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Maid offers an envelope to purvi to give to virender. Purvi comes to her room and the kitchen is already set. This seems superb. Has joru ka ghulam set it? He tells her no longer to call him that. I’m her saathi (partner). She smiles. He says we are collectively like the queen and king in a deck of cards. A family is managed via both the companions collectively and right here we are! Did i leave out something? She denies. Your joru may be very happy with you. You understood my factor and revered me too. You’ve got done better than what i’d have carried out. She maintains plant life nearby. This seems like mukhi ji and bawri’s kitchen now. He asks her why they want to keep bouquet right here while a lovely flower like bawri is already right here.

She smiles shyly. He rests his face on her shoulder. You are the lovely flower of my coronary heart, my home and my kitchen. He kisses her on the cheek. They share an eye lock. He kisses her on the cheek once more and smiles. Don’t inform every body that i did this or people will say that i’ve end up loopy when you. She has the same opinion. He leans closer for a kiss whilst youngsters come jogging internal. They ask purvi who has set the kitchen. Purvi tells them it is virender. He sends them to play. He later asks purvi what they may think about him now. She tells him not to worry. Manas will learn how to assist his wife like you handiest. You’ll be his instance. Virender says he is so small. Don’t recognise whilst he’s going to marry and you made me try this already? She offers him the envelope. He asks her to make tea for him. She calls the youngsters to assist her. They gladly visit assist her. Virender stocks that that is an invite from chaudhary charan singh.

The battlefield is open again. We are able to meet inside the elections now. It will likely be a win or lose this time! Virender smiles. He misplaced to me within the preceding elections. That is a project to me. He tears the letter. I wont permit you to be triumphant, chaudhary charan singh. Do anything you need. You will face me! Purvi makes a decision to now not inform virender about viren and nandini. I ought to find out how near they are. Veer comes to a picture studio keep. He asks a person to assist him discover the proprietor. Sudha asks the photographer to come back inside. We are geared up for images. Veer is going inner. They’ve their lower back to veer and blunder him to be the photographer. Priyu fixes her hair. Veer hides under a cowl and starts offevolved clicking their pix as they flip. Veer continues looking on the ladies.

Photographer walks in and appears at the fellow clicking images. He recognizes veer. Sudha wonders what veer is doing here. Veer tells the photographer he presented to click photos for the lovely girls. You can do it now which you are here. He says bye to priyu. Have a good photograph session. We can meet in haveli once more. He says bye to sudha as properly and leaves. Sudha asks priyu approximately him. Priyu tells her that he’s virender’s elder son veer. Nandini leaves haveli stealthily at night time. Purvi wakes up due to the sound of the engine. She comes to a decision to follow nandini. She finds a rickshaw outdoor and asks driving force to comply with the auto. We shouldn’t lose sight of the automobile. Driving force obliges. Nandini reaches an isolated location. Purvi follows her. Nandini calls out to aarav.

Purvi wonders why aarav might have known as nandini here at this hour. Please keep our nandini safe, kanha ji. Nandini smiles as she looks at the decorations. Purvi wonders what made her run. Nandini hugs aarav. This is so stunning. Any such exquisite marvel! Nobody can love me such as you do. Purvi thinks that he certainly loves her lots as he has carried out a lot for nandini. Nandini tells aarav that she located out today that mukhi ji and his dad are competitors. Why dint you tell me before? I am sure you knew about it. He nods. I wanted to however i used to be fearful of dropping you. I notion you’ll go away me after knowing the truth. Our dad might be enemies but i love you. She says i love you too to him.

Till while can we conceal about us from the sector? I’m so excited. I want to inform the complete international about us! He tells her to wait for the proper time. I want your baba’s permission to marry you. He is like my baba. She starts to reply but he calls virender sensible and fine. Everybody respects him lots. I just hope he can forget the animosity and accept us. Nandini hugs him.

Purvi reveals him very smart. He loves nandini and respects mukhi ji. Maybe his love can fix matters. Thanks kanha ji for sending him in nandini’s life. I understood their tale but please display me a manner to show mukhi ji’s hatred into love, kanha ji. Next morning, purvi tells juhi and manas that baba has determined to watch movie. We can pass together. Children leap excitedly. She asks veer and nandini if they’ll come as well. Nandini refuses to be part of it. Films are watched in theaters and now not in outdoor like this. Have fun looking it in your negative / cheap fashion. Priyu tells her sister she will be able to honestly come. Veer additionally says sure. Purvi tells him that he’ll revel in it plenty.

She wonders what she ought to do about nandini. My plan can be spoiled otherwise. Juhi asks nandini to return. We can get late for school in any other case. Purvi nods. They go away. Veer and priyu have a look at every different. Nandini calls aarav and asks him to return over tonight as nobody might be at domestic. He tells her that he has to go along with his dad to peer the movie at panchayat. I couldn’t say no to him. She tells him to head ahead. You will get a marvel. He asks her about it however she tells him to anticipate it. You will enjoy it. Children ask every person to come back asap. We can pass over the start in any other case. Anjali consents.

A film must be visible from the start. Juhi asks them to convince nandini as well. Prakashi denies. She is cussed like virender. I wont say anything to her. Nandini comes strolling outside simply then. I might be bored as everyone goes anyways. Purvi asks her to take a seat of their vehicle. Nandini sits inside the passenger seat within the front. An emotional track performs as virender puts her seat belt. Complete village has collected to look at the film. Virender arrives along with his circle of relatives accompanied by chaudhary charan singh and his family. Nandini texts aarav. How turned into my surprise? Did you love it? He suggests thumbs up to her. All of us takes a seat. Veer sits subsequent to priyu whilst sudha sits next to him. She introduces herself. He begins to introduce himself when priyu tells him no longer to waste his time with creation. Absolutely everyone knows about you already. Veer nods. Virender and chaudhary charan singh hold looking at every different.

They start looking a movie. Nandini realizes that this is her favourite movie. Only veer and mukhi ji know approximately it this means that he positioned it on for me. Virender and nandini trade awkward glances. Veer tells nandu this is her favorite movie. Purvi tells virender he did a amazing component by way of setting her favored film. He starts to mention some thing when she holds his hand. He realizes that this become her doing and smiles.

Purvi thanks the guy for gambling this film upon her askance. He with courtesy requests her now not to thank him. Mukhi ji has completed loads for us. Can i now not do this lots in go back? She thank you him and joins virender again. Nandini and virender appearance a touch emotional. They think about the past. Nandini is in tears and holds virender’s hand. He continues his quit hers emotionally. She appears at him teary eyed.

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