Minister Jogi Ramesh: KCR Accuses Center, YCP Leaders Say We Have No Information: Telangana CM KCR has made sensational comments saying that the central government is taking steps to topple the Jagan government in AP. Andhra Pradesh minister Jogi Ramesh responded to the same.

A year ahead of assembly elections, politics in Telugu states has heated up. Leaders of the ruling opposition are having a war of words in a range. Adding fuel to the fire, now Telangana CM KCR has made sensational comments that the central government is moving towards overthrowing the government in Andhra Pradesh. But Andhra Pradesh Minister Jogi Ramesh responded to the same issue. We have not received any information so far. If information is given about the demolition.. they said that we will inform everyone. Moreover, the YCP leaders have also reacted to the recent demolitions in Ippatum village.

Not a single house has been demolished

Minister Jogi Ramesh criticized Chandrababu-Pawan Kalyan for running daily serial politics called Rikki as part of conspiracy politics. What actually happened in the village? what’s going on He said that it is our responsibility to inform the people of the state about what is going to happen. It is mentioned that the villagers themselves said that the first phase of road widening work was started in April-May in the village. But till now there are no records of demolishing even a single house in the village. He said that the small encroachments and protection walls that were obstructed in the road expansion and drainage works in that village have been removed. All the villagers are happy and happy that their village is developing due to road expansion and their economic condition will improve.

Let’s install idols again:

He said that the existing statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi will be preserved and re-erected. As part of the removal of encroachments, the block of Rajasekhara Reddy’s statue was also broken. Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu are doing bad propaganda by distorting the facts. He said that they are throwing mud at the government.

Sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan

He complained that Babu is talking about forgetting the past. Pawan Kalyan originally contested in the 2019 elections, but he did not win in Bhimavaram and Gajuwakal. He did not even get the MLA seat. Now it is absurd to challenge the government. Now people from all walks of life are cooperating with the government. He appealed to the opposition leaders not to provoke them. The Telangana police have concluded that there was no real racket against Pawan. At the beginning of the week, minister Jogi Ramesh complained that he would come to Andhra on weekends and do politics to provoke people while doing films in Hyderabad.

Dhima said victory in the next elections is ours

Jagan’s government can’t be shaken even more. He concluded that the Telugu Desam Janasena parties had secretly formed an alliance. He warned that if Pawan behaves in a way that disturbs the law and order in the state, he will not stand idly by. It is good to fight on public issues, but no one can separate our government and our Jagan from the people.People are ready to take Pawan’s Bharat. Minister Jogi Ramesh predicted that whether TDP and Janasena come together or contest separately, Jagan will be the next CM. Pawan Kalyan is sure to lose again.


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