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Mere Sai 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu set to take place on April 6, everyone from local parties to national parties are engaged in an intense election campaign. When national party leaders campaign in Tamil Nadu, it is customary for Tamil Nadu leaders to translate their speeches. A few times misinterpretation of this is also going on.

In that regard, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who has been campaigning in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu for the past two days, addressed an election campaign meeting in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu yesterday. Former BJP national secretary H Raja translated Amit Shah’s speech. Then Amit Shah “ 2G, 3G and 4G are in Tamil Nadu. Of these, 2G is two generations of the Maran family, 3G is three generations of the Karunanidhi family and 4G is four generations of the Gandhi family. ”

Translating this into Tamil, H. Raja said that 2G is the television channel in the Maran family, 3G is the television channel in the Karunanidhi family, of which 4G belongs to the Gandhi family as Sony. But Amitsha, who knew the translation was wrong, pointed out H. Raja’s mistake. But he did not see this and again he mistranslated. Consequently, Amitsha, you are mistranslating again. I have said this myself. This aroused laughter in the campaign crowd. Amit Shah, who has already visited Tamil Nadu in 2018, when translating about drip irrigation projects, H. Raja, who translated it, said that it was `urine irrigation ‘which caused a great stir.

This aside, on the other hand, there are translation pitfalls in the Congress party as well. Former Puduvai Narayanasamy translated the speech of Rahul Gandhi, who was campaigning in Pondicherry last week, after former minister Thanga Balu misinterpreted the campaign of Rahul Gandhi who had come to Tamil Nadu for the last parliamentary election campaign. Then there was a woman from the fishing village, who had no one to help us during the hurricane. The Chief also noted that he did not see us.

Translating this, Narayanasamy said, “He says I came and saw him during the Nivar storm.” Following this, Rahul Gandhi listened to the emotional speech of the woman and realized that Narayanasamy was translating incorrectly. This video is still going viral.


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