Mere Sai

Mere Sai 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is accumulated in Dwarkamai. Champa whispers to Jhipri that she has been looking forward to Sai to begin pravachan. He is taking too long. Please ask Him. Tatya and Keshav study every different. Jhipri asks Sai to begin the pravachan. Kids gets hungry if we look forward to too long. Sai stocks that He is likewise looking forward to Salim. Pravachan wont begin until the time he’s right here. He sends Chandu to name Salim.

Srikanth says Sai has by no means referred to as a person to wait the pravachan. He says that it’s miles God’s treasure. Anyone can come and gather it. Why did He ship a person specifically today? Shyama appears similarly confused.

Salim, his own circle of relatives and some neighbours are playing taking note of gramophone. A female feedback that this become with Keshav earlier. Your fame has expanded now. Another guy additionally says the identical element to Salim. You have turn out to be the satisfaction of our locality. Salim notices Chandu and asks him to take a seat down down and pay attention the tune as well. Chandu praises it. I will come a few different time to pay attention it. Sai has referred to as you for pravachan. Rihana realizes that it’s time for pravachan. Everyone receives up however Salim isn’t eager to head. I am certain Sai will understand. Chandu stocks that Sai has despatched him right here to deliver him. He hasn’t commenced pravachan yet. Villagers are keen to head. They ask Salim if they could come again in night to pay attention the tune. Salim says I even have overlooked it withinside the beyond too however Sai hasn’t waited for me withinside the beyond. Let’s go. We can meet once more in night.

Salim reaches Dwarkamai with anyone else. He apologizes to Sai for the delay. My brother delivered gramophone as a present for me. It took me a while to discover ways to play it. Sai says may also Ram ji provide you with the happiness of playing a brand new tool and on the way to use it properly. Bheeva and Bela’s father eagrly request for Salim’s permission to go to Salim. Salim is of the same opinion. Sai stocks that they’ll maintain bhandara an afternoon after tomorrow. Everyone will supply a fistful of grains and I need all of you to participate.

Sai begins offevolved the pravachan. It is ready a child named Bala. All eyes flip to Bala who shakes his head that it isn’t him. Sai seconds him. Bala were given a brand new slingshot and he commenced roaming anywhere with it. They have become synonyms for every different. Bala used to speak approximately it all of the time so anyone were given one for themselves. That’s how Bala’s slingshot have become ordinary. People had been additionally bored to death of it as they used to pay attention approximately it all of the time. His buddies were given driven away and he even failed in his exams. Rihana realizes that she forgot to fasten the residence as they left in a rush. Salim concerns for his gramophone. Sai appears at them. Salim imagines a person barging into his residence. They emerge as stealing his gramophone. He receives up and tells Sai that his residence isn’t locked. Something costly is saved at home. Srikanth tells him now no longer to worry. Shirdi is a secure place. Salim says I can be at peace best after checking on it. He leaves.

Sai tells Rihana to go together with Salim. Remind him that Kakasaheb has requested him to make one hundred fifty blankets. He has additionally given an boost for it. Rihana nods.

Sai replies that our love for some thing is right until the time it does now no longer meddle with our responsibilities. Such ardour best finally ends up hurting us otherwise.

Salim is relieved to look his gramophone as quickly as he enters. Rihana and Ali word him caressing it. Rihana asks him if that is what he become concerned approximately. You left the pravachan in among specifically while Sai had requested for you! Has some thing been stolen from our residence before? He reminds her that it become she who forgot to fasten the residence. It become your mistake. We had not anything like this before. It has introduced to my fame and satisfaction. I have to be cautious now. Do you believe you studied Sarkar could ever depart his residence unlocked? Rihana and Ali alternate a glance. Rihana asks her husband if he’s evaluating himself to Sarkar after you have this tool. He tells her now no longer to stretch the matter. Let me pay attention a few tune now that I am home. Rihana says it looks like Sai’s pravachan become for you today. He even referred to as you to wait it. Salim says you’re best focusing at the pravachan. What approximately how he had complimented me? rihana asks him approximately the order from Kakasaheb. You forgot to inform me approximately it. He admits that it slipped out of his mind. We have true variety of folks who can assist us. It isn’t some thing new. Gramophone is new. He receives misplaced withinside the tune. Rihana and Ali appearance on worriedly.

At night, villagers revel in taking note of tune at Salim’s residence.

Sai is looking anyone withinside the dhuni. He appears on the character sitting close by and packs udi for him. Drink it with water. You have to keep away from ingesting chocolates as you’ve got got diabetes. The character replies that he has a candy tooth. I wont be capable of alternate this dependancy now. I don’t have sufficient self-discipline for it. Sai asks him to look forward to him. I can be again in a while. He leaves.

Sarkar has placed large lamps out of doors his residence. He tells Keshav that he become certain that humans wont be capable of prevent themselves from searching at our residence. He notices Srikanth and some different humans coming there and boasts approximately it. Keshav greets them. Srikanth stocks that they may be on their manner to Salim’s residence. You ought to come as well. Keshav turns into emotional. I don’t have true reminiscences with gramophone. It had separated me from Sai. Srikanth tells him to stay withinside the present. Keshav is of the same opinion and is going with them. Sarkar fumes. Santa says we’ve heard that mild travels quicker than tune however matters are going withinside the contrary path right here.

Keshav calls out to Salim. Salim greets them however factors out that there may be no area inside. Keshav says there could be adequate area for anyone if we pass it out of doors. Salim is of the same opinion. I hadn’t idea approximately it. Bheeva gives to take it out of doors however Salim stops it. It is pretty sensitive so I will hold it myself. Rihana notices him searching on the gramophone sweetly as he alternatives it up.

Baizama reaches Dwarkamai however stops while she notices Sai sitting with a person. The character asks Sai approximately the paper. Sai stocks that He were given it from Kakasaheb. He is a lawyer. You can write your will on it. Kakasaheb will deal with the rest. The character is taken aback.

Precap: A character invitations Salim to return back to his residence with gramophone tomorrow. Salim is of the same opinion. Rihana reminds him that Sai has requested him to donate grains tomorrow. Salim asks her to head instead. Sai tells him in opposition to it. Are you retreating of your phrase now?


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