Mere Sai

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Baizama involves Dwarkamai. Sai asks her why she is right here at this hour on this cold. She replies which you don’t examine time or climate while the paintings is essential. Who are you making all this udi for? Sai says a person can also additionally want it. Leave this. Tell me what essential paintings you have. She tells Him now no longer to behave ignorant. Tatya informed me which you gave your dinner to a person else. Sai stocks that that antique guy changed into hungry. He had come from far. What else ought to I do? Baizama says I don’t thoughts it in case you proportion meals with a person however I wont be satisfied in case you pass your meal and sleep on an empty stomach. Sai seems at His hands. She smiles and feeds Him. Why don’t you deal with yourself? Sai says I actually have promised a person lengthy ago. I can not ruin it. She asks Him if it’s far approximately His childhood. He nods. She smiles. You are nonetheless a kid. I haven’t understood you absolutely even in spite of everything those years. Your one avatar is so grown up even as your different avatar is sort of a cussed kid! How could have your Aayi treated you whilst you have been a kid? You ought to have bothered her plenty. It is stated that recollections end up hazy with time however I nonetheless consider the day really once I had met you for the primary time. I usually marvel the way you have been earlier than you got here right here. How changed into your childhood? This desire will continue to be fulfilled usually that I couldn’t see your childhood. Sai says a mom has a proper on a kid’s childhood. If Ram ji has given you this desire then He will clear up it. She is amazed. Do we nonetheless have a chance? Sai says Allah Maalik and smiles.

Next morning, Keshav is cleansing Dwarkamai. Tatya comes there simply then. Keshav asks him how he got here overdue today. Tatya nods. Aayi changed into making sheera for Sai so I changed into ready. Where is Sai? Keshav is clueless as well. He wasn’t right here via way of means of once I got here withinside the morning. Dr. Pillai is taken aback to pay attention it. Keshav asks Dr. Pillai and Kakasaheb why they appear so involved. Dr. Pillai is in a restoration and comes to a decision to wait. Keshav asks Dr. Pillai to allow them to recognise. Maybe we are able to assist you.

An antique guy involves Shirdi. He tells the lamb that they may be in Shirdi now. He remains right here those days. It is heard that they trust plenty in Him. They name Him Sai. I am positive He will apprehend me the instant He sees me.

Sarkar tells Rukmani that they ought to welcome Mr. Matthews nicely. He will attain right here any minute. He advises Tejasvini to prepare dinner dinner some thing scrumptious for him. Tejasvini is taken aback. He reminds her how officers used to go to her father’s domestic each now and then. Cook some thing appropriate for him as well. Tejasvini is in a restoration. I shouldn’t have come out. MIL could are becoming this venture then. Santa asks Sarkar if he has a few unique paintings with the official. Sarkar nods. If I assist Government construct a avenue throughout Shirdi then I can be paid a variety of money. I must get the consent of villagers. Rukmain begins offevolved stating the data for which Sarkar reprimands her. I handiest must cognizance on money. Go inside. She leaves. Tejasvini tells Sarkar to be careful. Fakir has usually spoiled your plans. Sarkar is positive Sai will interrupt again. I need Him to are available my manner as I am now no longer on my own this time. I will educate Him a lesson for positive!

Dr. Pillai says handiest Sai can assist this time. It is related to Shirdi and its inhabitants. I need to proportion it with Sai first. It wont be hidden for too lengthy. People will panic if this information comes out and Sai isn’t right here to calm them.

A dealer refuses to permit Santa and Banta take stuff with out procuring it. Others retaliate too seeing his example. Santa receives involved that humans aren’t respecting them anymore. We ought to depart quietly. Banta comes to a decision to get an top hand and now no longer depart quietly. They reveal the plan approximately the street being constructed from the center of Shirdi. Everyone turns silent. Santa and Banta stroll away. Villagers get involved however Champa advises them to calm down. Sai has usually helped us. We ought to talk to Sai. Everyone leaves for Dwarkamai.

The antique guy asks Manik approximately Sai. Manik courses him to Dwarkamai. You appear to be new right here. The guy introduces himself as Ashavaan. I actually have come to satisfy Sai. Manik welcomes him and leaves.

Everyone is ready anxiously for Sai in Dwarkamai. They have too many questions and are panicked. Baizama indicates anybody to wait. Sai will store us from this problem. Rihana wonders in which Sai is. We dint even see Him in Shirdi today. Champa comes to a decision to tell Sai asap. Champa, Keshav and Tatya depart to discover Sai. Baizama seems at Sai’s seat. Come fast, Sai. These humans want you. Where are you?

Tatya, Champa and Keshav ask anybody however no person has visible Sai.

Ashavaan ji is on his manner to Dwarkamai. I am stressed to Sai. He ought to have modified from outdoor however I am positive that He can be identical from inside – selfless and the only who lives for others!

Tatya, Champa and Keshav attain Dwarkamai with none information of Sai. Kakasaheb wonders in which Sai ought to be. He in no way leaves Shirdi with out informing anyone. He ought to have stated some thing to a person. Tayta asks his mom if Sai informed her some thing final night. You would possibly have ignored sharing it. Baizama denies. He dint say some thing or trace that He goes somewhere. Where are you, Sai? Chandu wonders what they’ll do with out Sai. Champa says Sai is aware of everything. He ought to recognise we’re going to fall this problem. He can not depart us on my own. Is He in a few problem? Ashavaan ji reaches there simply then. All eyes flip to him. Rihana asks Champa approximately the guy. We have in no way visible him earlier than in Shirdi. Baizama seems at Ashavaan ji and he smiles.

Precap: Ashavaan ji tells anybody that Sai can be at all of the locations anyplace humans want assist. That is the way it has been in view that His childhood. Baizama asks him if he is aware of approximately Sai’s birth. He nods. She is curious to recognise greater and he conveniently consents to proportion Sai’s story..


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