Mere Sai

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Sarkar mocks Salim. I even have heard that your gramophone were given stolen. This is what occurs while a lowly character attempts to replicate a wealthy character. You haven’t any status. Expensive stuff can live installed wealthy houses simplest. They might be stolen while stored in a hut! You had been looking to healthy my status! See how you’ll fall from the sky now. You wont be capable of stand for your feet. Those, who had been treating you as a unique character wont even study you! Show-off can simplest can help you shine for some days! Sai tells Sarkar that the whole thing besides God is perishable. Everything else might also additionally or might not be there tomorrow. Hope you don’t undergo a comparable enjoy like Salim tomorrow. Give up your ego. Sarkar receives off his palanquin. Are you looking to scare me? You are wishing me ill? Sai denies. You are false impression me. I am everyone’s properly-wisher, consisting of you. I am simply caution you. Sarkar refuses to trust His words. Worry approximately the only who you’re pretending to be support. Tell me one component though. You recognize the whole thing. Why couldn’t you forestall the theft? Why can’t you locate his gramophone? It is due to the fact you’re a sham, a fake! Stay on your limits in the front of me and fear approximately yourself. People will start to doubt you after understanding which you couldn’t assist your age vintage devotee! He leaves together along with his guys.

Salim tells Sai they have got checked the complete village. Now even I am certain I wont locate my gramophone ever. Sai indicates Salim to visit Sakori. It is proper subsequent to our village. Maybe the thief went there. Ramdas ji praised you lots and instructed you to technique him in case you want some thing. I am certain he’s going to ask his guys to assist. Salim has the same opinion. Sai makes a decision to accompany him.

Police involves Salim’s residence as Kakasaheb has filed a criticism in opposition to Salim. Baizama refuses to trust it that Kakasaheb can record this type of case however they’re instructed that it’s far true. Salim need to both entire the order or we can be certain to arrest Salim. You have until tomorrow. Ali, Rihana and Baizama are stunned. Rihana breaks down as police leaves. Baizama tells her to have faith. Rihana says we spent the improvement in getting the stuff. How do we entire the order through tomorrow? Ali gives to speak about the problem with Kakasaheb. Baizama stocks that he left Shirdi nowadays morning. Rihana wonders what they’ll do now. We had been given an improve of Rs. 50. Salim became so distracted that we had been now no longer capable of do much. He spent a few cash in searching after the guests. We misplaced the gramophone however it has doomed us for real! Baizama comforts her. Everything might be fine. Rihana cries. She prays to Sai for assist. Save my own circle of relatives from this trouble.

Salim and Sai attain Ramdas ji’s place. Salim greets Ramdas ji and tells him the whole thing. He requests Ramdas ji with folded hands. Ramdas ji rues that he fought with Sarkar for this lowly character while he couldn’t even preserve his gramophone safe. He is a fool! He refuses to assist Salim. He tells his assistant to ship Salim away if he comes right here once more. Salim feels bad. Sai tells Salim now no longer to fear. Maalik will restore the whole thing. You can spend time with those humans once more when you locate your gramophone. Salim refuses to be with such egocentric humans once more. I simplest want my gramophone. It is the simplest component that subjects to me now. Sai smiles.

Salim is exhausted and tells Sai that he can not stroll anymore. Sai peeks inner His bag however it’s far empty. They see a residence nearby. Sai tells him to have faith. God could be very kind. Let’s see if we are able to locate some thing there. They technique the residence. Sai requests for a few meals from the owner. He welcomes them inner and asks his spouse to serve them meals. She asks them to have a seat. Forgive me as we simplest have bread. We don’t have vegetables. Salim notices her emptying her container. It wont be sufficient for you both. The guy tells them now no longer to fear. Eat on your heart’s content. Our mom has taught us to percentage the meals. We have a guava tree which bears scrumptious fruit. Plus, our goat has commenced giving milk as properly. They take a seat down down. Salim seems on the residence. 2 children come jogging there. We were given coconut in Prasad. Please make chutney. She has the same opinion. She tells Salim and Sai that they’ll get to devour chutney as properly. Kids take a seat down right all the way down to play. They ask Salim if he’s going to play. He civilly declines. Sai says who says that toys convey happiness. Salim nods. They don’t actually have toys. We had been by no means strong financially however we gave the whole thing to Ali. They don’t have any manner of happiness or stuff at home. Wish we hadn’t come right here. Sai says matters aren’t wanted right here as they have got crammed it with happiness. Maalik has blessed you with lots however are you happy?

The husband and spouse have made chutney and bread. Kids preserve banana leaves in the front of Sai and Salim. The couple serves them meals and sits down. Sai asks them to devour as properly. The woman says we wont love it if you’ll pass on an empty stomach. Eat one bread at least. Consider me your daughter. How will you are saying no on your daughter? Sai nods. Their son praises the chutney that their Baba makes. His sister asks him if he has ever eaten scrumptious snacks. He shakes his head. I don’t want some thing in the front of this chutney. Everyone smiles.

Sai and Salim provide their prayers. Sai takes a bite. Prabhuji Kare Sahay plays. Sai and the own circle of relatives participants smile. Salim seems at Sai and is a bit overwhelmed. Sai and Salim take depart from the own circle of relatives. The youngster asks them to go to once more. We cherished assembly you. Sai pats on the children’ heads lovingly. Sai has the same opinion and invitations them to Shirdi. I make blankets. I want sincere humans for my work. It does now no longer pay lots however it’s far sufficient to feed us. Consider me as part of your own circle of relatives because the children have referred to as me Kaka. They nod gratefully. Sai and Salim depart. The guy is extremely joyful to have discovered work. Seems like God has despatched them! Their eyes widen in surprise and marvel as they step inner. The woman comments that God Himself had come to their residence. The kitchen is full of each feasible resource. They fold hands.

Episode ends

Precap: Sai asks Salim for greater water. Salim asks the woman on the properly who she is. Why are you right here at this hour? She stocks that she is Vasundhara. I even have some thing that belongs to you and feature come to go back that simplest. Salim seems greatly surprised to peer some thing.


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