Metro Vaartha – With Country And Goodness, Metro News Enters 15th year: The great flood of 2018, nature has not known peace to date. Time has not been restored.

Metro News is entering its fifteenth year of publication. No one seems to think this is a big time in media history. No. There is still a long way to go. But that journey should make our society stronger. That is the desire of metro news. Seeking solutions to people’s life problems and constantly It is the duty of the media to interact with the authorities. Seeking everyone’s support in fulfilling that responsibility. It is for

The newspaper, which started publication in Kochi in 2008, is now in Kerala. There are five editions. Now metro war from Bhopal and Indore cities in Madhya Pradesh. It comes to the readers as a bilingual newspaper. This birthday, Metro News is renovating for the country. . Are the challenges that the people of Kerala must face as one? L. Flood and Covid threats are too early to publicize. Metro News has been able to reach the readers without interruption at all times.

After the great flood of 2018, nature has not known peace to date. Time has not been restored. Although it is time for vigorous reconstruction, Nature continues to be angry without allowing its right. Remember that not even an interval between the calendar year and the leap year has been given. too much Not at war with nature, but with nature’s rhythm. The activities for the rich need to try. The most important of which is our wealth and specialty, water sources. It is said to recover. 44 rivers and their tributaries and many reservoirs but clean Various studies prove that water is decreasing. If it continues at this level, there will be a huge water shortage in ten years. This is the warning given by scientists. It should be taken very seriously.

The highest-flowing rivers in the state are Pampa, Periyar, and Bha. Rathapuzha and Chaliyar. These river banks are memories of hundreds of years. Unprincipled sandy shores, artipuntu Kaiyetas, and Vive Indiscriminate dumping of garbage has started to affect our river due to many reasons. Rocks and reservoirs are suffocating. Many schemes are devised to save them from this pitiable condition. Laz is sleeping. Various communities are against the untimely death of rivers Although they are vocal in their regions, they are all deaf. It is printed in numbers.

This Janmavaar to reflect and reach such voices. In Shikat, Metro News is taking a pledge. If efforts to restore rivers turn into a people-led effort Just remember that only New Kerala needs to rise. After the end of Kovid till today, the entire health sector of the state is completely broken. is in a state of Various types of communicable diseases are affecting the population. is in And when the price of essential goods increases, the total number of people in Petapatil. Printing materials such as paper in the publishing industry Uncontrolled price hikes are a daily problem in this sector. Pushing to.



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