Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi asks Esha is she best and scolds Raghav, Pallavi says for a commercial enterprise deal you’re doing this. Raghav says this isn’t commercial enterprise deal and leaves. Pallavi make an apology to Esha says I don’t realize what befell to me, Esha says I am overdue for workplace please, Pallavi says ok and thinks why is Raghav behaving together along with her this way

Keerti hears Esha’s call from Farhad and asks him who’s this Esha, Farhad says Raghav cancelled a cope with Dasri due to his Vastu consultant, Keerti says ok and thinks I wish its now no longer her.

Pallavi and Raghav attain home, Raghav says who requested you to observe me, Pallavi asks however what is incorrect with you, and I got here in the back of you due to the fact you left indignant and who’s this Esha how do you realize she were given you an extention and why does she remember you a lot. Raghav recollects Pallavi says she doesn’t need to Know approximately lady who harm Raghav, Raghav says Esha became my batchmate we have been right buddies however she became greedy, she simply desired cash and might do some thing for cash and so I don’t need to do any paintings she is attached with. Pallavi says cash is essential to you too and so is for Esha and its simply commercial enterprise deal and now no longer any dating and this time commercial enterprise is extra essential than the ones losses, Raghav says I decided No way no and leaves. Pallavi says he’s a lot stubborn.

Vijay running on computer, Milind walks to him and asks ought to he drop him at Raghav’s, Vijay says no Farhad has despatched me computer and net so will he running from home, Milind says Good and says you’ve got got a mail, and suggests Vijay how to test mail and reads mail for him that Raghav despatched a few Jewellery samples and patron has favored it and also will supply necklace orders of weddings in his residence to Raghav, Vijay says this os right information this can assist Raghav. Sulochana looking to peek withinside the computer. Vijay says allow me name Farhad and inform

Sulochana asks Vijay is he best, he’s appearing as though Nikhil were given a massive order, and why is he celebrating Raghav, Vijay says I am glad for my corporation and leaves. Milind says Sulochana matters are converting and my own circle of relatives is glad once more don’t destroy it.

Pallavi reaches Dasari workplace and thinks I will communicate to Dasari and strive persuade him for deal and additionally imply time will communicate to Raghav to be professional, and now no longer blend private and professional. Esha palms resignation to Dasari and says I want off from paintings and also you communicate to Raghav once I leave, this deal is essential for each companies, Dasari says you leaving activity for a silly man, Esha says I am doing this for me now no longer him, please permit me. Pallavi hears Esha communicate and says if she is what Raghav says why is she sacrificing activity for the deal.

Raghav on name says promote Jayti jewel three showrooms on urgency, I want new customer urgently. Keerti walks to Raghav says Pallavi became asking approximately Esha, Raghav asks what did you say, Keerti says I stated not anything, Raghav says I already advised her she became in my College, Keerti says is it simply that she is simply university classmate, Raghav says did you neglect about what she did, Keerti says how can I neglect about a person who destroyed you and additionally one of the motives you have been farfar from us, however I idea you moved on, Raghav says I did, Keerti says then why so indignant, Raghav says that is hatred and she or he merits hatred not anything else, and also you don’t interfere, Keerti says I will I am your sister or even after circulate on if a person is making you so restless, you want to think, emotions are very complicated, me and Pallavi are again as buddies, and I realize she doesn’t like Sunny however now I even have determined to keeo those lifestyles separate, so even I propose you communicate to Pallavi and proportion your emotions don’t hide, Raghav says I am now no longer hiding, Keerti says don’t fake persuade your self and leaves.

Pallavi outdoor Dasari jewellers having tea, she sees Esha pop out and walks to her, and request to speak, and says I became right here to speak approximately deal however noticed you giving resignation, Esha says Pallavi its my private choice and don’t need to offer everybody explanation, Pallavi says however what Raghav stated, Esha says wait he advised you the whole thing, Pallavi says sure the whole thing approximately you, and I became wondering to speak to you earlier than Dasari due to the fact Raghav may be very stubborn, Esha thinks Raghav has advised Pallavi approximately their beyond affair and says Raghav became continually impulsive, like it might have an effect on if he might think.Pallavi says this deal is essential for Jayti jewels. Esha says I were given him extension for that and what we had became beyond he ought to neglect about that, I realize I gave him lot of problem however now he’s married why carry beyond and destroy matters we have been the most effective couple who had breakup and why react this way, Pallavi says what breakup and couple, Esha says why amazed you advised me Raghav advised you the whole thing that we have been couple in College and dated and have been going to marry.

Raghav considering Keerti’s advice. Pallavi walks in and asks became Esha your ex girlfriend, Raghav says sure. Pallavi says why didn’t you inform me, Raghav says I did and also you stated you didn’t need to realize and didn’t need to speak about approximately her, Pallavi says then why are you over reacting, she is leaving activity and also you prepared to move jail and if she is what you stated why will she give up activity, Raghav says can be she has higher activity provide and now close up while you not anything approximately her why protect her, Raghav hugs Pallavi and make an apology for shouting at her. Pallavi hugs him. Raghav says its painful once I reflect onconsideration on her, I even have forgotten her however now no longer what she did to me. Pallavi seems at Raghav and says sit down and says Raghav we are able to communicate approximately this you’ll experience higher and its best in case you don’t need to.

Raghav says we have been in equal elegance and have been buddies and shortly began out liking eachother and began out relationship after which fell in love, she became my soulmate and couldn’t stay a minute with out her and determined complete destiny together along with her and at some point she got here to me and stated her mom has constant her marriage and Esha left me due to the fact I had no cash in any respect so she went with the wealthy one, she didn’t reflect onconsideration on me or my love however simply cash, I cried and begged loads to her however she didn’t listen, she left me and I became damaged and realised what ache became and became worst day in my lifestyles and seeing her offers me all of the ache again and I don’t need to be that week once more and lies head on Pallavi’s lap in tears.

Pre cap: Pallavi receives Raghav present. Pallavi sees Raghav giving Esha present and is harm


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