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Santa thinks of going to kopargaon to share an update with sarkar. Banta indicates looking ahead to him to come again however santa is involved that they is probably punished for that. They pressure one in all sai’s devotees to take them to kopargaon. Santa tells banta they will get a huge prize this time. Fakir would be in problem due to us. Banta smiles. Chakranarayan, gautam, sarkar and few in their men are out of doors dwarkamai. Chakranarayan will locate his proof these days and the devotees will see fakir’s real face too. Sai smiles as he senses chandorkar ji’s presence in maruti mandir.

Tatya appears at chandorkar ji looking at sai alas. Constable tells santa and banta that sarkar left lengthy in the past. He would have reached shirdi with the aid of now. Banta reprimands santa for now not listening to him. Santa says we would even find a bullock cart to go again proper now. We wont be able to bring the news to sarkar. What should we do now? They head outdoor. Chakranarayan tells each person to look around cautiously. He should have hidden money right here simplest. We need to discover it at any price. Every person starts looking. Sarkar thinks it’s time to expose fakir. Sai begins the pravachan. This excerpt is from ramayan and is among ram ji and hanuman ji. Bolo bajrang bali ki jai! Each person follows his instance. Sai smiles. No person is able to locate any clue in dwarkamai. Gautam says he may not have carried out something incorrect but chakranarayan is certain humans like sai don’t depend on all of us.

He must have hidden them someplace. Sai says it’s far approximately the time while ram ji turned into making a setu with the assist of vanar setu. 1/2 of it was achieved. Vanar sena used to relaxation inside the nighttime after operating hard within the day. Ram ji and hanuman ji had been strolling close to the ocean whilst ram ji decided to pull a prank on hanuman ji. You all lie! Hanuman ji became an honest devotee of ram ji and constantly accompanied the proper path. He became worried after knowing that someone will consider him as a liar. Chandorkar ji looks tensed. Chakranarayan thinks of the hazard on his process and of his mother’s phrases. I should locate that money at any cost to shut all of the mouths! Sai says hanuman ji said that he never lied to him. Ram ji says you all say that the stones flow in water when you write my name on it and throw it in water. Hanuman ji nods. Ram ji picked up a stone and threw it in water. It drowned proper away.

He picked up some other stone and the identical component befell. Villagers look burdened. Sai says ram ji instructed hanuman ji that this is what he changed into speaking about. How can they drown when i am throwing them myself? How is it viable? Chakranarayan is certain sai cannot produce cash out fo skinny air. He should have hidden them someplace. Sai says hanuman ji smiled after listening to ram ji’s query. He said that it is proper. You are with the stone whilst we write your call on it. You let pass of the stone your self. Individuals who break out from you’ll drown ultimately. Absolutely everyone smiles. Sai says that is guru mahima. You wont be afraid to drown if your guru is with you. An amazing guru can solution all the questions and assist his disciple with the problems too. Sarkar tells chakranarayan they might have observed it lengthy in the past if it become here. They will come lower back as soon as the pravachan is over. We should depart quickly.

Come to my residence within the morning. We can speak the subsequent approach later. Chakranarayan asks him to head ahead. I will leave in a while. Sarkar nods and leaves. Chakranarayan wonders in which sai should have hidden cash. Sai ends the pravachan. Chandorkar ji requests sai to pay attention to him once. Sai says everything will occur as according to ram ji’s want. What’s the want to worry then? Chandorkar ji thinks that sai would possibly already recognize what’s occurring. He does now not care about himself like always but i take care of him. I should do some thing by myself. I will communicate to higher government. I wont return to shirdi until the time i take care of this count number.

I have to leave to finish this project asap. Sai smiles as he notices chandorkar ji leaving. He tells baizama he ought to go back to dwarkamai for an urgent work. Bheema wonders why sai dint stay again. What could be so crucial? Tatya says we can not leave him alone after what has took place inside the beyond 2 days. Gautam asks chakranarayan to return. We have to leave earlier than someone comes. Chakranarayan wonders where an old guy might cover his cash. Villagers accompany sai. Gautam asks chakranarayan to return. We are able to test once more day after today. Chakranarayan is of the same opinion. Sai asks tatya to present him the mashal. Tatya complies. Chakranarayan looks up all of sudden. Was this lit already? Gautam shrugs. I dint pay any heed to it as we were searching internal. Chakranarayan nods.

They’re leaving whilst chakranarayan spots a small bag in the corner. Is this the bag with money? Gautam says it is probably. We dint virtually appearance out of doors. Chakranarayan says it might be that bag most effective. He smiles. Sai meets vishnu das. He stocks that he changed into on his manner to dwarkamai. I got tired whilst walking so i sat down. Sai asks him to come with him. Baizama asks vishnu das why he’s right here at this hour. Vishnu das says i gave up and got here to sai. Sai asks him about his work. Vishnu das says i paintings hard however i don’t get any top returns. I don’t have money to even sustain my circle of relatives anymore. Please help me. Sai tells him to have saburi.

Ram ji will restore the entirety. Gautam tells chakranarayan everybody is right here. Allow’s conceal. Chakranarayan and gautam conceal. Sai notices the bag. Chakranarayan tells gautam they will look ahead to all people to sleep. We are able to pick the bag as soon as they are asleep. Fakir can be stuck purple handed if we discover cash inside the bag. Sai smiles. He asks tatya to bring that bag to him. Tatya gives the bag to sai. Baizama asks him why he asked for it. Sai says that’s what we need right now. I suppose this could assist vishnu das loads. Everybody is careworn.

Chakranarayan repeats sai’s words to gautam. It proves that there may be money inside. Sai tells vishnu das to preserve the bag adequately. Don’t open it till the time you’re home. Baki allah maalki! Vishnu das nods. Chakranarayan decides to observe vishnu das to get preserve of the bag. Chihu tai starts to say what turned into interior it. Sai says it became ram ji’s blessing. Folks who are destined to have the blessing will simply get it. Vishnu das is clutching onto the bag tightly. Chakranarayan and gautam overpower him. Chakranarayan asks for the bag.

Vishnu das becomes sad. I’m a negative guy. You wont get whatever from me. Chakranarayan clears that they aren’t thieves. We paintings for british authorities. Vishnu das repeats sai’s desire but chakranarayan opens the bag towards vishnu das’s wish. Their eyes widen in shock as they appearance interior.

Precap: few men are digging the land in chakranarayan, sarkar and gautam’s presence. Sai says you can not be capable of see it. Your definition and my definition of treasure are special. Chakranarayan calls him smart. We are able to meet once more quickly! Sai says i can look ahead to that time. They begin to stroll away when sai asks them to peer him looting his treasure. He indicates it to them.


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