Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

Messi Will Play Against Saudi Arabia, Dispelling Injury Speculations: Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) is in the south of Doha. And Messi (Lionel Messi) is right in the north. Within Qatar University. This is the only public university in Qatar that is mainly known for its research work. Inside the towering walls of Qatar University is Messi’s laboratory for preparing for the World Cup right now. In the laboratory where Scaloni is quietly preparing the whole team. But in the laboratory behind the high wall under tight security, there is a lot of speculation surrounding Lionel Messi. Who will touch the unique milestone of playing 1000 matches in just four more matches.

Doha Asa Eastak has kept himself in such a mystery that new speculations are being made around Messi every moment. He did not come to the practice with the rest of the team in front of the media on the first day. Many thought that coach Scaloni may have rested Messi because of the first day. But the second day? The press is back in practice. But where is Messi? He is not seen this time either. When it was not met even after the specified time, the media gave up and came out. And just then Messi appeared in practice!

But not alone. The two therapists on the companion team are Lisandro Martinez and Palacio. And that’s why the doubt is even stronger, so Messi won’t be able to play against Saudi Arabia in the first match due to injury? Because he was out of the field in a match this month due to muscle injury. So the fans were worried about not seeing Messi in practice. The media was not allowed to enter the practice that day. Coach Scaloni didn’t want some speculations to spread after seeing Messi’s practice. But for blue-white fans around the world, there was good news today from the Argentina camp.

Messi will be on the field from the start against Saudi Arabia in the first match on Tuesday. Scaloni said to the press that day, “We only know how much pressure Messi has to enter the field. It is news if he practices. If not, news. News if you run hard. Running slowly is news. Even with such pressure, he manages everything very coolly. Everyone’s favorite in our team. Ideal leader.” After going undefeated in the last 36 matches, Scaloni’s relationship with the whole team has developed so deep that I saw many Argentine journalists calling the Argentine team, ‘Scaloneta’.

After how long Argentina has come to play the World Cup with such a strong team, many people cannot remember. Leave Di Maria, Lotaro Martinez and Messi in attack. There are footballers like Emiliano Martinez in goal. Experienced Otamendi with Romero in defence. “Don’t think that our team is only Messi-dependent to win the World Cup,” Scaloni said. Footballers are ready in every position of the team.

As soon as the news of Messi’s entire practice with the team came out of the camp, Argentine journalists said, “Messi is really happy with Scaloni’s coaching. Sabea, or Sampaoli, would decide the team’s strategy, keeping Messi in mind. And in Scaloni’s coaching, Messi is only part of his strategy. This has reduced the pressure on Messi. Being able to play his game with his mind.” This is Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup. If not this time, Argentina will get a chance to win the World Cup. But Messi won’t get it anymore. This is the last chance for the 35-year-old Messi. And so Scaloni is keeping the best star of the team completely wrapped in cotton.


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