Mohan Babu: 47 Years Since The Collection King Of The Silver Screen, Manchu Mohan Babu Completed 47 Years In Telugu Cinema Industry Telugu Cinema News: He entered the film industry as a common man and gained thousands of fans. He has brought many wonderful films to the audience with his unique acting. It has earned a firm place in the minds of the family audience. Not just a hero..He showed powerful villainy and received praise from movie critics. Manchu Bhaktavatsalam Naidu is Manchu Mohan Babu. It is 47 years since Mohan Babu’s movie Prasthanani, who won the admiration of the Telugu audience as a typical actor by showing diversity in acting. Born in Modugulapalem village of Chittoor district, he had his primary education in Yarpedu and Tirupati. Bhaktavatsalam Naidu, who had a special fondness for dramas since childhood, became interested in acting. He went to Madras to fulfill his dream. Y.Y.M.C.A. Worked as a physical trainee in college. But the desire to become an actor made him run without standing still. Aharnishas worked tirelessly for the opportunity of drought, rain, and hunger. So he worked under director Lakshmi Deepak.

In 1975, Bhaktavatsalam Dasari caught the attention of Dasari Narayana Rao in an audition for the film ‘Swargam-Narakam’, which was produced with new actresses and actors. Dasari Gare introduced Bhaktavatsalam Naidu to the silver screen as Mohan Babu. Mohan Babu, who started his film journey with ‘Swargam Narakam’, acted in more than 573 films. The films in which he acted as the hero created a sensation at the box office, including Alludugaru, Assembly Rowdy, Rowdy Gari Pellam, and Mohan Babu as the hero. Allari Mogudu, Brahma, and Major Chandrakant, who came after that, became known as the ‘Collection King’ as star heroes. After that, ‘Pedarayudu’ became an industry hit. Sri Ramulayya showed another actor in Adjilo Anna with Mohan Babu. With these, he acted in the lead role in 216 films. Some of his films like Pedarayudu are informative films to give up everything for the sake of truth and justice.

Also, in 1983, he established Sri Lakshmiprasanna Pictures and became producer and produced more than 72 films, and became known as a successful producer. Not limited to the film industry, he entered the education sector in 1992 and provided subsidized education to poor students through his educational institution Sri Vidyanikethan. In 2007, the central government honored Mohan Babu with the Padma Shri in recognition of his distinguished services in the field of arts and education. Mohan Babu has received many awards in the press, cultural institutions, screen, and film fare, in many categories. Apart from the titles of “Nataprapurna”, “Dialogue King”, and “Collection King”, he has received many titles like ‘Actor of the Millennium. Along with these, Telugu Filmfare Awards gave Lifetime Achievement Award.

Apart from this, ‘Natavachaspathi’ won the Navarasa Nataratnam awards in 2015, ‘And Swarnakanakam’ in 2016. By November 24, 2022, Mohan Babu entered the film industry and completed 47 years. Rajya Sabha MP till 2001 at the instigation of Y.T.R. in 1995. Worked as Mohan Babu, who is a huge fan of ‘Kalanu’ artists, is producing films under his own banner and he is acting in many films as a hero and in leading roles. Let us wish to entertain ourselves by acting in more films like this with the same enthusiasm on the silver screen.


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