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Minister Veena George: Sabarimala Pilgrims Will Be Given Shushrusha Within Five Minutes: If the Sabarimala pilgrims feel discomfort, a system has been put in place to provide health workers within five minutes. The Minister was presiding over a review meeting held at the Pathanamthitta Collectorate to assess the progress of the Health Department’s preparations regarding the pilgrimage.

All the things to be done by the health department have already been completed. Sannidhanam, Pampa, and Nilakkal have all the necessary facilities in connection with the hospitals. Health workers will start work everywhere on 14th and 15th of this month. More employees have been appointed this time. Therapists have also been appointed under the auspices of Ayush. Treatment will be available for those experiencing muscle pain. Arrangements have been made to provide real-time information about the activities of the health department at Sabarimala and those seeking treatment to the directorate and the department, the minister said.

Special Ambulance Service Will Be Provided

Advanced Life Support Ambulances, Basic Life Support Ambulances and Mini Buses have been arranged. Also, this time there will be an ambulance that can be used on the rough road. At present, this type of vehicle is available for the service of the Forest Department and Devaswom Board.

All Will Be Trained

All health workers including ambulance drivers will be trained. Every 15 days there will be training as soon as new employees arrive. The health department is providing training to the officials of all the departments. Heart attack tests have been arranged at Sannidhanam, Pampa, and Nilakkal.

Sabarimala Wards

Apart from facilities at Sannidhanam, Pampa, Nilakkal and on the pilgrimage route, special Sabarimala wards will be opened including at Pathanamthitta General Hospital. The ward for Sabarimala pilgrims will be opened in Pathanamthitta General Hospital on the 15th of this month. Konni Medical College has also set up a special ward.

Medical Records Should Be Kept

Everyone including pilgrims arriving at Sabarimala should carry their medical records if they are currently undergoing any treatment or using the medicine. This will help in quick access to treatment in case of emergency. Employees of business establishments must carry health cards. Dolly staff carrying pilgrims should carry fitness certificates. Dr. as a special officer to look after all matters including emergency situations. Appointed Prasob.

The Control Room At Pampa

A system has also been prepared to provide the necessary services to the pilgrims through the control room which is centered at the hospital in Pampa. Ayush’s help desk will work in Pampa. The arrangements of the health department will be monitored at regular intervals. Preparations related to various departments of the district are almost complete. The goal is a safe, healthy, and complaint-free pilgrimage. All the departments have been working properly on this. There will be continuous inspections and monitoring to ensure this.

Services Of Cardiologists

Cardiology specialists will be available at Neelimala and Apache. Health workers assigned for duty must report to work on time. The minister also said that the health workers should use masks and sanitizers properly.

Other Preparations

Cardiology centers will also function at Neelimala and Apache. Ayush in dispensaries has started functioning from the eighth of this month. AYUSH Department will spread awareness in various languages ​​about the wide range of services provided during this Mandal. Six therapists, two doctors, three cleaners, two data entry operators, and two PROs have been appointed to provide information to the pilgrims about the AYUSH department. First aid kits will be provided in business establishments in Pampa and Sannidhanam under the auspices of the Homeo department. Three emergency medical centers will be functioning on the Kanana path from Erumeli in collaboration with the forest department. The dispensary will run in conjunction with Makaravilak from January 1 to 14 at Kamala.

Ayush State Mission Director Dr. D. Dr. Sajith Babu, Director of Health Service. V. Dr. Meenakshi, Director of Homeopathy. M.N. Vijayambika, ISM Director Dr. K.S. Priya, District Medical Officer (Health) Dr. L. Anithakumari, District Medical Officer (Homeo) Dr.D. Biju Kumar, District Medical Officer (ISM) Dr. P.S. Sreekumar, NHM DPM Dr. S. Apart from Sreekumar, representatives of the Health and AYUSH Department also attended the meeting.


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