Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav and Farhad together, Raghav indignant says how can Mr. Dasni simply cross for one keep after pronouncing 3, Farhad says he has a few hassle with entrance, Raghav saya near the door if Pallavi sees me ingesting she can be able to supply me some other lecture. Farhad closes door and explains situation, Raghav says name him allow me meet him, Farhad says he won’t meet he believes in Vastu, our Pandit ji gave him Vastu Mantra too. Raghav narrates the vastu mantra, Farhad says you can’t talk hindi properly how come Sanskrit, Raghav says I knew female she taught me and takes a sip of alcohol and spits it, says what’s this, Pallavi walks in says inexperienced tea. Raghav asks my whiskey, Pallavi says flushed it and spot I actually have such a lot of alternatives for you. Raghav says its constrained edition, Pallavi says in my locker, will come up with one peg daily, you’ll drink with me and leaves. Farhad says she is best, Raghav says I won’t tolerate this.

Keerti feels uneasy, Sunny asks her what is inaccurate, Keerti says she feels vomiting considering the fact that morning and its all due to prawns biryani, Sunny says we could visit medical doctor, Keerti says name the medical doctor right here I don’t sense like going, Sunny says ok and makes a name

Raghav on name indignant at a person, Pallavi walks in and says God early morning anger, Raghav sees Pallavi smiling and asks what is inaccurate who do you watched you’re, Pallavi says Handsome husband’s lovely wife, Raghav says why is that this wine keep now no longer handing over alcohol and four stores have already rejected me due to the fact you referred to as them and requested now no longer to deliver, Pallavi says I won’t assist you to drink, Raghav says I can cross and buy, Pallavi says right here is your pockets, Raghav tests his pockets and reveals simplest 501₹, and asks in which is my cash and playing cards, Pallavi says why do you want greater cash, you get the entirety in workplace and right here, and this cash is emergency cash, Raghav says I hate you and approximately to leave, Pallavi says atleast put on your pants. Raghav in anger takes his pants and leaves. Pallavi says now Farhad.

Pallavi warns Farhad now no longer to provide Raghav cash and if he did she can be able to talk to Amruta and smash his scene. Raghav walks to them and asks Farhad for cash, Farhad says I don’t recognize, Raghav says what, Pallavi says Raghav you appearance so good-looking nowadays, Raghav says nowadays I will drink my whiskey come what may, Pallavi says a the best, Raghav and Farhad leave.

Raghav says Farhad we could visit your private home and get your pockets, Farhad says I don’t have more keys and nobody is domestic we could cross the next day and I wager Mr. Dasni will cancel all his offers in call of Vastu, Raghav says allow the assembly manifest first, Farhad says can Laxmi be component if it and ask him to deny, Raghav says she won’t she has her switch orders and as soon as assembly is completed we can very last our deal after which party, Farhad says sure with inexperienced tea.

Doctor examines Keerti, and asks her to get being pregnant take a look at completed, Keerti panics says I can’t be pregnant and receives disappointed with medical doctor, Sunny says simply do it to clean confusion.

Amruta getting ready, Mansi sees her and thinks why is she so ordinary and I didn’t see her disappointed, Mansi says the entirety pleasant Amruta, you appearance disappointed, Sulochana says is all accurate among you and Farhad, Amruta says we’re accurate and prevent all this, Sulochana says concentrate to me, Amruta says I don’t need to speak to you and leaves. Mansi says Aai concentrate you’re enthusiastic about Farhad Amruta however, Sulochana says preserve your negativity with you and don’t smash this relationship, Mansi says Farhad is Raghav’s assistant and with Raghav even he’ll visit prison and whilst that takes place Raghav can be out and now no longer Farhad so speak to Amruta and ask her to prevent all this otherwise once more you’ll be blamed for spoiling some other daughters life.

Keerti in tears, Sunny asks all accurate, Keerti begins offevolved crying, Doctor tests her strip and says her take a look at is tremendous she goes to be a mother. Raghav in assembly discusses approximately the way to therapy negativity, he says accurate to recognize you’ve got got a lot understanding approximately all this, Raghav says I don’t have a whole lot however I knew a person who had hobby in it, he says that individual should be lucky, Raghav and Mr. Dasni combat on who can pay, Farhad tires to warn Raghav now no longer to pay, Raghav doesn’t concentrate and open his pockets to locate simplest 501₹ in his waller, Mr. Dasni says it’s ok I can pay and leaves.

Raghav rushes to Pallavi and says you embarassed me a lot, Pallavi says Farhad informed me however who requested you to pay, Raghav says I am now no longer a task prevent solving me, Pallavi says I will its to your health, Raghav says I am very fit, Pallavi says you drink a lot, Raghav says we could take a take a look at if I win you’ll permit me ingesting, Pallavi says completed, medical doctor is right here to test Keertis meals poisoning we could get you tested.

Doctor asks Sunny to take Keerti to a gynaecologist and leaves. Sunny thinks wow this youngster gets me everlasting house right here. Sunny says Keerti I am so happy, I can’t accept as true with this you’re pregnant. Pallavi hears this. Keerti says I don’t need this toddler. Sunny says what do you mean, Keerti says I dont need a toddler now, I actually have my profession there may be no cash nothing, Sunny says you’ll kill a toddler due to your profession I won’t allow whatever manifest to toddler. Sunny leaves, Pallavi walks to Keerti.

Raghav in his room begins offevolved searching out his playing cards and cash everywhere, he breaks a field at the same time as doing so and reveals a recording in which a female praises him calls him Raghu and says you figure difficult and earn lot of cash end up wealthy after which I will inform all and sundry ge isy loving husband Raghav Rao, so will you marry me. Raghav in anger listening to recording and says Nisha in tears.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Raghav what is inaccurate, Raghav says my beyond is coming to me a lot, Pallavi asks who, Raghav says my ex.


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