Mere Sai

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Ali tells officer that those bans will wreck the whole thing for villagers. I request you to thrill re-suppose your decision. Officer pushes him and talks badly with him. How dare you inform me what I must do and what I shouldn’t? You all are our servants. You handiest have one element to do – to bop on our tunes! You will all be killed in case you wont! He leaves with the constables. Villagers surprise how that officer might be so imply while Ali became so polite. Don’t recognise while they may depart. Udhav rues that it’s miles going on due to Maan Singh. Sai handiest sees appropriate in every person. I will hand Maan Singh over to police as quickly as I locate him. Bheema echoes his idea. Let’s attention on Dussehra preps for now. They pass approximately their personal work.

Sai leaves for a few region immediately.

Udhav and Bheema come to Baizama’s residence. She is doing puja. Bheema asks for the rope for night function. Baizama alerts them. Udhav tells Bheema that it have to be in godown. They thank Baizama and head in the direction of the godown.

Chandu greets Sai with folded arms on His manner however Sai does now no longer even look at him.

Maan Singh is hiding withinside the godown. Udhav and Bheema enter. Maan Singh realises that those footsteps are different. Bheema choices up rope however then stops in his tracks. He notices Maan Singh hiding in a nook and tells Udhav via gestures.

Officer steps on a leaf as he storms inner a residence to look it. A youngster and his mom attempt to cause however the youngster receives slapped through the officer. Police steps withinside the temple at the same time as nonetheless carrying their footwear. The girl in a well mannered way asks him to eliminate his footwear atleast however receives thrown out through police.

Maan Singh attempts to run however Udhav and Bheema trap maintain of him. Udhav says every person has been seeking out you and you’re hiding right here in Patil Kaka’s godown. Maan Singh says he permit me conceal right here. Udhav says our existence has end up a multitude due to you. We can’t even rejoice a festival! Maan Singh says you don’t even recognise what hell is or what we were via. They every communicate approximately their opinions. Maan Singh tells Udhav and Bheema that they wont get away through handing him over to the police. They will kill you men too! They refuse to permit him live right here and reason the villagers any similarly harm. Police will depart after they trap you! Sai enters simply then.

Police is wreaking havoc at each residence that they search. They even warn and hit the villagers while they are trying to forestall them. Their property get thrown out of the residence. Major Billy notices a child observing him. He repeats his note issued in advance withinside the morning and asks him if he forgot that nobody must dare appearance him withinside the eye. The youngster keeps to glare at him.

Bheema tells Sai they’re going to handover Maan Singh to police. Sai tells him in opposition to it. Udhav asks Sai if He is aware of what He is saying. Sai nods. I actually have idea it via earlier than making him live there. Let pass of him. They comply. Bheema says Kaki’s own circle of relatives may be in risk due to Maan Singh. Baizama and Patil ji cause that it’s miles their obligation to store humans like Maan Singh. Bheema says every person is involved due to Maan Singh nowadays. Sai tells them to inform officials approximately Maan Singh’s whereabouts in the event that they want. I am with Maan Singh. I will store him. Baizama and Patil ji 2d Him. Udhav tells Sai they wont pass in opposition to Him. I experience this isn’t proper though. Sai says you don’t agree as you probably did now no longer apprehend the actual that means of servitude. You will agree while you’ll apprehend the that means. Udhav nods and leaves with Bheema.

Baizama stocks that I became praying once they got here to invite for rope. For a second I forgot that Maan Singh is right here and I despatched them right here. It wont show up again. He tells her it’s miles ok. He asks Sai how He got here right here suddenly. Baizama smiles. Sai usually comes every time His cherished ones want Him. Maan Singh smiles.

Sai applies udi on Maan Singh’s wound. Maan Singh asks Sai while humans will awaken and recognise their rights. They are nonetheless glad being a servant. What can we assume from elders while kids suppose like this? I wish my beyond wont end up their future. Sai says the stairs taken through you and different revolutionaries will simply attain its climax. Ram ji is merciful. Maan Singh asks Him how they may face Britishers. Sai shows the use of a weapon to combat them. We will triumph over something while we are able to be united. Maan Singh asks Him if it’s going to come true. Sai assures him approximately it. It will show up at some point for certain if now no longer tomorrow. Sai will become severe suddenly. I should pass somewhere. I will come lower back in night.

Srikanth’s visitors are amazed to look Sai. One of them steps down from the cart to fulfill Sai. Sai tells him that nowadays is a completely unstable day for him. Stay farfar from those who are mentally imbalanced. He starts offevolved to invite some thing while smoke appears. Sai disappears through then. He wakes up with a start. The different man or woman asks him if he noticed a dream. He nods and tells him approximately his dream. They surprise what Sai supposed through that.

Ali, Bheema and Udhav talk Maan Singh’s situation. Santa tells them to bow down their head at the same time as walking. We wont say something however Major Billy wont receive it. He has issued new order nowadays itself. They disagree so Banta advises them to test the effects withinside the subsequent lane. They stroll away. Ali wonders in the event that they had been telling the truth. Bheema tells him now no longer to take their phrases seriously. Udhav shows going to the following lane and checking themselves. They see Major Billy hitting that child brutally. Villagers appearance on helplessly as the child screams in pain. Major Billy tells every person to examine from that child’s example. You must usually bow your heads while we are able to come right here or you’ll meet the identical fate. Other officer seconds him. You are our servants and that is your destiny. You don’t have any lifestyles of your personal! We have a proper for your residence, your fields or even you! No you can actually dare to forestall us.

Precap: Santa and Banta inform Sarkar that they overheard Udhav, Bheema and Ali speakme approximately Fakir supporting Maan Singh. Sarkar says I am certain Fakir is attempting to assist Maan Singh flee from Shirdi. Major Billy says Fakir will spend the relaxation of His existence in prison if He is at fault.


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