Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav says I realize I made you vulnerable yet so I, Pallavi says you made me powerless not miserable, you made my sibling objective… .

Raghav meets Jaya with desserts, Jaya asks did Pallavi says indeed, Raghav says nobody can deny to Raghav, she will say yes in 24 hrs, and you will be home…

Sharda tells Pallavi, Vijay is cognizant now and is requesting Nikhil and not eating food, Pallavi says I will get him…

At some point back…

Raghav meets Pallavi outside court and says for what reason didn’t you come to me for Nikhil, I am consistently there for you, Pallavi holds his collar, Raghav says arent you showed habits, at any rate I can get bail to your sibling and furthermore you found out about Harish, you are so clever and only one individual can give you bail its me and for that you should wed me, Pallavi says for what reason are you doing this and why you need to wed me, you disdain me thus do I, so why rebuff us, this marriage is an arrangement what are you receiving consequently, Raghav says we are similarly vulnerable, Pallavi says I wont surrender this one, I will do anything for Nikhil and I cannot anticipate that you should comprehend in light of the fact that your family, Raghav stops her and says not a word against my family and I will hang tight for your call, and you lamentably you should marray me and might you venture to enlighten Amma and Kirti concerning it, or, in all likelihood fail to remember Nikhil and Raghav leaves.

Milind strolls to Pallavi, Sharda calls Pallavi and says Baba… .

Raghav visits Amma and Kirti with desserts, Kirti says Pallavi concurred, Raghav says she will work evening, Kirti says you again more likely than not caught her why Raghav, Raghav says this is my battle to get my family back and I will do anything I dont care what others need to confront, Jaya strolls to them and asks did Pallavi say indeed, Raghav says nobody can deny Raghav, you will be home in 24hrs, Kirti says Amma don’t do it, he couldn’t care less about Pallavi, he again has clearly caught her.

Pallavi and Milind hurry to Sharda, Sharda says he is imploding again requesting Nikhil, Milind says quiet down, Pallavi sees Vijay and says to Sharda don’t stress he will be fine, Doctor discloses to Pallavi that he had mental breakdown, he is fine get him far from stress, and requests that Milind get medication, Sharda gets some information about Nikhil, Pallavi says he is fine, Nikhil will be home soon. Sharda says we don’t have time in hands.

Farhad meets Raghav, he sees Raghav hanging tight for Pallavi’s call, Rqghav says she will call soon. Pallavi shows assessor she is running a request and afterward all will realize he is working for Raghav and you as opposed to capturing Raghav, captured my sibling, yet all you care about is your financial balance, Inspector stops Nikhils food and says his sister has part to do, so allow her run her to appeal to and we will stop his food, Pallavi erases the video and requests that they give Nikhil food and says soon I will remove him however you stand by and watch.

Milind discloses to Pallavi they aren’t getting any assistance and he needs to go emergency clinic.

Raghav gets a call from controller and tells about Pallavi’s online mission, Raghav says loosen up she can’t do anything, don’t allow him to out, she will sit idle.

Krishna tells Pallavi, that she would ask her sibling for help. Sharda calls Pallavi and says Vijay isnt eating any food, I realize you are concerned as well, however I am a mother so I am so stressed, Pallavi says don’t stress I will get Nikhil, I guarantee. Krishna asks Pallavi what she will do, Pallavi says just something single left.

Raghav gets call and he says yes I will be there. Raghav meets Pallavi, Raghav says so you here to wed me… (Pallavi discloses to Kirshna that she needs to wed Raghav to save her family, Krishna says he will destroy your life, don’t do, Pallavi says I don’t have alternative, Baba is in harm’s way, Krishna says don’t do it please you generally battle, Pallavi says he has purchased everybody you can’t free expectation, Pallavi says this marriage isn’t that awful, a spouse has vital influence in marriage, he needs to control me however after marriage he will realize who will control whom, this marriage will be his greatest error) Pallavi says yes Raghav, I acknowledge your proposition to be engaged,

Precap: Raghav says this marriage is an agonizing excursion for you, Pallavi says Raghav I will break your pride with your cash.


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