Mere Sai

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Prathamesh calls sai natural. Doubting him is equal to doubting god. There’s still time. Rectify your mistake or you may be in hassle. Chakranarayan tells him to prevent lecturing them and leave. Sarkar tells him that he will regret going towards him. I do no longer have the desire to forgive people. Prathamesh says it’ll be like insulting sai if i get fearful of you even after understanding sai. He leaves. Chakranarayan tells sarkar his plan was appropriate however nobody in this village can do / say something towards sai. Sarkar says one door has closed but every other door remains open.

You handiest instructed me that we are able to either get a person’s testomony or black cash. You will virtually locate cash. Hari om! Prathamesh has advised everything to nansaheb, tatya, keshav and baizama. Baizama asks him how he could go towards sai. Prathamesh admits that he fell in their trap. They informed me that it will be desirable for sai. Sai opened my eyes at the proper time or i’d have completed some thing wrong. Nanasaheb says it is still now not over but. They will provide you with some other plan soon. That is what i instructed you approximately.

Baizama says each person knows that sai is a saint. I know that that is his another miracle. I’m able to give assertion in his favour if wanted. Nanasaheb says court wont receive that as legitimate. She can’t understand why people are after sai. He in no way hurts every body. Nanasaheb is certain they failed once however they may give you another plan soon. He tells tatya to preserve an eye fixed on each stranger that comes to dwarkamai. Sai smiles. Sarkar offers something to bhujang. Execute my plan well. My helpers wont spare you in any other case. Bhujan assures him that it is going to be accomplished. Sarkar tells him that fakir can mess with human beings’s brain the usage of black magic. Don’t interact with him. Bhujang agrees to hold distance with sai and leaves. Sarkar asks santa and banta if he can agree with bhujang. They nod. Sarkar tells them to move and tell chakranarayan. They go away. Sarkar smirks.

I can see who will prevent fakir from going to jail now. Hari om! Nanasaheb says an legitimate named chakranarayan has been given this project. He is a superb guy and honest too however he follows policies strictly. Keshav advises him to talk to chakranarayan once if he is good. He would possibly consider sai too. Nanasaheb nods. As a ways as i recognize, he simplest accepts information and evidences.

It can be difficult however there is no harm in talking to him. I will communicate to him these days itself. Sai tells them that no one will cross everywhere. Baizama motives that they have misunderstood him. Sai says ram ji will repair it then. Who are we to forestall them while they are doing their work? Nanasaheb is hesitant however sai reasons that human beings realise the logic in the back of things once they do something on their personal. It remains etched on their thoughts forever.

Prathamesh is in tears. Sai tells tatya that he will meditate now. It is going to be carried out by using evening. No one need to hassle me until then. He sits down to meditate. Nanasaheb tells baizama that he has decided. Sai may not love it but it’ll be correct for him most effective. Kutubai and raghav are walking. Women taunt her circuitously for leaving her husband and coming returned to her father’s residence. Kutubai retorts that that is her father’s. Raghav tells her to permit it be. They’ll ask greater questions if you will retort. They ask kutubai why she kept vat-purnima vrat. You have got left your husband and cut all ties with him then why were you praying for his long life? Kutubai asks them who they’re to question her. They point out that they’re society. We have every right to invite you that question. Kutubai reminds them that they’re underneath her. I’ve servants at my residence who can do the work which you do. She walks away with raghav.

Kutubai complains to raghav that every one this is taking place because of sai. I used to be reluctant to maintain the vrat but sai made me hold it seeing your and baba’s sad face. He asks her if she really dint want to try this puja. I concept you intended it and had been considering baba. She sends him domestic. I can visit jeweller alone. He wants to accompany her however she shouts at him. Depart me alone and pass home. Raghav is going regrettably. Chakranarayan asks santa and banta if they noticed sai selecting a stone which they mistook it to be a diamond. Banta denies. Sarkar has sent a message for you. The guy who offers black cash to sai will be in pravachan nowadays.

You could trap him red passed. Chakranarayan asks them why he must agree with them considering their beyond document. Santa and banta admit that they made a mistake in the beyond. It’s far sarkar this time and even british government listens to them. They walk out understanding that chakranarayan is jogging out of time. He may be there actually! Bhujang reaches dwarkamai. Flashback suggests sarkar giving cash to bhujang.

Cover it in dwarkamai. Nobody ought to see you whilst maintaining it there. Chakranarayan will move there in evening. He’s going to find this bag and fakir may be caught! Bhujang seems at sai who’s nonetheless meditating. Tatya notices him and turns into curious. He processes bhujang and looks at him from top to toe. I haven’t seen you in shirdi before. Bhujang stocks that he is from a close-by village.

I’ve heard loads about sai so i idea to drop by way of. Tatya says sai is in meditation. Bhujang tells him that he’s going to take a look at sai from some distance and pay his respects to sai. Keshav and tatya go away to carry water from nicely. Bhujang looks round dwarkamai. He notices a basket in a corner and sits subsequent to it. Gautam tells chakranarayan each person will discover about them if they will seek the area brazenly. You simplest said that we shouldn’t divulge ourselves. Chakranarayan doesn’t mind if sai can be uncovered this way.

Gautam calls it a volatile operation but chakranarayan has made his thoughts. Bhujang appears around. Sai is sitting with chandu and looks at bhujang. He appears at sai again who’s nevertheless meditating. His eyes widen in shock. What i saw ought to be incorrect! It ought to be an illusion. Why is my heart vouching for it although? He turns and notices sai sitting next to him. He can see sai nevertheless meditating as properly.

He wipes the sweat off his face but stories a comparable incident once more. Sai keeps on appearing and disappearing round him. He recalls sarkar’s warning phrases. It ought to be his black magic. I have to end my work asap and go away. He continues the cash in the basket.

Precap: kutubai receives misplaced in a jungle and calls out for help. A lady processes her. Kutubai offers her her jewelry. Please supply me a few water. She turns around and notices sai there.


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