Mere Sai

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Salim reaches domestic and excitedly calls out to Rihana and Ali. He tells them the entirety that came about at Ramdas ji’s collecting today. Rihana and Ali get tensed. Ali is positive Sarkar will take revenge from their family. Salim is positive he wont be capable of do something. I recognise wealthy human beings too now. Rihana asks him approximately the people. Salim realizes that he forgot approximately it. Rihana breaks down.

You don’t see something past your gramophone. I were operating by myself due to the fact that such a lot of days. There are boils in my hand due to the fact I were operating by myself however you don’t care. Salim tells her now no longer to cry. Rest for a few time. I will ask Madav to help. I am positive he’ll now no longer say no. Please don’t cry. She nods. Salim takes gramophone with him. It might be a laugh to pay attention to it whilst listening to song. Rihana and Ali appearance on.

Banta is resting at the swing whilst Santa massages his feet. Banta says I now apprehend how smooth Sarkar need to be feeling after sitting in this swing. Sarkar says Hari Om. They are startled to look him domestic so early. Wasn’t there a bhoj? Sarkar tells them what came about at Ramdas ji’s collecting. I wont allow him in shape my status! What if a person else attempts to face towards me tomorrow? They say that that is what that they’d talked about in advance. Sarkar vows to reduce Salim’s wings. He wont be capable of even appearance me in the attention anymore.

Salim is misplaced withinside the song. Kakasaheb calls out to him. Salim greets them. He asks Kakasaheb if he got here to pay attention the song too. Kakasaheb denies. No song can in shape the peace with Sai’s voice. I got here to test at the order. Salim stocks that simplest 50 blankets are prepared as of now. Kaksaheb reminds him of the order. You stated you’ll entire it on time. Salim nods. Ladies are busy with different paintings because of Diwali so the paintings is sluggish.

Sai motives that Jhipri and Rihana had made 50 blankets in 2 days. You had extra time in your hand this time. You and Rihana should have finished the order inside few days itself in case you had tried. Salim replies that he become busy. Kakasaheb asks him if he become busy or if he has changed. Salim asks him what he manner. Kakasaheb says I gave order to Salim Bhai who become diligent however the Salim Bhai in the front of me who’s giving me excuses of now no longer finishing paintings is one of a kind. Sai explains that the blankets had been to accept to the needy who’ve no manner to live heat in winters. These blankets are going to maintain them heat.

Salim says I haven’t stated no. I will simplest take any other week. Kakasaheb reminds him that he’s inquiring for greater time at the ultimate day. You recognise that wintry weather has come a touch in advance this year. Salim retorts that he can see that he’s operating on his very own. Kakasaheb appears on the gramophone. I can see that. You are busy displaying off your gramophone to human beings! Salim says residing my existence by myself phrases is my non-public choice. Kakasaheb nods. You took develop but you dint entire the order on time. I idea that you’ll come and supply the blankets in your very own as I agree with you.

I can take delivery of the put off of an afternoon or however I can’t take delivery of the put off of per week. I had forgotten approximately the cut-off date if it wasn’t for Sai. I wouldn’t were capable of discern out how sluggish you’ve got got been operating if Sai hadn’t added me here. Salim tells Sai He should have come to him if there has been a problem. Why did you operate Kakasaheb? Sai says there’s a necessity. I become proper to worry. Kakasaheb tells Salim now no longer to taunt Sai.

It is you who hasn’t finished the order inside time. I need my blankets asap. I can’t look forward to per week now. Salim comes to a decision to go back him the development tomorrow. Ask a person else to finish the order. Sai asks Salim how he can say no on the ultimate moment. How can you come the order like this? You have all of the sources you want however what approximately the needy human beings who’ve nothing? They should have as a minimum controlled to byskip their winters with the blanket. What’s the factor of donating some thing so late?

Salim insists that he might be capin a position to complete order as consistent with his will simplest. No one, now no longer even Dixit ji can pressure me to do something. I too have a standing to hold now. I will go back the development to him in an afternoon or however I wont have the ability to finish this order. Sai leaves with Kakasaheb.

Santa and Banta are consuming pakoras to their heart’s content. The shopkeeper isn’t thrilled to serve them however he has no alternative however to comply. They have eaten two hundred pakoras however their belly is sort of a well. They wont be capable of consume something if they may be requested to pay! Santa and Banta speak their plan to address Salim. Santa asks for extra pakoras. The shopkeeper comes to a decision to train them a lesson. He provides greater pink chilli withinside the combination and smiles. Santa and Banta scream and keep the shopkeeper with the aid of using his collar. You delivered greater chilli! Shopkeeper motives that he wont do that after serving them for therefore long. Your face is popping pink. Have a few water immediately. They run.

Shyama says Salim has misplaced his potential to assume due to the fact that he were given the gramophone. Kakasaheb wonders what they ought to do. Sai notices Manik sitting in a corner. He appears involved for a few reason. He would possibly want help. They technique Manik who greets them. Sai asks him why he’s involved.

Manik stocks that someone owes him cash for an order however it’s been three months. He refused to pay me once I approached him today. Kakasaheb advises him to document a prison complaint. Manik is hesitant however Kakasaheb explains the common sense in the back of his idea. Bearing injustice isn’t anyt any one of a kind than being unjust your self. Manik agrees. Sai asks Kakasaheb why he wont placed this idea to apply for his order as well.

Kakasaheb asks Sai if He is looking him to take a prison movement towards Salim. Wont it’s too much? Sai nods. He need to recognise his mistake. Shyama says Rihana and Ali might be in hassle as well. Salim is my vintage friend. We ought to speak to him in a manner that he’ll apprehend. He has known as me over for a few help. I will speak to him. Sai says Allah Maalik.

Shyama is at Salim’s place. You are caught in your function and call due to this gramophone. You aren’t searching at your family. Are the folks who are chasing you due to this critical than your family? You are hurting every body and your self due to it. Salim asks him in the event that they couldn’t look forward to one extra week. What become incorrect approximately it?

Ali asks him if he can’t visit Sakori to lease a few people whilst he can go to Ramdas ji for a collecting. You stated no to Sai. You weren’t like this. Shyama seconds him. Rihana says I am irked due to this gramophone. Why can’t you spot that it’s far ruining the entirety? Salim asks them why their each assertion circles round gramophone. Shyama says due to the fact they may be due to it. Salim says I am capable of sooner or later stay the existence I actually have continually desired and achieve what I continually desired to.

Shyama starts to give an explanation for Sai’s factors of view however Salim receives irked. He is the only who’s instigating every body towards my gramophone! It is as though He has some thing non-public towards it! Shyama tells him to stop. I wont pay attention something towards Sai. Salim tells him to depart in that case. It is my residence and I am loose to mention something is on my mind. Shyama pulls the music from Salim’s hand. Look on the face of your spouse and son. They are in a lot ache due to your obsession. Salim asks for the music however Shyama refuses. They each pull at it from contrary ends and it breaks. Salim glares at Shyama.

Precap: Salim’s gramophone has been stolen and he sits down in shock. Bheeva stocks that he’s in a country of shock. He need to react in any manner or it is able to be risky for him. Sai pats at Salim’s shoulder. Salim hugs Sai and cries.


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