Minister Mallareddy: I ​​Have Never Seen Such Brutality, Minister Mallareddy Fire On IT Searches, Telangana Minister Malla Reddy Fires On IT Officers Over IT Raids: IT raids on the homes and offices of Minister Mallareddy and his relatives for two days have ended. But Minister Mallareddy accused BJP of attacking them with a conspiracy.

IT raids on the homes and offices of Minister Mallareddy and his relatives for two days have ended. But Minister Mallareddy accused BJP of attacking them with a conspiracy. He said that CM KCR had already said that there would be attacks.. I have never seen such brutality. Speaking at a media conference on the same issue, Minister Mallareddy said that this kind of IT attacks are being witnessed for the first time in the history of Telangana. He said that for two days, hundreds of officials fell on him and spread their dust. He said that no Goran was found in the two days of raids. He said that they raided all places and seized what. The minister alleged that they were forced to sign fake documents claiming to have found Rs 100 crores. He alleged that his son who was in the hospital was also threatened and made to sign. Mallareddy also expressed anger on the topic of hundreds of crores of illegal donations. It is said that the IT officials have prepared the stolen documents. Mallareddy said that everything is correct. Mallareddy said the BJP party is behind these attacks. He said that he had done all the attacks he wanted. He said that IT officials did not act like government employees. He said that they took the signatures by acting forcefully. Mallareddy said that these attacks are part 1 and soon there will be part 2.

Attacks on the orders of Delhi elders.

On the other hand, Mallar Reddy’s son-in-law Rajasekhar Reddy reached Hyderabad from Turkey. The officials have already seized some important documents along with some cash from his residence. Lockers will be opened today under his leadership. But Marri Rajasekhar Reddy said that he came to know about the IT searches through his friends and the media. It is not known what was seized in the IT attacks. They said that their phones were also seized. It is said that the attacks were carried out on the orders of the elders of Delhi. It is alleged that even small children were treated inhumanly at home and IT officials attacked them like hunting dogs.

Laptop missing.

If this is the case.. There is confusion over the missing laptop of the IT officers. The police asked the officers to take the laptop. IT officer Ratnakar said that the laptop in the police station is not his. With that, the police are planning to send the laptop to FSL. Inspections were conducted for 48 hours with 65 teams for two days. It seems that 10.50 crores were seized during the searches. Panchnama report was given to the minister after the search was over. A notice was given to appear before IT on Monday.

New technology.

Officials used new technology in IT raids at Mallareddy’s house. IT officials scanned houses and offices with special detectors. The walls and ceiling were thoroughly scanned. The IT officials scanned the surrounding areas and looked for currency and gold.

Mutual complaints.

On the other hand, Minister Mallareddy expressed his anger against the IT officers. They filed mutual complaints at the Boinpally police station and complained against the IT officer Ratnakar. Ratnakar was taken by the hand and taken to the PS. If Mallareddy complained to the police against the IT officials, the IT officials complained to the commissioner against Mallareddy that they were defaming them by not cooperating with the investigation.


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