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Purvi says you wont be allowed to live right here for any other day after 1 month. Remember it nicely. Prakashi nods. Purvi and Sakshi depart. Anjali stares at Prakashi who tells her now no longer to shift even an inch. Your wound wont heal otherwise. Anjali asks her why she driven her. I love you a lot. Prakashi factors out that they could had been thrown out if she hadn’t achieved this. Do you need to beg at the streets? Anjali imagines them starting and shakes her head. Prakashi says this turned into a plan to live at domestic. I will train them a great lesson.

Purvi involves choose Manas and Juhi from faculty. Peon tells her that everybody has left already. She receives involved. She asks their Teacher. She stocks that that they’d left early from faculty nowadays. I noticed them myself. Purvi wonders how it can be. They knew that I will come to choose them up. She calls Manas and Juhi however their telecellsmartphone is off. She is going to search for them.

Purvi continues attempting their telecellsmartphone on her manner domestic however in vain. She thinks to go looking herself earlier than informing Sakshi.

Arjun offers ice cream to Juhi and Manas. They thank him. Purvi notices them and wonders what they’re doing right here with Arjun. Arjun is having a great time with the children. Purvi asks the children why they’re right here. I even have advised you now no longer to head everywhere with out informing me. They are shocked. Purvi cries. You realize how lots I get involved. Why did you return back right here then? They inform her that they met Arjun outdoor faculty. He added us right here. Purvi tells them to take a seat down beneathneath the tree. I could be lower back soon. They do as advised. Purvi takes Arjun aside. How did you carry my children right here with out informing me? He replies that he hasn’t abducted them. She motives that he ought to have advised her. I turned into so involved once I couldn’t discover them in faculty. You are a attorney so that you have to comprehend it thoroughly which you dint tell both of the parents. It is illegal. He says it is right which you have commenced to apprehend legal guidelines via way of means of staying with him. You realize that I am the simplest one that can store your Mukhi. Why are you afraid while the children are with me? They had stored my life. I can provide them small happiness atleast. Look at their faces. They appear so satisfied. Purvi seems at Manas and Juhi. They ask the seller to offer them greater ice cream. Arjun offers them greater ice cream. Purvi seems on.

Inspector tells Virender they ought to visit courtroom docket to signal a few papers because the case has reopened. Virender agrees. They depart in police jeep.

Kids leap with pleasure as Arjun orders golgappa’s for them. They ask Purvi to sign up for them. Arjun gives to Purvi as nicely however she shakes her head. Kids request her. Manas factors out that that is her favourite. She denies once more however Arjun feeds her this time. They head to sweet floss stall next. Purvi takes it after lots thought. Arjun watches her. Purvi attempts to drink water from hand pump. Arjun notices her suffering and is going to pump water for her. Police jeep stops there. Virender notices them for this reason and is shocked. Purvi washes her face withinside the end. Juhi offers her her cotton sweet. Virender watches all four of them taking part in cotton sweet together. He thinks of the beyond time once they had been on the identical location together. What’s occurring right here? Bawri added Arjun to store me however she appears to be taking part in with him right here! The jeep drives away.

Arjun involves haveli to drop Purvi and children. They hug him and head inside. Purvi thank you Arjun. They had been so satisfied after days nowadays. He tells her that that is not anything in the front of what that they’d achieved for him nowadays.

Kids provide their luggage to Sakshi and run outdoor. Sakshi asks Purvi what passed off to them. Purvi shrugs. Kids come lower back protecting Arjun’s bag. Sakshi and Purvi are shocked to look Arjun. Purvi asks him what he’s doing right here. Juhi stocks that he’ll live with them now. Purvi says how it is able to be. Manas says we’ve got referred to as him right here. Juhi nods. He performs with us and we revel in his employer so we’ve got referred to as him over. Manas says he lives alone. Juhi calls it a surprise. Purvi is hesitant however does now no longer say something in the front of the children. She sends Arjun’s bags to the visitor room with Preeti. Arjun takes his small bag and leaves. Purvi sends the children to their room.

Sakshi asks Purvi if Arjun will live with them. Purvi says even I can not apprehend why they’ve added him right here. They don’t realize how impolite and loopy he’s. He is without a doubt very candy to the children aleven though so that they won’t realize his different side. Sakshi rues that they’ll ought to tolerate Arjun at domestic too. Purvi says we are able to ought to endure him until the case is open. He will depart then. Sakshi hopes not anything is going incorrect until then. Prakashi overhears their convo. They don’t need him to live right here however he’s nonetheless right here. Has he fallen for our lovely Molkki? I have to discover what he’s up to!

Purvi offers dinner and expenses to Arjun. He refuses to just accept the expenses. She asks him if he does now no longer take expenses. He says I take expenses however it isn’t money. I will take some thing else. She is curious however he asks her to wait. She asks him to mention it earlier than the case. He asks her how critical it’s far for her to store her husband. She says I can do something for him. It is greater critical than myself. Arjun says I will ask for my expenses as soon as I store Mukhi ji. It is as valuable for me as Mukhi ji is for you. What’s the rush? I will depart the case proper away if you’ll push me. She receives tensed. He tells her now no longer to worry. I wont ask for something which you wont be capable of provide to me. Don’t worry. She excuses herself. I ought to take dinner for Mukhi ji.

Purvi units dinner for Virender. I even have tasted it nowadays. It is flawlessly fine. He tells her he wont eat. Take it lower back. She asks him why he’s so angry. He tells her now no longer to faux that she does now no longer realize something. She continues to be confused. He tells her that he noticed the entirety that she did with Arjun withinside the marketplace nowadays. You have achieved that with me withinside the beyond. Have you employed the attorney to combat my case or for yourself? She factors out that he hasn’t changed. I turned into blamed withinside the beyond and I am getting blamed nowadays as nicely! It will preserve in destiny too. You noticed Arjun and me however you dint see children there? They haven’t smiled because you are in jail. They had been satisfied after such a lot of days nowadays. You dint see it as you don’t need to look the truth.

What you observed is proper is what’s proper on your eyes! They revel in Arjun’s employer that’s why we had been there but you’re blaming me for this too! You haven’t changed. It has been proved that you may by no means accept as true with me. the satisfactory issue for me could be to depart! I can not let you know the identical issue once more and once more. Sakshi ji is right here now. She will deal with the entirety. He stops her. I love you a lot that I end up frightened of dropping you time and once more. I seethe with anger once I see you with a person else! I don’t realize why I turned into so jealous once I noticed you with Arjun nowadays. I can not see you doing the identical matters with a person else that we’ve got achieved together. I don’t need to lose you. I could be given dying penalty in few days. I don’t realize why I misplaced my mind. She tells him to calm down. I even have employed Arjun so that you can get out of jail. I even have satisfied him with problem for you simplest. He nods.

Episode ends.


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