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Food has been cooked. Sai asks Chandu and Bheeva to name absolutely each person to take Prasad. Nandu and his mom attain there simply then and greet Sai. She apologizes for coming late. Nandu is crying when you consider that morning. Nandu blames it on her. She broke my Gilli Danda. I used to play it with my friends. His mom stocks that she become bored to death of it. He have become so loopy after it that he even broke matters at domestic. Nandu motives that he stated that he wont play at domestic. Why did you’ve got got to interrupt it? She reminds him that she had informed him generally however he dint pay attention to her. Nandu calls her bad. I wont move domestic with you. He walks as much as Sai. I will live with you now. Sai comforts him. I actually have Gilli Danda. You can play with it as a great deal as you need. Nandu receives excited. His mom attempts to mention some thing however Sai alerts her to wait.

Sai sits with the children to finish the rangoli. Keshav, Tatya and Nandu appearance on. Sai smiles.

Salim and Ali are taking note of gramophone. Salim recollects Sai asking the chief of each residence to provide their percentage for the bhandara and the way the gramophone had stopped gambling at Apte ji’s residence. He thinks of Keshav’s phrases while he had come to take him to Dwarkamai. Rihana asks him what he’s thinking. Salim says Sai calls me from time to time because the gramophone is here. It wasn’t operating after I dint go to Him however it become constant after I got here returned from Dwarkamai. It can not be a coincidence. It have to be His doing. I don’t recognise what trouble He has with my gramophone. Why is He seeking to hold me farfar from it?

Nandu asks Sai for his Gilli Danda. Sai nods. I forgot approximately it absolutely. He is going inner and sits right all the way down to assist Ritu instead. Everyone is looking Sai curiously. Nandu asks Him why He isn’t giving him Gilli Danda. Sai replies that He does now no longer have it. Nandu asks Him why He stated sure then. What did you benefit via way of means of hurting my sentiments? Sai says you’ve got got harm your mom too. You promised now no longer to play all of the time, to look at, to now no longer play withinside the residence, that you’ll be cautious. Why did you are making such guarantees in case you can not fulfil them? She needs nicely for you. Nandu consents. She should have scolded me. what become the want to interrupt it? Sai replies that dad and mom must be strict while children don’t apprehend or pay attention to them. Parents have to push their children farfar from their addictions once they don’t pay heed to them. It hurts for a while however it finally ends up supporting the children eventually. Rectify your mistake rather than blaming her.

Rihana says Sai is probably seeking to push you farfar from the dependancy or obsession closer to this gramophone. It is widely recognized that His movements are for absolutely each person’s right best. Salim says Sai is without any attachments or reputation however we’ve got to attend to it. I actually have informed Sai I wont be in His provider for a while. She is shocked. He tells her now no longer to examine him like that. I simply need to revel in the peace and happiness that this gramophone has added in my lifestyles for a while. He sits right all the way down to revel in music.

Nandu consents to be a dutiful son. He apologizes to his mom. I actually have bothered you lots due to Gilli Danda however I wont do it anymore. She wipes his tears. Sai says relying some thing on an excessive amount of or giving up on it absolutely isn’t proper. One have to keep balance. Having some thing and the usage of it withinside the proper moderation is best. You have to play as it’s miles your age however you have to additionally look at. Nandu rues that his Gilli Danda wouldn’t had been damaged if he knew it earlier. Sai stocks that his mom has simply hidden it. Nandu seems at his mom who nods. Parents don’t spoil what make their children happy. I actually have hidden it best. I will deliver it returned to him too. Nandu assures Sai that he’s going to make use of his time to look at and play equally. Everyone smiles. Sai comments that you could mold a kaccha ghada the manner they need to however matters aren’t so smooth with a pakka ghada.

Rihana notices Salim making some thing. You haven’t had dinner yet. He consents to devour soon. She asks him what he’s making this is maintaining him so busy. Salim makes a cowl for gramophone. Rihana asks him why he doesn’t have time to make the blankets if he could make this. Ladies have to be fascinated by family paintings too as it’s miles Diwali. They wont be capable of assist us a great deal. He consents to lead them to the next day after analyzing the morning Namaz. Rihana is relieved to comprehend that he’s nonetheless devoted closer to his paintings. I become stressful for no motive.

Baizama apologizes to Sai as there’s a touch greater salt in meals today. He tells her that He unearths it pretty delicious. She asks Him when you consider that while He has commenced lying. Sai replies that Ram ji loves the lies which might be stated to make a mom happy. It pains while the lies harm a person and people lies are really believed via way of means of the only who’s announcing it.

Next morning, Rihana is making blanket. Ali enters and asks approximately Abbu. She says he have to be analyzing Namaz in mosque. Ali comes domestic from mosque and stocks that Abbu dint come for Namaz. She is taken aback. He hasn’t ignored it ever. Ali motives that he has completed many stuff in a different way and has ignored lots many stuff that he has by no means ignored before. She asks him what he means. Ali says neither Abbu nor gramophone is at domestic. She wonders in which he have to be.

Salim inaugurates a material shop. The proprietor thank you and welcomes him. Salim is perplexed on the ritual. The proprietor stocks that that is what occurs in huge cities. Salim thank you him for giving him this honour. Why did you pick me though? The proprietor stocks that human beings preserve musical gatherings on such days. Sitar and different contraptions can not be determined here. What you’ve got got is above the whole lot else. It will set the mood. Salim performs the gramophone. They all take a seat down right all the way down to revel in the music. The assistant / servant serves snacks to Salim. He smiles proudly. Sai seems on.

Salim comes domestic and notices Rihana and Ali watching for him on the door. Rihana asks him approximately their plan. He stocks that some thing pressing got here up. Ali asks him if it become critical than Namaz. Salim stocks that he become invited to inaugurate a shop. Ali asks him how it’s miles critical. Salim tells him to hold his extent low. Don’t neglect about which you are speakme on your father. He heads inner. He asks them why he have to omit a danger that had come knocking at his door. I best ignored Namaz once. Rihana asks him the way it is ideal while it’s miles setting apart him from his Guru and his paintings. A character knocks at their door simply then. Ramdas ji from Sakori village has invited Salim (together along with his gramophone) to his residence for a gathering. All elite human beings wil be there. Salim consents to be there.

Salim tells Ali and Rihana why they don’t comprehend what significance this gramophone is bringing to him. Ali factors out that it’s also preventing him from doing matters which might be critical. Rihana speaks of the order. Salim makes a decision to rent a few human beings to try this paintings. Neither you nor I have to paintings now. I am getting to fulfill lot of critical human beings due to this gramophone. I wont lack something now. He cleans it.

Precap: Ali asks Sai why He has come to accumulate alms at this hour. Sai asks them to include Him and notice the motive why He is here. They see an vintage guy shivering due to the cold. Rihana asks Sai in the event that they can not assist him in a few manner. Sai replies that that’s why Salim become given the order to make blankets. Only you may convey him at the proper path.


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