In the Kerala assembly elections, BJP is pushing the top of the heels. Here everyone is busy in calculating who will get how many seats. Technocrats who implement several major projects across India, including recently joined Metro Rail, BJP, Metroman E Sreedharan believes that the fate of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Kerala may change. He said that either the party would have an absolute majority in Kerala or a sufficient number of seats to become a kingmaker.

Interacting with ANI during his campaign for the Kerala assembly election, Sreedharan showed confidence that he was going to win the Palakkad assembly constituency. Sreedharan told ANI, “I think the BJP has very good chances of winning seats in Kerala. In Kerala either the party will have an absolute majority or a sufficient number of seats to become a kingmaker.”

Sreedharan, who was part of the road show of Home Minister Amit Shah at Malampuzha in Palakkad, described the event as spectacular. “I think it will have a tremendous impact on people’s morale by the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and United Democratic Front (UDF) governments. People will vote for the BJP,” he said.

Sreedharan, known as ‘Metroman’, said that working as a technocrat is different from working as a politician and if he is elected he will be very useful to the state. He further said that he would work to bring industries in Kerala. “Today there is hardly any industry in Kerala. Only industries can bring capital to the state. Employment generation is necessary as Kerala has the highest number of unemployed youth. I will try to raise the level of education system. I will bring a transparency Will work for

Attacking the Left Front for attacking voters by washing their feet, he alleged that the Left parties have no knowledge of the Indian tradition. “Washing the feet of the elders is a tradition and the Left party was not aware of it. It is a way of showing respect to our elders and it is done by everybody. My children do too. It is not only in India but There is a practice all over India. In Kerala. Criticizing it, the Leftists reflected that they have no concerns about our tradition, “he said.

Sreedharan was attacked by the Left for voters’ feet being washed away. In response to this, E Sreedharan said that it is India’s tradition to touch the feet of the elders. They (Left parties) may not know this. It is a way of showing respect to elders. It is practiced all over India. To criticize it means that the Left government has no connection to our traditions and culture. He said that behind the phase that Kerala is going through today, somewhere, Indian values ​​have to be ignored. If there is a synergy of culture with development, we can certainly go much further.


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