Mere Sai

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Sai provides timber withinside the dhuni. Sakku’s MIL asks her son to open the door. He refuses to pop out. She will kill me I do so. His mom attempts once more however in vain. A neighbor asks her to step aside. We don’t have any choice however to interrupt the door. They ruin open the door. Kaki runs to her son. What have you ever accomplished to yourself? The neighbor says it become your DIL first and now your son is tormented by it too. Something is probably incorrect with the residence. Why don’t you pray to Sankatmochan? She concurs to head tomorrow. Her son hugs her and cries. Please keep me, Aayi.

Sai upload greater timber in dhuni. Sakku’s stepmother is snoozing peacefully. She wakes up and notices Sakku making use of haldi on her wound. She recollects how she had gotten harm and pushes Sakku’s hand away. Sakku walks away quietly.

Next morning, Mhalsapati ji does puja in Khandoba temple. It is Martand’s first day to paintings. Help him study the process nicely and turn out to be accomplished. Please assist him develop in lifestyles and make all of us proud. He is amazed to peer Sai there. Sai asks him to donate some thing withinside the Maruti temple close by. Mhalsapati ji asks Him if there may be a particular cause in the back of going there. Sai nods. We should repair what’s incorrect. Those are a ways want to be delivered together. I am certain Sankatmochan will pay attention my prayer. He leaves. Mhalsapati ji wonders who Sai is attempting to assist this time.

Sakku’s MIL involves temple and prays for her son’s nicely-being. The diya blows out. What does this suggest? Is this a terrible omen? Does it suggest that my son can by no means be healed? Don’t realize who solid an evil eye on my family. Both my DIL and son fell prey to this problem. Who must I are seeking for assist from? Mhalsapati ji says there may be most effective one character who can convey them out in their problems. Sai! He has a option to the whole thing. She acknowledges him as Sakku’s Kaka. You had been withinside the residence that day right? Sakku’s father believes in Sai too. Why did Sakku lose her thoughts then? Forgive me however I don’t consider in such people. Mhalsapati ji tells her to present it a try. Shirdi is close by most effective. There isn’t anyt any damage in trying. To be honest, Sai has despatched me here. He repeats Sai’s phrases. I experience that Sai become regarding you most effective that’s why he’s suggesting this. It is your choice now.

Sakku’s MIL takes meals for her son. She unearths him shivering at the ground and murmuring Sakku’s name. She exams his forehead. He has excessive temperature. She thinks of Mhalsapati ji’s phrases. He thinks that Sakku is dead. He may turn out to be everyday after seeing Sakku. We will visit Shirdi tomorrow. There isn’t anyt any different way.

All children and their dad and mom have accumulated in Shirdi. Sai asks them in the event that they don’t should move domestic. Parents say that children are very satisfied after going to paintings. We realize which you dint need them to head there however we guarantee you that not anything incorrect goes on withinside the factory. Prasad ji loves children. Mhalsapati ji provides that children had been skilled on their process nicely. Plus, in addition they were given their first revenue. Everyone desires to deliver their revenue to Sai however Sai tells them that He can’t take delivery of it. Ragini requests Sai now no longer to mention no. Latika says we adore you so we need to present you. Martand says you stated you’ll be continually with us. Bela requests Sai to just accept it or they may be heartbroken. They fold palms and request Sai to just accept it. Sai offers in. I actually have a query though. He asks the elders if they may be certain that is right. Will this process now no longer preclude their growth? Mhalsapati ji says we are able to ensure that they may be continually satisfied. Others be a part of in. Sai alternatives up a small pot and extends it closer to the kid. They placed their salaries in it and smile. Sai tells all of us to head domestic now. Their research must now no longer be hindered due to paintings. Srikanth tells all elders to consider Sai’s phrases nicely. Parents need to ensure that children have a look at in elegance and at domestic nicely. I am pronouncing this due to the fact I actually have heard him speakme approximately paintings at college too. Too a lot exhilaration isn’t always appropriate for anyone. Everyone nods and go away for his or her houses besides Srikanth.

Sarkar tells Prasad he has fooled the villagers nicely. They placed their thumb impact at the agreement while you confirmed them the ones dreams. Prasad nods. That’s the way it has been in view that years. That’s how negative stay negative and wealthy turn out to be richer. Sarkar tells them to hold them in check. Prasad says let’ have Saburi like that Fakir says. They each snicker at it.

Srikanth asks Sai why He is worried. Sai asks him to convey the small pot. Srikanth brings it. Sai asks him to test what’s inside. Srikanth opens it and it’s miles full of dirt. Srikanth says children introduced their salaries in it. What’s this? Sai says Guru appears after his college students after the dad and mom. This is the cause most effective you could see the reality. This is the fact of that earning. Childhood is supposed to have a look at and play, now no longer for paintings. Srikanth says you may have stated the identical element to them. They could have listened to you. Sai says now no longer the whole thing may be stated out loud. People should parent out a few matters on their very own with time. I actually have defined it frequently that a brief affection fees one badly. Srikanth asks Him what’s going to show up next. Sai says we need to make ourselves able to dealing with any hard state of affairs. If they don’t neglect about the coaching of Shraddha and Saburi then they may pop out of this as more potent human beings. God is aware of what’s going to show up in the event that they surrender on that.

Sarkar laughs. You are so dramatic! Prasad asks him why he’s so satisfied approximately it. Sarkar says you don’t realize however I am now in a state of affairs to take revenge from Fakir. He couldn’t prevent villagers from falling in our trap. This is the primary signal of our victory. Who may be blamed whilst the dad and mom will recognize that they wont be capable of get out of this trap? They will start to query the Fakir as to why He dint do anything!

Preca: Sakku’s husband asks Sakku why she become in that state of affairs. Sai asks Sakku to inform reality to all of us.


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