Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laxmi says I realize Raghav is here I need to look, Raghav says not needed I am here, and strolls to Laxmi says this is my home, what are you doing here, Laxmi says I am hanging around for pink jewels you took, Raghav says I dont know what you are talking, you have any verifications, Laxmi says your significant other who had chance while she had a go at saving you, you didn’t go any clinic so where are you concealing medical clinic. Raghav says quit staring at the TV serials, this is genuine not a TV show to conceal her when she is shot. Laxmi says we will before long realize that go actually take a look at his home, Raghav says where is court order, get all that and afterward you might look through now leave, Keerti says what Pallavi is shot, Raghav says overlook them and leaves.

Radiant figures when did Pallavi show up to save him and how could she be shot

Specialist tells Raghav, shot is out yet condition is basic, on the off chance that she doesn’t acquire consious in next 24 hrs we might free her. Raghav says would i be able to see her, primary care physician says yes. Raghav strolls to Pallavi and is in tears, Doctor requests that Farhad get medication. Raghav requests that Farhad stay and goes to Vijay and Sharda. Raghav requests that Sharda accompany him, Vijay says Sharda you, Sharda says I am going I don’t need any contention and leaves, Sulochana says sometime tell me as well.

Radiant pondering where Pallavi should be and says Raghav will not leave Pallavi be in case she is harmed and not home most certainly, and sees a room and says where does this room go to and opens it, he strolls in and sees Pallavi on bed and specialist and medical caretaker and thinks Laxmi was correct, Raghav sees Sunny and reproves him, Sunny says what an extraordinary acting, Raghav says leave and might you venture to let any one, Sunny says know for what reason will not I, and lawbreakers like you will instruct me and both get in battle, Farhad gets in and says don’t squander energy on idiots like him,

Farhad pushes Sunny out. Sharda hurries to Pallavi. Raghav says Aai no one but you can get her to consious since, in such a case that she doesn’t in 24 hrs we will free her, kindly give me my Pallavi back, it’s all a direct result of me, she attempted to stop me however I continued to battle with her, and she took slug for me, and look where my hardheadedness got me, Sharda says once in a while for our deeds our nearby individuals need to endure, I will go to Ganesh sanctuary to appeal to God for my little girl and all wilp be acceptable, you stay here till then with her.

Farhad places Sunny in a room, Sunny says might you venture to contact me I am child in law here, Farhad says I realize you educated police and on account of you Pallavi is im this state, Farhad focuses firearm at him, Sunny says you will shot me, Farhad shots a banner to startle Sunny and aays another word and the slug will be inside you and locks him and leaves.

Milind says Sulochana I need to converse with you, Vijay asks Sulochana where is Sharda, Sulochana says Raghav took her, Milind says he should have some work, Sulochana says call Farhad he is just hero there, Milind says nobody will do that, I am attempting to arrive at Raghav and Vahini and on the off chance that they don’t answer I will go all alone.

Raghav thinking about Pallavi’s words that this business will lead him to awful circumstance, and do nothing but bad. Raghav checks out their wedding pictures. Raghav says not any longer. Raghav strolls to Farhad, Raghav says send precious stones to police, Farhad says alright I will, I know why you doing this yet we will free delicate and face huge misfortune, Raghav says I know however nothing is greater than Pallavi, Raghav will confront misfortunes yet not Pallavi, I am paying colossal for my errors, in light of our deeds our family is harmed, I cannot uncovered that, simply give the jewels.

Laxmi gets court order. Raghav close to Pallavi, says Pallavi I need to say something, you needed me to leave all unlawful works I will be the Raghav you need to, come battle and admonish me since I . attempting to go on right track, there is no Raghav with Pallavi, I appear as though joker crying so get up, I am missing you a ton. Keerti stressed for Sunny, she checks entryway and sees Laxmi. Laxmi hands her court order.

Raghav hears voice and goe out,Laxmi says to Raghav I am here to annihilate you, Keerti says Raghav what everything is this, for what reason does she have court order, Laxmi’s group searches and discovers nothing, Laxmi sees the entryway and says what room is that, Raghav says nobody goes there, Laxmi says I will go now and strongly gets in.

Pre cap:Raghav says to Pallavi, there is no Raghav without Pallavi, I will drink and bite the dust presently, Pallavi’s heart begins fluctuating a great deal, specialist says Raghav we are heartbroken. Raghav says Pallavi kindly wake up.


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