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Mental Health: A Student Of Class 12 Died Of A Heart Attack During Class! What Are The Reasons Experts Are Blaming?: A school student died earlier too. A class VIII student, Rahul Sridhar died under suspicious circumstances. However, the death of this student was not made public in front of everyone.

A heart attack is happening now. This accident can happen to anyone at any time. Be it celebrities or common people. Deaths are happening due to heart attacks while doing gym or shopping or sleeping. Celebrity deaths, often in the pages of newspapers, are of more concern. However, the death of a school student due to a heart attack during school classes is a matter of concern. Recently, a student of class twelve of a private school in Lucknow died due to a heart attack. The student’s death has created a sensation among the school administration and parents. After the incident, the authorities announced a school holiday. When the sick student was taken to a local hospital, the doctors tried their best to save him. But it was reported that there was no last defense.

It is learned that a student of the twelfth class of Lamartine School under Gautampally police station fell ill suddenly during the class. The student’s name is Yash Saxena. According to the school administration, the student was not in a good mood for several days. Didn’t even come to school. When he came to school in the morning, he fell ill due to a heart attack during class. He was rushed to the hospital. After being taken to the hospital, all efforts were made to save the student’s life, but it was not possible to save the student. But this is not the first incident at this school. A school student died earlier too. A class VIII student, Rahul Sridhar died under suspicious circumstances. However, the death of this student was not made public in front of everyone.

According to experts, stress is not only affecting the brain and health of students, but also the employees. Stress is an important part of a student’s overall mental health. A person’s emotional impact affects psychological and social well-being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many things are involved in mental health. How we think, what we focus on, how we feel, what we do, what we like, these things are always going on in the head.

Various mental health problems can be short-term, and sometimes long-term. These health problems can affect a person’s mood, behavior, thinking and ability to relate. Serious effects on mental health also increase heart problems. In addition to the direct effects, it also, directly and indirectly, creates an impact on heart health. If you suffer from depression or depression for a long time, if you are under anxiety and stress, or even if you suffer from any problem for a long time, some physiological effects are felt in the body. Symptoms like increased heart rate, frequent shortness of breath, shortness of breath, indigestion, reduced blood flow to the heart, cardiac reactivity, and high levels of cortisol. Over time, these problems grow slowly and unknowingly. It builds up calcium in the arteries and causes difficult digestive disease and heart disease.

According to the study, depression, anxiety, and depression, all these mental disorders lead to the development of various heart diseases including heart attack, and cardiac arrest. If these problems persist, consult a doctor immediately. Also smoking, drinking alcohol, and failure to take prescribed medications help to provoke heart disease.


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