Mere Sai

Mere Sai 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai encourages all men to turn out to be better spouses. Help your spouses. Assist her with pushing forward throughout everyday life and don’t attempt to trip her in a pit. Dabholkar ji and Vaishnav grin. Mhalsapati ji demands Sai to pardon them. We have taken in our example. All men overlay hands and consent to help their spouses completely. Sai favors them. Climate changes unexpectedly. Solid breeze begins blowing. It becomes turbulent. Sai takes out His Chimta from His pack and holds it up. Dabholkar ji is surprised to see Sai hold it up towards the sky and lightning radiating from it. He requests that everybody clear out. The townspeople go along. They watch Sai as He welcomes the lightning on the planet and the ground seems broken abruptly. Everybody is paralyzed at the sight while Sai grins in alleviation. The climate becomes ordinary once more. Dabholkar ji creases his hands in veneration. Locals stroll back to Sai and overlay their hands thankfully. Dabholkar ji imagines that the world doesn’t have a clue what sort of an individual stays in Shirdi. Individuals should think about Him. I will expound on Him with the goal that ages can become more acquainted with Him and will recall Him.

Sai advises Mangu not to stress. Your concern will be settled before the present pravachan. Bheema welcomes Sai. He acquaints Sai with Damodar ji. He is a finance manager from Pune. Damodar ji welcomes Sai and sits before Sai. He sits before Mangu and requests help. Bheema and Sai notice it. Sai gestures at Bheema and he withdraws. Sai asks Damodar ji what he needs. What isn’t with you? Damodar ji says I have all that I might conceivably have. I just need to see God once. I have found out about you. You have treated sicknesses that are hopeless. You have made certain individuals see God and certain individuals even consider you God. Kindly don’t say no. Sai says I will definitely help you yet Mangu has been staying here since long. He should pay duty to Mukhiya till morning. He doesn’t have cash however or he will lose his property. I will help you after him. He sends Bala to Shyama. Reveal to him that I need to acquire Rs. 5. Bala leaves. Damodar ji requests that Sai make him see God till the time Bala will return. Sai rehashes that He has vowed to help Mangu. He has been holding up since long. Hang tight for quite a while. I will help you then, at that point.

Bala discloses to Sai Kaka isn’t at home. Sai requests that Bala check with Mhalsapati ji and advises Nandu to ask Srikanth. Children gesture. Damodar ji asks Sai the amount more should he pause. I need to go to Pune today itself. Sai says I never said no. I would prefer not to keep you standing by superfluously. I will do it once Mangu gets cash. Bala and Nandu disclose to Sai that neither of them are at home. Sai ponders where everybody is today. He chooses to go Himself. Damodar ji is shocked. Damodar ji asks Sai where He is headed toward. I should arrive at Pune before breakfast. Sai says I should help Mangu. I should organize cash for him. Damodar ji advises Him to follow making him see God. Sai asks him for what reason He ought to do that. Children take a gander at them. Damodar ji says you consented to do it. Sai says I said it yet how could I do it. You have Rs. 230 in your pocket this moment yet you’re not able to save Rs. 5 for a destitute individual. God dwells in each individual. You dint help any person considering them Gods or even out of mankind. How might a childish person like you see God? You should abandon your voracity for that. Individuals who have seen God till date were past all of that. What’s the utilization of having cash that can’t come to help other people? He says a shloka about doing noble cause. Everything in this world is intended to do good cause. Damodar ji apologizes to Sai as he includes the cash in his pocket. You are correct. I was reluctant to help other people as I believed that individuals are solely after my cash however my propensity is just removing me from God. He offers cash to Mangu. He affably decreases yet Damodar ji says God has given me a great deal. The time has come to return. Keep it please. Mangu returns additional cash to Damodar ji. I will return it to you as quickly as possible. They check out Sai. Sai reveals to Damodar ji that not every person many is cash. You can begin helping individuals in their period of scarcity now. Think that they have moved toward you as God has made you fit for aiding God. Eliminate every one of the terrible things from your life actually like you helped Mangu today. You will certainly see God then, at that point. Damodar ji says I have perceived my misstep now. I was a bonehead. I will consider God in my every activity and thought from hereon. That will be the nearest to God for me. Sai favors them.

Santa Clause gives a letter to Sarkar. Santa Clause tops in also however Sarkar doesn’t let him. He snickers as he peruses the letter. I have been given a major liability by British Government. Alert our men. Get them ready for what will occur in future. We wont need men like Dabholkar ji in the event that I prevail in my errand. I have been given limitless ability to achieve this assignment.

Sai says no. Dabholkar ji asks Him for what good reason not. I need individuals to think about you. Sai asks him what it will do. Patil ji says they will be thankful subsequent to knowing you. Check out us. Mhalsapati ji seconds him. They should know you as well. We wont live for a really long time. Sai asks Dabholkar ji what he needs to compose. Dabholkar ji says it will be directly from your introduction to the world. Sai says it isn’t required. Something else? Dabholkar ji says that is the manner by which history is composed. Sai advises him to reconsider. I don’t need children to recollect where I was conceived and what occurred in my life. There ought to be a rationale behind busy or it becomes useless. Dabholkar ji says I probably won’t be sufficiently fit to expound on you yet won’t it ever get composed then, at that point. Sai reveals to him that he has an intelligent response to it. Come to me when you discover it. Dabholkar ji begins leaving there unfortunately however at that point stops close to the steps. For what reason would I be able to consider it prior?

Precap: Dabholkar ji welcomes Sai Charit Manas to Dwarkamai on a plate covered with blossoms. Residents are moving joyfully around him. Dabholkar ji reveals to Sai he has composed the principal part. I devote it to you. Favor me that your lessons can spread to each corner. Sai favors everybody.


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