Minister Protest: Huge Potholes On The Road, The Minister Expressed Impatience; Protested In An Innovative Way: It is common for people to protest in front of public representatives to solve problems. Otherwise, if the public representative protested in reverse..

It is common for people to protest in front of public representatives to solve problems. On the contrary, if the public representative protested, he who is a minister in the government protested asking to solve the problem. Is it not a protest like Atlanta? They vowed to wear sandals until the roads are repaired. Until then, the sandals were left on the road. The incident took place in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

The details are as follows. All the roads in Gwalior have been damaged due to the recent heavy rains. However, the officials of the municipal department, who have to repair the damaged roads, are not paying attention to it. People are facing severe problems because of that. The people there complained to the local minister Pradyumna Singh about the same. Shocked by the huge number of complaints, the minister himself inspected the roads in Gwalior. The minister noticed that the road was damaged and people were suffering and ordered to repair it. However, the authorities were indifferent. Minister Pradyumnasingh Tomar, who was enraged by that, took a tough decision. Protesting the behavior of the municipal authorities, he made it clear that he will not wear sandals on his feet until the roads of Gwalior are improved. He left his sandals on the road.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Pradyumnasingh said that he has received many complaints from people on the roads of Gwalior. He expressed regret that the authorities ignored his appeal and warnings. That is why he decided to walk barefoot on those roads. He said that with his protest there will definitely be a change in the officers.

In the past, Minister Pradyumna Singh Tomar held an old woman’s legs and apologized. Officials shifted the vegetable market to a different area on a road in Gwalior as it was causing congestion. At the same time, an old lady who was selling vegetables saw the minister in the market and approached him. She expressed her concern that her employment will be lost if the market is moved. He was in tears because he was losing his job because of this decision. Minister Pradyumnasingh who responded immediately explained the situation to her. They held her legs and begged for forgiveness for the inconvenience. They grabbed the old woman’s hands and hit her on the cheeks. This incident created a sensation. Minister Pradyumnasingh is once again in the news with his decision not to wear sandals.


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