Minister Muhammad Riaz Said That Teamwork Has Become Positive, Achievements In Sabarimala Road Upgradation: Public Works Minister Mohammad Riaz has said that good progress has been made in the renovation of roads related to the Sabarimala pilgrimage. He was speaking after completing the first day of inspection of roads in the Pathanamthitta district. The work done collectively by the contractors, officials, MLAs, People’s Representatives, and the District Collector was instrumental in achieving this achievement. The minister said that teamwork is beneficial. Minister also visited Pampa.

Realizing that there will be an increase in the number of pilgrims, the government has intervened in preparing facilities related to Sabarimala. The roads prescribed by the High Court and other related major roads were fixed by the Public Works Department. These roads were inspected on September 23. When this inspection was done, it was found that 14 out of 19 roads were in a difficult condition. There were 5 roads without difficulty. 14 roads are timed and each action is decided. As part of this, it was decided to directly evaluate the progress of these roads on October 19 and 20 as a team including the minister.

At present only 3 out of 19 roads have minor problems. All 16 roads have been done as scheduled. Kudos to the officials who led it. These roads with minor problems are related to KSTP work. These roads are timed for operation. Punalur-Pathanapuram road has some problems with Pathanapuram town. The BM work of 16 km of this road and the remaining 14 km of traffic-ready work will be completed by the 25th of this month. High officials of KSTP have been appointed to camp and monitor this. When I went to Pathanapuram town, the situation was miserable. An emergency intervention was suggested there. Strict instructions were given to repair the town by Wednesday evening. By evening, the repairs in the town were completed. The minister also said that the rest of the work will be completed in time.

The BM work on Plapalli-Angamoozhi road will be completed before November 10. Apart from this, there are roads that have been pointed out by the representatives and people. Ilamannur-Kalanjoor-Padam road has received many complaints. Its 10 km BM work has been completed. The BM-BC work on this road will be completed before December 30. A good result was seen as a part of teamwork. If the other things are done as planned, it will be possible to maintain the roads of the Public Works Department in good condition in the future as well. We are very happy that a large percentage of the department’s roads have been completed in good condition. Minister Riaz appreciated the contractors, officials, MLAs, people’s representatives, and the District Collector who cooperated in this.

MLAs Adv. KU Janish Kumar, Adv. Dr. Pramod Narayan, Pathanamthitta District Collector. Divya S Iyer, PWD Secretary Ajith Kumar, Joint Secretary Sambasiva Rao, Public Works Chief Engineer Ajith Ramachandran, and other officials of the Public Works Department were with the minister. The Minister visited Punalur – Pathanapuram Road, Konni – Mylapra Road, Mannarakulanji – Vadaserikara – Poovathummood – Plappalli – Chalakkayam – Pampa Road, and Plappalli – Angamuzhi Road on Wednesday. At 10.30 am on Thursday, the Minister will inaugurate 5 roads in the Ranni constituency which have been renovated to a high standard at Ranni Aithala Palam Junction. Kumbalampoyka-Uthimood-Peruchal Sabarimala Village Road, Ranni Outer Ring Road, Ittiapara-Kidangammoozhi Road, Ranni-Kumbalanthanam Road, and Mukada-Itamon Road will be inaugurated. Ranni-Kozhanchery-Tiruvalla road will be visited in the morning and Pathanamthitta road via Pandalam-Kaipattur in the afternoon. A review meeting will be held at Pathanamthitta Collectorate at 4 pm.


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