Mere Sai

Mere Sai 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The bill to provide 10.5% quota for the Vanni and 7% quota for the backward classes in government education jobs in the most backward group reservation in Tamil Nadu was passed in the Assembly this evening.

The government has been waging a series of protests demanding a 20% quota for the Vanni in education. Bamaga founder Dr. Ramadoss announced that an alliance would be formed in the coming assembly elections with the political parties fulfilling the Vanniyar demand for separate reservation. Following this, AIADMK senior ministers Thangamani and SB Velumani held talks with Dr. Ramadoss. Subsequently, they also held talks with key leaders of Bamako.

Following this, it was reported that the AIADMK ministers had reached an agreement with Dr. Ramadoss to provide 10.5% internal quota for the Vanni in the most backward group reservation instead of the separate reservation for the Vanni.

Similarly, there was a demand for internal allocation for the backward classes.

In this context, the last day of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly meeting was held today, before the Election Commission of India announced the election date. At this meeting, a bill was tabled and passed to divide the 20% reservation for the backward class in government education employment into 3, 10.5% internal quota for the Vanni and 2.5% internal quota for the remaining 7 per cent.

The Act provides for the allocation of 10.5% of government education employment to the Vanni and 7% to the remnant and 2.5% to the remaining 2.5%.


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