Milind Soman celebrates Holi despite being Corona positive, provided information on Instagram

Despite being Corona positive, Milind Soman did not miss celebrating Holi. He enjoyed the celebration of the festival while living in Quarantine. Sharing a picture of the colors of Holi wrapped on the forehead, the 55-year-old actor told how wife Ankita Kanwar came to meet her husband wearing a PPE kit and brought together the ‘first mango of the season’. Although both could not hug each other, both of them celebrated the festival by putting a little color on themselves.

Corona positive Milind Soman celebrated Holi

On the Instagram post, the actor wrote, “I really shouldn’t be so furious because Ankita came out with a full PPE kit and the first mango of the season! However, it was not possible to hug between the two .. Only by putting color on myself Worked and ate pooran poli. ”

Milind also told how he picked up the festival on Instagram and told that he ate six Alphonso mangoes, although he could not take his fragrance. He elaborated, “I enjoyed six mangoes and they were all tasty. Alphonso !!! I don’t know if my taste has deteriorated. Surely nothing can smell.” Giving information about his quarantine routine, he said, “I drink a decoction 5-6 times a day. Prepared with fenugreek and other ingredients. No fatigue, no headache, no fever, no other symptoms. I am full Trying to sleep during the day, brain and physical rest are also important for the body in the initial recovery process. ”


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