Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi reveals mandar’s ring, and is burdened how is it at raghav’s house and walks to raghav and asks approximately ring, raghav asks whose is it, pallavi says its mandar’s, pallavi says i gave it to mandar, my brother mainly made it from him, we nevertheless dont recognize what befell to mandar that night did you ever meet him raghav, raghav says its old story, i imply i met mandar while he requested for carry at ring road, after which he found car, and his ring fell and earlier than i could give he left, pallavi asks how become he that day, turned into he tensed, concerned, glad, i stored going police station hoping to locate some thing to discover approximately mandar, mandar had a name and he left, i was watching for him all night time, we commenced searching out him after which we learnt mandar, jaya walks in and says pallavi why did you continue to not go away, raghav asks wherein,

Pallavi says its mandar’s birthday and there may be pooja, raghav says okay i will drop you. Raghav imagines his correct self asking him to tell pallavi the fact, raghav says i won’t. At deshmukh residence, milind and anyone make all pooja arrangements, sharda says pallavi may be here quickly, then we are able to start pooja, vijay says she couldn’t come on time on such day too, she doesn’t care approximately mandar why wait, sharda says nowadays you experience for mandar what about the time whilst he turned into alive, sulochana says sharda vahini not now, vijay says dont prevent her she will’t see some thing in from of pallavi, milind asks sharda to now not react nowadays as it is mandar’s birthday. Pallavi on way to deshmukh residence with raghav, raghav sees she is lost and asks is she excellent, pallavi says its mandar’s twenty ninth birthday and that i think what would my life be if he changed into alive, raghav says try forget about it, its past, don’t think of things that wont appear, pallavi asks how am i able to neglect i’ve such a lot of questions beyond 2 years, simplest factor i recognize is he met with vehicle coincidence and we know nothing else, who was riding and i received’t hold quiet till i punish the offender, raghav loses focus on driving,

Pallavi shouts and alert him from bumping. Raghav sees a negative woman fall on ground while chasing a car for cash, raghav rushes to her choices her up, receives her water and asks her to go college and he’ll contend with the faculty prices. Raghav gives the female money and his card and says name your brother every time you want help and dont ever beg, she says you appear to be hero heroine, pallavi and raghav smile at her and leave. Raghav and pallavi attain deshmukh residence, raghav says i gained’t are available in these days and don’t want to combat with your baba in this day, sharda says not required, your pallavi’s husband and you don’t need to live out, come to pooja. Raghav and pallavi enter, raghav looks at mandar’s photograph, vijay irritated seeing pallavi stroll to mandar’s image and praying. Sharda asks pandit ji to start pooja and asks raghav to sit, sulochana asks amruta to get greater logs for pooja. Raghav continues thinking about coincidence night time, raghav looks at pallavi and says i should depart, i have urgent assembly and leaves. Raghav goes close to automobile and receives irritating,

Raghav says why me continually, i’m able to’t, this sense is killing me its difficult to address it, amruta sees raghav stressed. Pallavi indicates sharda and milind approximately ring, and the way mandar met raghav, pallavi says its god’s signal that we are able to recognize answers now, sharda says pallavi you are married now they won’t like this, pallavi says aai don’t worry my past wont spoil gift and amma and raghav are very information, we will find the reality and its my responsibility against mandar to discover fact and punish culprit, i’m able to go away now and visit police station on our manner lower back. Pallavi leaves, amruta walks to sharda and milind and tells them raghav looked very restless and he stated its very difficult, i will’t do it. Pallavi is informed at police station that inspector swami is transferred and the case is close, pallavi requests them to analyze further based totally on raghav’s statement, inspector says please go away i’m able to’t assist you, pallavi says okay i’m able to check out on my own then. Raghav gets name from police station that pallavi turned into in police station and asking approximately 2 year vintage twist of fate case and she or he left difficult inspector that she can find the fact.

Precap: pallavi meets an vintage man and asks. Him approximately 1st december 2018. Kaka says there has been large accident that day. Pallavi asks raghav, did you kill mandar, turned into i widow because of you.


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