Mere Sai

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Salim freshens up. Sai calls out for alms. Salim tells Ali to head out. Rihana asks him if he wont come to fulfill Sai. Salim says I am busy. She asks him if he’s concerned as Sai does now no longer reward his gramophone like others. You have time to just accept the invitations however you don’t have time to fulfill someone like Sai. She is going outside. Salim thinks that they wont understand. I should smooth the gramophone nicely nowadays as this gramophone and I might be in cognizance there tomorrow.

Ali asks Sai why He has come to gather alms at this hour. Sai asks for jaggery and chana. Ali is going to deliver it. Rihana asks Him why He has requested for this specifically. Ali offers it to Sai. Sai asks them to include Him and spot the motive why He is right here. Ali wonders wherein Sai is taking them. The climate is changing. I experience so bloodless already. Rihana tells Sai that gramophone has forged a few spell on Salim. He does now no longer comply with his recurring and wont do whatever. I don’t understand what I ought to do.

They see an vintage guy shivering due to the bloodless. Sai is pained to look him thus. He holds the palms of the vintage guy and the warm temperature receives transferred to him. He stops shivering or feeling bloodless. He thank you Sai with folded palms. Ali and Rihana are moved to witness it. Sai offers jiggery and chana to him. Rihana asks him why he’s sitting right here on this condition. He stocks that he makes use of his incomes in shopping for meals for himself and his spouse. How can I purchase heat garments then? I should move now as my spouse should be ready at domestic. He leaves.

Rihana asks Sai in the event that they can’t assist him in a few manner. This makes us emotional. Sai replies that she will certainly assist him. You can assist many extra humans like him too. Such needy humans are in Shirdi too. It isn’t viable to increase a supporting hand to anyone however you furthermore may have that chance. She asks him how. He speaks of Kakasaheb’s order. Please push him to paintings on his order. It goes to show bloodless. Rihana says I even have the whole burden now so it’s miles taking time. Ali provides that he has to paintings in fields too so Ammi has to do the entirety on her own. Rihana says I suppose it’ll end quickly now as Salim stated that he goes to rent a few humans on his manner returned from Sakori. I don’t understand whilst his obsession will give up though. Sai explains the relation of husband and spouse. They are tied in a single bond after marriage. They turn out to be one which manner. If one strays from the route then the opposite individual can deliver them at the proper route. Only you could deliver him at the proper route. You simply must locate the proper route. She consents to do her first-rate and to be strict as properly if needed. Will it paintings out? Sai says Allah Maalik.

Next morning, Salim tells Rihana that he’s leaving for Sakori. She reminds him of Kakasaheb’s order. Hire a few guys for your manner returned. The faster the blankets attain humans the better. He assures her that he wont overlook it and leaves.

Kakasaheb asks the shipping individual if he has added all of the pots. The individual nods. Sai greets him. Are you shopping for them for the guesthouse? Kakasaheb denies. These are for the tribal households residing nearby. Sai tells Kakasaheb to test them nicely as he goes to donate them. Don’t purchase whatever with out checking it. Kakasaheb nods. The individual assures Kakasaheb that he has checked them himself however Kakasaheb says I will test as Sai has requested me to. He unearths many defective portions withinside the lot. Sai seems on.

Salim reaches Ramdas ji’s place. Ramdas ji welcomes him and introduces him to his guests. Salim is thrilled to be part of one of these gathering. I had in no way notion that I will take a seat down among such humans. This seems like a few dream. He performs the gramophone. Sarkar reaches there as properly. Ramdas ji asks him to have a seat. Sarkar notices Salim there and is shocked.

Kakasaheb reprimands the supplier. So many are defective. He apologizes to Kakasaheb. I made them in a rush. I had no goal to cheat. Sai says you ought to do your paintings with complete dedication. Cheating a person deliberately or by accident isn’t always proper even as finishing the paintings. Kaka knew how to test it however you may have bought them off if a person had no concept how to test them.

He apologizes to them and consents to deliver accurate pots through morning. Kakasaheb thank you Sai for steering him. Sai tells him his paintings isn’t entire. Tell Salim to additionally entire the order on time. What’s the factor of doing it if needy don’t get blankets on time? You additionally understand the motive why I am insisting on this.

Salim stands up however Ramdas ji asks him to take a seat down down. Sarkar starts to stroll away. Ramdas ji asks him what happened. Sarkar says you stated valued humans had been invited right here. Why is that this blanket supplier right here then? Ramdas ji stocks that everybody changed into talking properly of him in Shirdi. His gramophone is what added this occasion to life.

Sarkar speaks badly approximately Salim. He is a bad man who survives through promoting blankets. You wouldn’t have invited him right here in case you had visible his residence. Ramdas ji says his residence may be large or small however he’s my visitor proper now. He is welcomed right here open heartedly simply as you are. Another visitor seconds Ramdas ji. Have a seat. Sarkar refuses to take a seat down subsequent to Salim. You all have misplaced your thoughts due to this gramophone. I understand status.

There isn’t anyt any one in Shirdi who can healthy my status! Ramdas ji factors out that everybody in Shirdi and in neighbouring villages communicate approximately Salim and his gramophone. A visitor consents. I changed into going for a few paintings once I located out that Salim changed into coming right here together along with his gramophone so I got here over. Sarkar refuses to be part of the collection if Salim could be right here. Ramdas ji says it’s miles your wish. Salim wont depart though. Sarkar leaves.

Ramdas ji apologizes to Salim for Sarkar’s behaviour. Salim tells him now no longer to apologize. I will don’t forget the honour that each one of you’ve got got given me nowadays. Ramdas ji asks him to have a seat. Salim hopes Rihana and Ali should have witnessed it too. This gramophone is taking me to places. I can’t wait to be domestic and percentage this incident.

Sai says Salim is distracted. You should push him. Kakasaheb nods. This changed into one-of-a-kind however Salim Bhai is our own. It wont experience appropriate to push him. Sai reminds him how he’s strict in relation to paintings. It has helped humans and being strict right here will assist the needy as properly. Forget approximately the catch 22 situation and prioritize your paintings. I will include you in case you are uncomfortable.

Precap: Sai and Kakasaheb are at Salim’s place. Salim stocks that handiest 50 blankets are equipped as of now. Kaksaheb asks Salim to supply blankets to him asap. I can’t await every week now. Salim comes to a decision to go back him the development tomorrow. Kakasaheb asks Sai if He is looking him to take a prison movement towards Salim. Sai nods. He should comprehend his mistake.


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