Miscreants blow jewelry from jewelery shop, traders expressed resentment

Ghaziabad: The spirits of miscreants in the Shalimar Gardens in Sahibabad are so high that they are carrying out criminal incidents in a senseless manner. In the last two weeks, five incidents of theft and robbery at a distance of few steps from Shalimar Garden Police Outpost have raised questions on the functioning of the police. Late Tuesday night, thieves cut off the shutter of the jewelery shop with a gas cutter and committed the theft. The thieves took about 15 kg of silver jewelry, which is said to be worth more than 11 lakhs.

A briefly opened showroom
is a jewelery showroom in the UTC Millennium in front of Chandrashekhar Park located in Extension-2 of Shalimar Garden resident Seemand Verma, New Bombay Gems & Jewels. His father Bachhu Prasad also sits at the showroom. On Tuesday evening, he opened the showroom for a while to settle some work. At six o’clock on Wednesday morning, an elderly person called him and informed him that his showroom has been stolen.

soon as the police arrived on the spot, the frontier, his father and others, were surprised to see the view of the place when they came to the showroom. The thieves had carried out the theft incident by cutting the shutter with the gas cutter. Inside, all the salmon was disturbed and empty boxes of jewelry were lying. On receiving the information, the CO border and station in-charge Vishnu Kaushik reached the spot along with the police team and while investigating it took information from the victim.

Seema Verma, the shutter who was cut from the gas cutter , said that the thieves cut the shutter from the gas cutter by keeping a large wooden plank outside the showroom. The glass gate also broke due to the heat of the gas cutter. After this, the thieves penetrated the entire showroom. The thieves stole about 15 kg of silver jewelery in the showroom case. Thankfully, the thieves could not damage the iron locker in which the gold jewelery was kept.

CCTV cameras were bad
Frontier said that 8 days ago, the CCTV cameras outside and inside the showroom were damaged by the short circuit. Due to bad cameras, no activity of miscreants could come in it. However, the picture of the white color Alto car of the thieves was clearly visible in the camera footage outside the showroom nearby.

getting information about the incident, people expressed resentment , traders nearby also reached and expressed their indignation to the police on the incidents taking place on the day. He said that in the last two weeks, there has been theft in two flats just behind the Shalimar Garden Police Outpost and robbed from a youth in Vijay Park area. At the same time, there was a theft incident in the shop of puja material in front of Bikaner Vala near the outpost.

Punks seek release
is Sahibabad SHO Vishnu Kaushik said the victim outside the shops around as well as an information event being Khangali CCTV footage. He said that the police has started looking for the miscreants who carried out the incident.


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