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Banta tells the employee to take it carefully. It is pretty luxurious. Salim is ready out of doors Khandoba temple. His cousin brother (Rashid) reaches there simply then. Salim and Rashid hug. Santa and Banta appearance on. Salim seems at Rashid. You seem like a foreigner. Rashid jokes along. Salim choices up his bag. He is ready to select out a huge field wrapped with a ribbon whilst Rashid gives to select out it for him. Salim asks him approximately it. Rashid says that’s how items are given in London. Salim is curious to understand what’s inner however Rashid tells him tow ait. We will open it the front of Bhabhi and Ali. They head to Salim’s place.

Santa and Banta determine to tell Sarkar approximately the present. It have to now no longer destroy his image!

People study Rashid apparently as he walks with Salim maintaining the huge field. Sai greets Salim at the way. Salim introduces Rashid to Sai. Rashid tells his brother that he is aware of Him. You wrote approximately Him in each letter. Even Sultan Bhai changed into speaking approximately Him. Rashid and Sai greet every different. Kakasaheb asks Salim to make a hundred and fifty blankets for donation. Salim has the same opinion however receives tensed whilst he hears approximately the deadline. Salim is hesitant however has the same opinion. Kakasaheb offers him advance. Salim notices Sai searching on the field and takes Sai’s leave. He wonders what can be inner. Even Sai changed into searching at it carefully. I can’t wait anymore. Kakasaheb asks Sai what the frenzy in making blankets. We ought to are becoming them even four days after Diwali. Salim regarded hesitant. Sai says we don’t sway whilst we’ve got a responsibility. That’s what I attempted to do.

Santa and Banta tell Sarkar approximately the present from London. What if it so grand that villagers wont study the lighting fixtures at your property on Diwali? Sarkar hits them. Rashid will nonetheless be operating in London as a servant. How can he in shape my status? Irrespective of the quantity of items nobody in Shirdi can in shape my status! He sends them away. It need to be sweets. They are speaking as though it’s far some thing special! He pushes the concept out of his mind.

Rashid relishes the meals made with the aid of using Rihana. Rashid notices Salim observing the present. He teases his brother after which tells Ali to look his present. Your father wont be at peace until then. Ali continues the field in the front of them. Rashid tells Salim to open it. Salim opens it excitedly and smile widely. Ali and Rihana are similarly glad to look the gramophone. Ali factors out that Sarkar / Keshav had one too. He seems on the CDs inner and smiles. Salim is touched. My personal gramophone!

Sai says we need to fee the affection with which a person offers us a present. No present is extra than love! Allah Maalik!

Salim caresses the gramophone. Rihana tells Rashid they can’t receive such an luxurious present from you. Rashid asks her why now no longer. Am I now no longer part of your own circle of relatives? Salim’s Abbu had raised me after my mother and father exceeded away. I can do that lots for my own circle of relatives as I actually have grow to be a hit today. Please do now no longer reject it in case you bear in mind me your personal. Salim accepts the present. How will we play it? Rashid offers them a demo. Everyone smiles. Neighbours pay attention the sound and collect out of doors Salim’s residence. Santa and Banta occur to be passing with the aid of using from there and pay attention the tune too. They peek inner Salim’s residence and are bowled over to look the gramophone.

Rashid tells Salim to get used to this sort of crowd. This will continue. You turns into a well-known character now. Enjoy the tune and spot me off. Salim asks him wherein is he off to. Rashid stocks that he has to visit Sakori to fulfill his mausi after which lower back to Bombay. Rihana requests him to live for an afternoon at the least however Rashid assures him that they may hold touring every different now that he’s lower back. Salim gives to look him off however Rashid says Ali will. Salim and Rashid hug after which Rashid leaves with Ali.

Salim invitations all of us to return back inner and pay attention to the tune. They thank him as they enter.

Servant is cleansing gramophone. Sarkar tells him to be careful. It is a sensitive issue. Santa asks him why he wont throw away the vintage instrument. Sarkar slaps him for speaking with out thinking. I will throw you away instead! Such matters trace at your prosperity and growth. Banta stocks that Salim simply obtained gramophone as a present. Sarkar asks them why he dint inform him earlier. Santa says we did let you know however you had been certain that it is going to be an everyday issue. You have it because years so we notion that it wont be special. Sarkar nods to cowl it up. Santa says villagers don’t understand anything. They accrued out of doors Salim’s residence to pay attention the tune. They too will become bored quickly like you. Sarkar asks them if there had been many people. Santa nods. They are fools. They had been even evaluating you with Salim. Sarkar thinks that the issue that simplest belonged to him is likewise with an everyday character. Keep an eye fixed on his residence. They are confused. Sarkar says I am now no longer concerned due to Salim however he’s Sai’s devotee. I wont permit him use that present to overshadow my decor on Diwali. Santa asks him what if that happens. Sarkar says I wont take time to damage it then.

Precap: Sai asks Srikanth if all of us has given their share. Srikanth stocks that everybody besides Salim has donate. Sai comments that not anything might be cooked till Salim offers his share. He asks Tatya to convey His chakki.


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