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Nandini tells virender she hates him. The closer he’s going to try and come close to them because of this molkki, the extra she can hate him! It’s higher to preserve the space. Do you apprehend? She appears at purvi’s portrait. It’s miles spoiled now! She comes to a decision to do something about it and throws it at the ground. She alerts a servant who brings sakshi’s photograph. Veer hangs it at the wall. Nandini steps on purvi’s portrait. Virender is about to retort but purvi holds his hand. Prakashi and anjali smirk. Veer and nandini take a look at their mother’s photo. They think of prakashi’s phrases. Virender is leaving while nandini stops him. A molkki can in no way end up mukhiyani by using placing her picture at the wall. It changed into and could always be our mom!

This negative molkki cannot replace her ever! Virender takes purvi from there. Juhi and manas have blindfolded priyu and ask her to capture them. Veer appears on. Priyu catches veer. Children chuckle. Priyu removes the blindfold and looks at veer. She asks him if he can not talk. Why dint you prevent me from catching you? He says i wanted you to seize me. She is shocked. What do you mean? He says nothing and apologizes to her. She leaves with the children. Veer face fingers himself. Kids are playing carom when nandini asks them what they’re doing. Manas says they may be trying to trap a fish. Juhi asks her if she can not see them gambling carom. How are you going to ask such a silly question? Manas laughs. Nandini asks them if she cannot ask them this being their elder sister. Permit me play as properly. Juhi tells her towards it. We’re having a global championship proper now. Please go away. Nandini asks her if that molkki and mukhi ji hasn’t taught them how to talk to elders. Juhi says they have taught us the entirety but you have got forgotten how to speak to their baba.

Manas adds that she sent them to stay with servants. Juhi asks them to say who has misbehaved. Nandini loses her cool and decides to teach them a lesson. She increases her hand to slap them however purvi holds her hand in time. Children hug purvi. Purvi tells her that they’re youngsters. You may communicate to them properly and explain matters to them. You don’t have a right to hit them. I wont be able to forgive you in case you try to hit them again. You can misbehave with me but don’t harm my children. Nandini reminds her that they may be her mother’s kids. I’ve a larger proper on them than you! Purvi says i am now not trying to remind you of that. I am reminding you of your obligation as their elder sister. You have been just about to hit them. It is wrong. I can by no means tolerate it. No person has a right to hurt them, no longer even you! Have you understood it or ought to this molkki explain it well to you? Nandini glares at her. She tells the kids now not to worry.

You are robust children. No one, no longer even your elder sister can do something to you until the time i’m right here. She takes them along with her. Nandini decides to loose her siblings from molkki’s clutches. This is my venture, mrs. Molkki! Virender, veer and purvi are inside the jeep. Purvi thanks virender for losing her off to sudha’s ngo. I haven’t met her due to the fact that such a lot of days. He says it is near panchayat so it wont be an off-course thing. He tells veer he’s happy that he’s coming with him. Veer tells him no longer to be very glad. I used to be getting bored at home so i concept to peer what takes place there. I had no interest in going with you. Virender looks at the jeep drawing near from the otherwise. A young boy is within the other jeep along with his father. They prevent their jeeps and stare at every other pointedly. They start the jeep and technique every different on the same time. Purvi tells virender to let the other car bypass. That is a slender street.

Virender does not budge despite the fact that purvi tells telling him otherwise. They avoid getting hit by some means. Purvi tells sudha everything. I don’t recognise why mukhi ji become fuming with rage after on account that guy. He has in no way reacted like this before. Sudha tells her that it changed into chaudhary charan singh and his son aarav. He fooled villagers and looted them. Mukhi ji exposed him due to which he had to leave metropolis. Villagers requested become mukhi ji. He has been mukhi ji given that then. Purvi wonders why charan singh is lower back now. Sudha says the election manner for mukhi will start in 2 weeks once more. Chaudhary charan singh desires to emerge as mukhi once more. She goes to look for a garland while she notices veer inside the market. He is the same man who fed the negative guy the opposite day. Purvi asks sudha what she is asking at and why is she smiling. Sudha lies that the climate is very lovely these days. Let’s go out.

Purvi has the same opinion. Villagers tell virender they’re happy to see veer after so long. He looks so just like you. Virender says he is my delight. I’m additionally expecting the day when he’ll make me proud. They leave. Virender thinks even he does now not know whilst veer will make him a part of his life, his happiness again. Purvi and sudha come there. Purvi asks him in the event that they need to head domestic. Virender nods. Permit’s take veer too. A villager informs them that veer will come home a touch later. Maid is taking breakfast for nandini however purvi offers to take it as an alternative. Nandini refuses to devour it. Take it or throw it! I’m no longer hungry anymore.

Purvi says you are indignant with me, now not meals. Devour something you want. Nandini argues and drops her phone. She asks purvi to offer her phone to her. Purvi is stunned to look aarav’s image and recognizes him. Nandini takes her smartphone and is going inner. Purvi wonders if nandini went to fulfill aarav closing night time. I have to find out the reality before telling mukhi ji anything. What’s occurring between nandini and aarav? Virender has brought utensils within the servant’s room. What if we get hungry at any time of the day? She smiles. Let’s set it together. He motives that he brought it. It’s miles her turn to set it. She reminds him that that is their stuff. We should do it together. He says what if a person sees me. They’ll name me joru ka ghulam. She asks him about the girls who guide their husband. What’s incorrect in you supporting me a touch? She is about to give her tau’s instance. He cuts her mid sentence. There are some regulations in society. Please manipulate this. I wont be capable of do it. He sits down however notices her obvious at him. She says vehicles run on 4 wheels, not 2. She makes use of his logic on him and refuses to make a separate kitchen. I’ve lots to do already. Your joru (wife) will move now. Enjoy. She leaves.

Virender murmurs that she has began announcing such a lot of matters these days. I wont spare her tau the day i meet him. He has taught her all the incorrect matters. Purvi notices nandini’s room in a large number. That is just like the kid’s room. This is her residence in spite of everything. In which else will she do it if no longer here? She tidies the room. She finds nandini’s diary and finds a photo of virender and little nandini. It has i like you baba written on the backside. She loves her baba very lots. That is also the motive why she hates him so much.

Whilst we like someone loads then at instances their words, moves hurt them. This is what she felt when mukhi ji and sakshi ji met with an twist of fate. Nandini snatches the picture from purvi and scolds her. Don’t are available my room again! Purvi concurs to depart. Will you solution my question? I saw a guy’s image to your telephone when i picked it up earlier. Is it the same man who you met last night? Let me let you know if you don’t recognise who he is. He’s the son of your baba’s largest enemy. Nandini tells her to stay away from her matter.

Prevent spying on me. I don’t must discover ways to stay existence from you or mukhi ji. Don’t come to my room ever again! Purvi tries to talk to her but nandini tells her to get out. Purvi thinks nandini is not able to understand how badly mukhi ji may be impacted once he reveals out approximately her and aarav. I saw his response after seeing chaudhary charan singh earlier. I guess i will have to tell him about nandini and aarav now.

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