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Virender throws anjali and prakashi’s baggage out of doors. He tells prakashi to play any game she desires to. I wont allow you to grasp something from my kids till i’m alive! You can’t stay right here. Go away! I threw you out of this haveli closing time. This time i oust you from the village. You will see the worst of me if i see you again. Nandini steps forward. You are the worst in any case. You’re the mukhi of this village, no longer this residence. That is our residence too. They will stay right right here with us. Don’t overlook that we’re the proprietor of this property. You have to have acquired your reproduction of the will. Ma named the entirety after her 4 children. Vir and i may be the prison mother or father for manas and juhi till the time they flip 18. Virender tells her no longer to educate him. I recognise the entirety but you don’t recognise them or what they have finished.

They made sakshi signal the assets papers stealthily. I somehow got it back once more. Don’t consider them or they may backstab you! Nandini says we may be kids but we aren’t fools. We understand who to accept as true with and who we shouldn’t. We don’t must learn it from you. Vir asks about sakshi. Virender says she left. She has relocated to every other u . S . And wont come returned. Prakashi calls it a lie. Why are you lying? I’m able to call in any respect our residences to investigate approximately sakshi. Tell us the fact. Vir calls him cruel and egocentric. You lost ma twice and we lost her once more due to you. We are able to find her and convey her back. Simply wait and watch. Nandini adds that now virender and his molkki will leave the residence. Best folks who we love will live right here now. Virender and purvi are on foot closer to the primary door of the haveli. Prakashi and anjali smirk. Prakashi asks virender to prevent. I can be you step mom but i can’t see you getting destroyed like kaikayi. You may not have considered me your mother but i’ve usually taken into consideration you my son. I can’t see you going far from me. I’m able to make preparations for you within the servant’s area if you want. You dint think about in which i can cross when you sent me away however not like you, i can’t see you go. Virender starts to retort however purvi accepts her offer.

He asks her in the event that they weren’t insulted sufficient. Purvi says we wont be capable of save vir and nandini from ma and bhabhi if we leave. We wont be able to show the hatred in love then. We have to live here. Please understand me. We are able to lose this danger otherwise. Please say yes. Prakashi asks virender if he desires to stay inside the servant’s room. Virender reluctantly agrees. Prakashi says i knew which you wont say no to this molkki. She tells anjali to ask the servants to shift virender and molkki’s stuff to servant’s room. Virender is shocked to see the situation of the room. We agreed to live but you may need to live at an area like this due to me. She says every location is heaven for me in case you are with me. Don’t assume too much. Help me easy the room. He looks at her in surprise. She tells him that she is joking. I wont make you try this. She picks up the broom but he’s taking it from her. I wont allow go of your hand now. We can do the whole lot together. She nods. They begin cleaning the room. Vir and nandini come to virender and sakshi’s room. Nandini caresses sakshi’s photo regrettably.

Virender and purvi proportion some adorable, romantic moments whilst cleaning the room. Vir is also lacking his mom. He hugs nandini and appears at his mother’s stuff. Purvi is making a makeshift nameplate with their name. Vir throws virender’s turban angrily. Virender opens the doors to the balcony. Nandini additionally opens the door of her discern’s room and that they observe each different. Purvi appears on. Virender tells her that his personal kids hate him a lot. This father hasn’t heard baba from his daughter’s mouth considering years. A daughter is greater treasured to a father than his own existence. Nandini most effective considers me the mukhiya of rewari, not her father. She thinks i’m the worst. Purvi tells him no longer to lose hope. She is your daughter after all. She can apprehend your love for her someday and come back to you. You can win her with love. We’re the most important example of ways love adjustments people for top. Do you keep in mind the way you and kids used to act with me when i got here right here? I gained you all with love. We can win nandini and vir with love too. He asks her what she is as much as. It wont be an smooth fight. Purvi tells him to be her charioteer. I’m able to win this combat at any price. Will you assist me? He nods and needs her precise good fortune. She smiles. I will deliver pen and paper.

Tell me their likes and dislikes. I’m able to start working on my plan proper away. He has the same opinion. Vir is clicking pix within the market. Sudha comes to a golgappa stall together with her pal. A beggar asks vir for cash. Vir gives golgappa’s to the beggar however he courteously declines. I don’t have money to present to you. Vir tells him it isn’t wished. The beggar blesses him. Sudha and her friend look on as vir gives money to the beggar. Sudha wonders who it’s far. Her pal says he may be a visitor. He has a massive heart. Sudha smiles.

Purvi is strolling beyond nandini’s room when a kurta falls on her. She asks nandini why she is throwing clothes like this. Nadnini tells her to thoughts her own business.

Is there laundry close by? The clothes aren’t pressed. Prakashi walks in. Don’t worry. She (purvi) will do it. That’s what molkki’s are for.

Supply her anything work you need to. She is staying in servant’s room anyhow. Nandini thanks her. Prakashi and nandini supply garments to purvi. Nandini tells purvi to iron them in 2 days. My each get dressed is one hundred instances more expensive than your garments.

Make certain you don’t wreck even one dress! You wont be capable of pay returned then. She throws pink dress at purvi. I ought to wear this and go out. Nandini notices manas and juhi on the door. She asks them to are available in. I have got new toys for you. Manas and juhi experience horrific for purvi. Purvi walks out with the garments. Prakashi seems on. You best threw my stuff out of this house. I’m able to torture you each day and will insult you constantly! I kept you here to remind you wherein you stand! Just wait and watch. Purvi is ironing the garments. Anjali notices purvi ironing nandini’s red get dressed. She asks her to go to kitchen as ma is calling her. I’m able to iron it for you. Purvi is hesitant however anjali tells her not to waste time.

Purvi tells her to be cautious. Nandini might be disillusioned otherwise. Anjali consents. She smirks as she picks the iron. Purvi comes to kitchen. Maid tells her that prakashi is not right here. I have been operating on my own here given that long. She wonders if anjali is up to something. She is going back to test with anjali. Anjali says ma asked someone else for help as you took an excessive amount of time. I’ve ironed nandini’s purple get dressed. Send it to her room asap as she desires to wear it. Purvi thank you her. I will send it. She asks the maid to take the red dress to nandini’s room. I can ship the rest later. Anjali hides as the maid takes the red dress and leaves. Purvi has ironed the entirety whilst nandini calls out to her angrily. Purvi is going to her. Nandini shows her the dress. You spoiled my dress even if i told you to be cautious! Anjali and prakashi have a look at the dress. Nandini asks prakashi what she should do now. She spoiled my favorite dress. Prakashi reprimands purvi. Nandini questions purvi. I told you to be careful. How may want to you smash it then? Purvi realises that this is why anjali sent her to kitchen. She wanted to wreck nandini’s get dressed.

Nandini calls her shameless. You cannot even express regret while you did something incorrect. You could idiot my mother but now not me. I am no longer harmless! I wont spare you so without problems. You may be punished for this mistake. She is set to hit her while virender holds her hand.

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