Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Chief Minister Palanisamy said, “The family will be provided with 6 free cooking gas cylinders per year. The head of the family will be given Rs. 1500 per month, ”he promised.

AIADMK Coordinator and Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneer Selvam and AIADMK Co-Coordinator and First Lady Edappadi Palanisamy met reporters today at the AIADMK headquarters in Raipet, Chennai.

Speaking to reporters at the time, Chief Minister Palanisamy said, “On the occasion of Women’s Day, 6 cooking gas cylinders per year will be provided free of cost for the benefit of women. I would like to inform you that the head of the family will be given Rs. 1,500 per month to bring economic balance in the community. Also, I would like to inform you that many announcements will be made in the AIADMK election manifesto. The election statement will be released soon.

Question: Are you saying that you are making this announcement after seeing DMK?

Chief Minister Palanisamy: This is wrong, we have been preparing the election manifesto for 10 days already. It somehow leaks. With the leak he (MK Stalin) announced at a public meeting yesterday.

Question: How do you say that one thing you are discussing is going out?

Chief Minister Palanisamy: “Everything is a disorder of interest. When a good project comes along it is easy to share it with others. Whether or not the message is leaked when journalists share a message with others is just like that.

Question: When will the list of candidates be released?

Chief Minister Palanisamy: The filing of nominations will begin on March 12. The list of candidates will be released by then.

Earlier, People’s Justice Center (PJC) leader Kamal Haasan had said that the family heads would be given monthly stipends. Following this, at a special DMK election public meeting in Trichy yesterday, DMK leader MK Stalin announced an election promise of Rs. 1000 per month for family heads.

Following this, Manima leader Kamal Haasan said that the DMK had copied the announcement of their party. In this situation, Chief Minister Palanisamy said that the DMK had announced the AIADMK election manifesto in advance as it had been leaked.

The ruling AIADMK, the opposition DMK, and the Manima parties forming the third party in this assembly election are announcing freebies as election promises, competing for 6 free gas liners a year to finance the family head.


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