to lose his cool. Your fitness will deteriorate. She is cussed just like you. You don’t listen to everybody so neither will she, even though it’s her father. Virender insists that she ought to. I’m her father. We can see who could have an upper hand here. Next morning, purvi offers breakfast to maids to give to nandini and virender. They’re so stubborn.

They haven’t eaten anything for the reason that yester night. They’ll fall sick if they wont eat anything. I will move and test on nandini now. Youngsters ask haathi to provide her breakfast. I am hungry. Purvi concurs. Permit’s do some thing else first. Nandini asks the maid if she asked for breakfast. Take it again. I don’t need to consume whatever. Purvi and children appearance on. Virender says the same thing to the maid.

Maids try to convince nandini and virender however in vain. They use the precise equal phrases and typhoon out in their respective rooms. Maid tells purvi and youngsters that no one ate breakfast. Purvi thinks that both father-daughter are similarly cussed. I simplest heard that twins are identical however i’ve visible this for the primary time. Children ask purvi how they may pacify baba and didi. Purvi says we are able to use tit for tat technique. She tells them a plan. Virender is solving a nail. Manas comes there with food and sends the servant outside.

Virender asks for hammer but manas offers him meals. Virender is amazed to look him. In which is govind? Manas says he went to devour breakfast. Eat something now. Virender denies. Manas requests him. I haven’t eaten something both. Virender asks him why. Manas says i can only eat when you’ll. Virender tells him no longer to be stubborn however manas offers him his example. Virender consents to eat for his sake. You’re very clever. You made me emotional and made me consume too. They feed eat different sweetly. Purvi watches them from the door and

Nandini apologizes to aarav on smartphone. I dint recognize this could appear but i’ve given a becoming respond to mukhi ji this time. He wont come between us ever again. She notices juhi on the door and ends the call. Juhi tells her that she desired to have breakfast together with her. Nandini apologizes courteously so juhi comes to a decision to live hungry as properly. Nandini tells her no longer to be stubborn.

Juhi requests her to consume too then. I am very hungry. Nandini concurs. They feed each other. Purvi smiles as she sees them consequently. Juhi winks at her and sends her a flying kiss. Purvi sends her returned one. Handiest love can mend things which might be damaged. Purvi comes to kitchen. Nandini is ingesting water. Purvi says i recognize you dint like the manner mukhi ji spoke to aarav.

I can do my great to convince him and help you as much as i’m able to. Nandini asks her what she thinks of herself. Did i ask on your help, molkki? Did i ask you to mend things among me and mukhi ji? Purvi says i am best trying to help you. Nandini calls her mrs. Molkki again. I don’t want your help. Don’t you suspect that you becomes my buddy with the aid of saying all this! You may continually be mukhi ji’s molkki for me.

Don’t try to be my mother or pal! She leaves. Priyu has witnessed everything. Veer is watering the flora when gardener offers to do it. Sudha watches veer as he speaks properly to the gardener. Veer asks her how she is right here. Sudha says due to you. He’s bowled over. She gives him his camera. I went to marketplace. I was walking past studio when i recalled about the digicam and decided to deliver it to you. Veer thank you her. Sudha tells him it isn’t needed. She watches him as he begins checking his digital camera. I will take your depart now.

He nods and thanks her once more. Veer stops sudha and asks her to turn. She turns round a touch and he clicks her photograph. You added digicam for me so that you deserve this. I will click on a few greater. She poses for him. Priyu notices sudha and walks as much as her. What’s happening? Veer says i was clicking her snap shots. Please join her. Priyu says there is lots to do in an afternoon than simply click on pics.

Sudha stops her. Veer asks her why she is always rude to her. I apprehend the language of affection too. I’m no longer bothering you or argue with you ever. Why are you so impolite constantly? Priyu says your sister speaks rudely to my sister and also you become assisting her alternatively. That’s why i communicate to you like this.

Desire you apprehend now. She asks sudha why she is so interested by getting herself clicked suddenly. You may tell me next time. I’m able to click your pictures. The women pass inner. Anjali has visible the entirety. Seems like veer has fallen for molkki’s sister! Allow’s see how matters form up. I must hold a watch on them to ensure i will use this someday.

Virender ignores purvi as she walks as much as him. She follows him round and pretends to do her work. He continues going to a one of a kind corner but she maintains colliding with him. What do you want? She tells him that he seems adorable whilst he’s angry. They percentage an eye lock. He turns to go however she stops him. Consume laddoos. You usually ask for laddoos however you’re ignoring them nowadays.

My tau ji is proper. Human beings don’t certainly value what they get free of charge. He speaks towards her tau once more. Feed them on your tau. You watched i am a child who you may pacify with laddoos? She tells him that he’s irritated for no purpose. He asks her how else a father will react seeing her youngster act like this. You knew that nandini and chaudhary’s son have been going out but you hid it from me.

You are also helping them. This is a mistake and i can not undergo it. She requests him to listen to her. Consider them. They simply love each other. It is proper love. He virtually cares for her. Virender walks away. Purvi wonders how to give an explanation for to him that he ought to agree with his daughter’s preference. Maybe she is proper and you are incorrect. Please guide him, kanha ji.

People cheer towards virender in panchayat. Virender stops them. What’s going on? Chaudhary says we’re making ready for elections. I’ve heard that humans don’t want you as their mukhiya anymore. I can be their mukhi after 2 weeks. Virender says it isn’t incorrect to dream but they shouldn’t forget about their limits at the same time as dreaming. This village and villagers haven’t forgotten how you had looted them within the past.

I used to be the only who uncovered you later on. Every body pushed you out unanimously. They are harmless however now not foolish. They realize what’s right and wrong which is why they may nevertheless support me as i am sincere. They wont help a foxy fox such as you!

UpdThe episode ends.


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