The trailer of Mirzapur 2 was released on October 6, and soon after this, there was a buzz on YouTube. The trailer has received over 20 million views so far. It is trending on YouTube. People are very keen to see the battle between the carpet brother and Guddu Pandit. In such a situation, Aaj Tak had a special conversation with Mirzapur’s carpet brother, Pankaj Tripathi, about the web series.

Talking about Mirzapur 2, Pankaj Tripathi said, “In this season the story will get a bit deeper and bigger. New characters will come, new twists will come, new conspiracies, new challenges. So there is a lot more in season 2 There is also new entertainment. If people liked Kalin Bhaiya in Mirzapur Season 1, then he will like more in this season. “

He also said, “I think this series is so famous because of the story, the characters and the performance. Every character is very engaging, keeping people tied, entertained. The audience of OTT and especially the audience of Mirzapur who are youth entertained them. Along with a lot of entertainment and entertainment, we are also saying our things in a subtle way, which the audience has liked very much in the series. “

Where is the shooting of Mirzapur 2

Explaining the shooting of the web series and his team, Pankaj Tripathi said, “There is a place in Banaras by Moti Lake, inside the city itself, there is Tripathi Niwas. We have in Benares, Chunar, Mirzapur, in the same area Have shot. Some parts have been shot in Lucknow, Bhadohi where my carpet factory is, Gopiganj and different parts. Our team has all very sensitive, good and amazing people. I am a little flirtatious and laugh joking I keep doing, I keep telling stories. Our entire cast are people who are from film school, FTI, NSD and theater. Our cast is a presentation from all over India. I am from Bihar, Rasika is from Jamshedpur , Ali from Lucknow, Divyendu from Delhi, Kulbhushan from Mumbai, Razia from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, so the cast is from all over India and enjoys working together. ”  

Talking about Banaras, Pankaj Tripathi said, “It is not a dull land, it is a juicy land. There are juices in its characters. That is why Puneet and Vineet are writers who are studying at BHU (Banaras Hindu University) of Mirzapur. Banaras is a city of juice anyway. The general conversation of people will be very entertaining there. I like Malaiyo Chaat and Banarasi Pan. I like Banaras very much. Whenever I go, I stay at the Ghat. I have done eight films there, I have very familiar people there. “

Pankaj said about abusing the screen

Viewers are happy on seeing the carpet brother in the screen. His dialogues and punch lines are very strong. Talking about his punch lines, Pankaj Tripathi said, “I don’t remember my punch lines. I shoot and forget because sometimes I do my way. I want any dialogue that is very relatable And it sounds like a conversation, it does not look like a dialogue. It sounds like it has said a big thing or a laughable thing in common parlance. I don’t remember at the moment but a lot of mimes are made. “We do the management “Which became very popular. There are big talented people who make very good mimes of India.”

The web series has bold dialogues along with bold scenes. Just like the carpet brother in Mirzapur season 1 and the other characters used abuses in the Dialogues, the same will be heard in season 2 as well. To this Pankaj Tripathi said, “It is not at all right to use abuses in the society directly, but we also cannot deny that in society, in life, people at the square-intersection use the abuses in common conversation Do not use. So a disclaimer runs on OTT that this content is for 18 plus, for adult and the adult is so smart about what to take as entertainment and what to inspire. .

He further said, “I also do not use abuses in public and private life at all. I do it in stories only when it is very important for the characters, that without this the story is not being completed. So I also keep a self censor of my own. I work responsibly, not just for sensation. How much is the need of the story, how much is the need of this situation. Sometimes there are emotions, you will not say your words in four cents, but it will be communicated through an abuse. But it should be used under responsibility. ” 


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