Minister Venugopal: Ayyanna, If You Do That, Should You Sit Back And Watch?: The arrest of TDP leader Ayyannapatra is creating a stir. CID has provided details regarding his arrest. On September 30, the CID received a complaint about Ayyanna’s submission of forged documents. Irrigation EE K. Mallikarjuna Rao complained to the CID. CID registered an FIR on Wednesday based on the complaint of Irrigation EE. Ayanna as A-1, Vijay as A-2, and Rajesh as A-3. A case has been registered under IPC sections 464, 467, 471, and 474 read with 120-B, 34. The complaint stated that the NVC was forged. The CID has clarified that a copy of the FIR has been sent to the court.

Here JC Prabhakar Reddy condemned the arrest of Aiyanna Pataudi. The arrest of TDP leader Ayyanna Patru is outrageous. If questioned by this government, illegal cases are filed. He said that today’s government regime is reminiscent of the days of independence. Senior TDP leader Buddha Venkanna criticized Ayyannapatra’s arrest. We strongly condemn Ayyannapatra’s arrest. Ayyanna’s family was brutally treated by the police. The attack on BCs is increasing day by day. Why are BC ministers not talking about Ayanna’s arrest? Why was the arrest made at night for a civil case..? Ayyannapatra’s life is in jeopardy. Buddha Venkanna said that the officials who filed illegal cases have not been spared.

Who said Ayyanna’s submissions are forgery..? If CID has to arrest on forgery documents then Minister Dharmana should be arrested first. Can’t the lands of freedom fighters be confiscated with forged documents..? Why Jaganu’s BP is increasing if we look at BCs? Said TDP senior leader Kalva Srinivasulu criticized. Actions are being taken against the BCs for standing behind the TDP. Illegal arrests are being made to mislead sister Sharmila’s statement to CBI regarding Babai’s murder. As a part of the conspiracy to damage BCs which are strong in Uttar Andhra, Jagan is making inroads under the guise of CID. Kalva Srinivas said that the fight against Rushikonda’s illegalities is a never-ending struggle. He directly asked what the YCP will say about the interim verdict given by the High Court against Rushikonda.

TDP leaders Nimmakayala Chinarajappa, Jyotula Naveen, and Varupula Raja protested the arrest of TDP leader Ayyannapatra in Peddapuram. Chinna Rajappa said.. Police are acting like bullies. Breaking into a house in the middle of the night and arresting it is undemocratic. The CID boss has become a stooge of the ruling party…he must pay the price. He said it would be better if the CID boss knew where the DGP, who favored YCP one-sidedly in the past, is now. Ganta Srinivasa Rao demanded on Twitter to release Ayyanna unconditionally.


Minister Venugopala Krishna spoke to the media at Ramachandrapuram of Ambedkar Konaseema district. Ayanna Patradu is portraying the arrest as an attack on the BCs. The CID has registered a case against him. The person concerned should cooperate with the investigation. Should the government stand by and watch if Ayyanna’s character makes mistakes? The TDP leaders were angry that they were playing a game. AP CID ADG Sunil Naik said there are allegations against three persons. Chintakayala Ayyannapatra, Chintakayala Vijay, and Chintakayala Rajesh have been accused of forgery NOC in connection with this case.


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