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Salim snatches the tune from Madhav. Madhav says it broke with the aid of using mistake. Salim scoffs him for now no longer having the capability to shop for highly-priced things. You broke it due to the fact you have been jealous. You need me to stay such as you in poverty. You couldn’t see me development so that you got here to damage my happiness. You name me your brother however you aren’t healthy to be even referred to as my pal. Get out of my residence. I will throw you out of the residence in case you dare come right here again! Rihana asks him if he’s in his senses. What are you saying? Salim replies that folks who desire to assist him can depart too. Madhav leaves. Ali leaves the residence in addition to neither his Guru nor his instructor is reputable right here. Rihana attempts to prevent him however he tells her to permit it. He will come returned whilst he’s going to come to his senses. Salim is harm that Madhav broke his file. Rihana feels pity for him. He cares approximately the file however now no longer approximately the friendship that he broke. Please assist me Sai.

Madhav is in Dwarkamai. I did that accidentally however he used the ones harsh phrases and broke our friendship. I wont forgive him despite the fact that he asks me now. Sai smiles. You have been a instructor proper? Did each scholar react in a comparable way at some point of exams? Madhav denies. Everyone become of various nature and temperament. One child even ended up vomiting due to the fact he become afraid. Sai says you should have scolded him or ousted him of the magnificence then. Madhav denies. It could were wrong. The child become already involved. He could have forgotten the whole lot if I had scolded him. As a instructor, I needed to raise his confidence. Sai motives that this is applicable on Salim too. Situations like these days rise up whilst Maalik needs us to research something. If you study this case out of your private factor of view and take his phrases for your coronary heart then you may grow to be hating Salim. If you study your self because the instructor and at Salim because the scholar who’s involved due to exam, you’ll be capable of forgive him easily. Keeping hatred for your coronary heart spoils your coronary heart handiest. Madhav nods. I even have understood your factor. How are we able to assist him? Sai says we’ve performed enough. Situation is out of manipulate now.

Salim remains miffed with Madhav. Rihana tells him to consider his son as well. He has been harm with the aid of using anything came about. Ramdas ji’s assistant asks Salim to enroll in Ramdas ji in Dixit guesthouse for dinner. Salim easily agrees. I even have adequate time for him. I will simply carry my gramophone. The character denies. He stated that it could be risky to carry it at night. He handiest desires to spend a while with you. Salim agrees. Ramdas ji’s assistant leaves. Salim tells Rihana he goes to devour dinner with Ramdas ji. He covers the gramophone. I haven’t been referred to as over due to gramophone like a few human beings inside and outside this residence think. He leaves.

Rihana is remaining the door whilst a goon enters the residence. He pushes her and steals the gramophone. Rihana is wounded however she requires assist. A passer-with the aid of using holds her simply as she is ready to byskip out.

Salim returns domestic. Who could have made this kind of bad joke? Ramdas ji wasn’t even in Dixit guesthouse. He notices the door open. Rihana has come to be careless those days. The door is open.

The girl, Bheeva and every other antique character is in Salim’s residence. Salim asks Rihana what came about to her. The girl tells him approximately the robbery. He appears up and notices his gramophone missing. No! Who stole my gramophone? He asks Rihana how she ought to permit it happen. Why dint you prevent the goon? Bheeva tells her that she were given driven withinside the process. You are wondering her as opposed to consoling her? Salim asks them in the event that they noticed the goon. The antique guy replies that they got here out of doors once they heard Rihana shouting for assist. We appeared anywhere however we couldn’t apprehend anything. Salim sits down in shock.

Sai receives up all at once which puzzles Madhav. Sai stocks that He should go. Salim wishes me as his gramophone has been stolen. Madhav gives to return back alongside however Sai tells him he’s going to discover whilst he wishes to be with Salim on the proper time. Madhav nods. You dint admire his obsession in the direction of the gramophone because the start. You must be relieved as he’s going to recover from of it now. Sai says human beings recover from their obsession whilst they could see reality clearly. He is a long way farfar from truth proper now. He remains mourning. Such tears lessen the electricity to look the reality even greater. He wishes me all of the greater to wipe his tears proper now. He could be capable of see the reality then. Sai leaves.

Salim maintains to stare blankly. Rihana asks her husband to mention something. Ali returns and is taken aback to look his father thus. He has heard approximately the robbery and encourages his Abbu now no longer to offer up. We will discover it or I will paintings difficult to shop for one for you. Please say something. Bheeva stocks that he’s in a country of shock. He should react in any manner or it could be risky for him.

Santa and Banta are taking the gramophone. Santa is involved what if a person noticed the thief. Banta assures him that it isn’t possible. I had employed folks who have been from different villages. They are already on their manner domestic proper now. No one will doubt us. Santa throws the gramophone withinside the well.

Rihana maintains coaxing her husband to mention something. Sai enters simply then. Sai pats on Salim’s shoulder. Salim appears at Sai. He hugs Sai and cries. My gramophone! Sai asks him if he gave up so soon. Have faith. We will search for it collectively tomorrow. You will clearly discover it. Salim asks Him if he’s going to discover it. Sai wipes his tears and nods. Rihana and Ali are in tears.

Sarkar says it can not be located again. People gets worn-out at the same time as wiping tears from Salim’s face however nobody will discover it ever! Santa and Banta laugh. It is true. He become looking to fit your status! Sarkar laughs. I will see who will admire him now. Hari Om!

Sai pats at Salim’s head. He ultimately falls asleep. Ali says Abbu dint concentrate to you (Sai) or admire you considering he were given gramophone but you’re right here. Sai says he calls me His Guru. Guru is sort of a father. How can a father experience terrible approximately what the child says? Salim opens his eyes again. He thinks of the way impolite he become to Sai lately and of all of the current incidents regarding Sai and gramophone. He closes his eyes again.

Next morning, Salim wakes up. He appears at Sai. You sat right here like this the complete night? You dint sleep simply to ensure I sleep peacefully? You should be worn-out. Sai says it does now no longer harm if you have to appearance after your cherished ones. Freshen up. We will visit search for your gramophone then. Ali gives to return back alongside however Sai tells him he should live at domestic together along with his Ammi. We will search for it.

Salim and Sai are attempting to find the gramophone. Salim asks each passerby however nobody has visible all and sundry together along with his gramophone. A girl tells her pal that now Salim has even misplaced his gramophone. Salim asks Chandu who shakes his head. Chandu stands up and greets Sai sweetly. He faces a comparable enjoy whilst he processes different human beings. People aren’t even speakme to me nicely. Sarkar comments that they won’t.

Episode ends

Precap: Sai shows Salim to visit Sakori. It is proper subsequent to our village. Maybe the thief went there. Police involves Salim’s residence as Kakasaheb has filed a criticism towards Salim. Either whole the order or we can be sure to arrest Salim. Rihana and Baizama are taken aback..


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