Mexico Beat Argentina With Messi Magic, Now The Goal Is To Go To The Last Sixteen: Saturday’s match was a matter of life and death for Argentina to survive in the World Cup. Don’t kill or die. Winning a match like this requires the best performance from the team’s number one player, who not only energizes the team but leaves the field with their heads held high. And the team that has a magician like Lionel Messi, who else will do these things without him? He did not get the ball seven times. Emni Emni did not play five World Cups for Maradona’s country. So he has to take the responsibility of winning. And he took it. In the 63rd minute, Angelo Di Maria flicked on a neat pass from the right before flicking a left-footed shot from outside the box. The ball went through the jungle of the defense’s legs and into the net by the side of the post. Mexico’s veteran goalkeeper Ochoa threw his body and couldn’t do anything. He is Messi for scoring such goals. Messi blew a kiss to the gallery after the goal to show how pleased he was to score the goal, as did the fans of Desai. November 25 was Maradona’s second death anniversary. Messi, who worshiped Maradona all his life, this day, through this goal, the prince of football was blessed.

But not only Messi, Argentina found another new star in this match. His name is Enzo Fernandez. Only 21 years old. Played in Portugal’s Benfica. He entered the field in the 57th minute. Supersub central midfielder Fernandez took a high shot from outside the box in the 87th minute. Ochoa was defeated this time. Argentina’s victory was complete. But the next round has not yet been reached. In Group C, Poland’s two games have four points, Argentina’s three, Saudi Arabia’s three, and Mexico’s one. In the last match, Argentina will play against Poland on Wednesday. Messi has to win that match too. Because one point will not. So after playing a death match, Argentina started waiting to play another death match.

Mexico is a team that has lost to Argentina most of the time. A team that played five defenders to stop Messi. Three people in the middle field. Two people in front. But whether it was their failure or the Argentina defense led by Nicolas Otemondi, they couldn’t make a dent. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez conceded two goals in the Saudi match. But he was full of confidence on Saturday. It cannot be said that more balls have been directed at him. But what has gone, he has captured between the two palms. Mexico did not get the opportunity. It is far from being missed. However, Mexico’s defense and midfield kept a close eye on Messi. In the first half, Messi did not get the ball like that. His free kicks and corners were also not good. No defense-slicing passes came out of his feet. But he is Messi. Knows what to do so suddenly that shot and goal that Vaitarani passed. Enzo’s goal was overdue. If Messi’s team left so soon, the World Cup would have been ruined. Ronaldo is there, Mbappe is there, Harry Kane is there, Neymar is there, and Busquets is there. Messi won’t be the only one. It seems the football gods didn’t want that either. So Argentina took a step forward toward the second round by relying on Messi’s magic. Their ordeal remained on Wednesday evening.

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