Mere Sai

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Salim tells Rihana he is aware of what he’s doing. She asks him if he’s positive. You advised Apte ji that you may go to him the following day. Have you forgotten that Sai has known as you the following day morning? You need to provide your percentage for bhandara in morning. Salim tells her to head in his location. Sai tells him towards it. Salim greets Sai. Sai reminds him that He had advised the Mukhiya of the own circle of relatives to present their percentage. Are you taking flight of your phrase now? Salim denies. I will come the following day. Sai tells him that He will wait. I did believe that you’ll be misplaced in paintings. You need to make a hundred and fifty blankets. I am positive you may end your paintings on time. Salim assures Sai that it will likely be done. I had a phrase with Jhipri and few different people. It could be completed on time. Don’t worry. Sai leaves. Salim is in a restore and wonders what he have to do now. Rihana asks her husband if he dint misinform Sai. Salim denies. It wont take lots time at Apte ji’s location. He has to do Lakshmi pujan as well. I will visit Dwarkamai immediately from there.

Next morning, Sai lighting a diya in Dwarkamai and prays that each one the darkness is cleared from anybody’s life. Everyone is amassed in Dwarkamai. Sai asks if anybody has given their percentage. Mhalsapati ji nods. Everyone has given their percentage. Srikanth stocks that everybody besides Salim has donate. Shyama seconds him. Mhalsapati ji shows that they have to begin cooking as they’ve adequate components now. Sai denies. Nothing could be cooked till Salim offers his percentage. Keshav motives that everybody will need to wait if Salim Kaka takes time. Sai tells him to visit Salim’s residence if he wishes the whole lot to appear on time. He should come right here himself to present his percentage. Keshav nods and leaves.

Salim brings his gramophone to Apte ji’s location. His assistant stocks that the meals is ready. Apte ji nods. He asks Salim to have lunch with him. It is such an auspicious occasion. Let’s revel in meals first after which we are able to pay attention track. Salim nods. They take a seat down right all the way down to eat.

Sai maintains to watch for Salim. Shyama tells Sai it’s far getting late. How might 1 fist of grain matter? I assume we have to begin cooking now. It wont create lots effect even though Salim comes now. Sai insists that they wont begin with out Salim’s percentage. Mhalsapati ji wonders why Sai is being cussed approximately it. Why preserve anybody hungry due to one person? Sai comments it’s far a sin to preserve anybody hungry. He asks Tatya to carry His chakki.

v comments that he can not wait to pay attention track anymore. Salim says you may have advised me. We ought to have performed it at the same time as we have been eating. Apte ji’s assistants are confused.

Sai begins offevolved grinding. Villagers appearance on in confusion. Mhalsapati ji wonders why Sai hasn’t delivered wheat.

Salim places the tape and begins offevolved the gramophone. Music begins offevolved however the tape stops whilst Sai stops grinding in Dwarkamai. Salim and Apte ji examine every different in confusion. Salim exams it however he can not discover whatever incorrect with it. Sai continues searching ahead. Salim places every other tape. Is it broken? v asks him if he dint take a look at it earlier than coming right here. Salim replies that it became operating first-class until the day before today evening. Apte ji tells Salim to test it. I am positive you could restore it. Salim stocks that he were given it as a gift. I don’t understand lots approximately it. v is irked. He ate all of the properly meals and goodies however doesn’t understand a way to use it. He scoffs Salim to additionally understand a way to use and fasten high priced matters. Salim says I gets it constant. He starts offevolved to head whilst Apte ji’s assistants mock Salim. Having some thing high priced doesn’t imply he’s higher than us. He is like us only. Salim vows to get the gramophone constant at any value. Sai appears up.

Salim reaches domestic. Rihana tells him to take the grains to Dwarkamai. You left in a hurry however now you could move. Salim stocks that his gramophone isn’t operating and he or she is speaking approximately this. I wont be capable of move there today. Keshav says Sai is looking ahead to you in Dwarkamai. Salim offers the grians to Keshav. I should get my gramophone constant immediately. Keshav motives that it could be constant in both Bombay or Pune. Salim is taken aback. The value of restore could be high. How will I pay for it? He makes a decision to apply the development acquired for the blankets to pay for the restore. Rihana and Keshav are taken aback. They ask Salim to return back for bhandara which irks him. What if I pass over bhandara once? I need to make preps to visit Bombay too. Rihana tells him to visit Dwarkamai first. Do the whole lot later. You have my swear. He relents. Keep my gramophone internal carefully. Don’t contact it until the time I am back. He leaves with Keshav.

Salim reaches Dwarkamai and offers rice to Sai. Sai says you got here too late. Salim says I had a few pressing paintings. I am going now. Sai asks him if he’s going to come for bhandara. Salim apologizes. I wont be capable of come for bhandara as there is lots of paintings. People also are travelling our residence frequently. I wont be capable of come to Dwarkamai for some days as there is lots to do. He leaves. Keshav says this tale appears similar. A gramophone had separated me from you and now it’s far isolating Salim Kaka with us. I spent the punishment via way of means of staying farfar from you for 7 years. I am involved that Kaka won’t need to spend a punishment like that. Sai comments that it isn’t the error of gramophone. We turn out to be giving an excessive amount of significance to matters over human beings. That is our mistake.

Saim is involved approximately his gramophone and the fees that he may need to endure to get it repaired.

Sai and villagers begin cooking.

Salim comes domestic and reveals Ali and Rihana the use of the gramophone. Salim tells Rihana that he had warned her now no longer to allow all of us use it at the same time as he’s away. What if it breaks? Ali tells him that it’s far first-class. Salim is amazed to pay attention the track. Why wasn’t it gambling earlier?

Precap: Salim makes a cowl for gramophone. Rihana asks him why he doesn’t have time to make the blankets if he could make this. He concurs to cause them to the following day after studying the morning Namaz. Ali comes domestic from mosque and stocks that Abbu dint come for Namaz. Salim inaugurates a few location and all of them take a seat down right all the way down to revel in the track. Sai appears on.


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