Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The inspector receives a Sunny call has been informed that the Laxmi has to pay license. Raghav says that Pallavi doctor asked him to rest, for a better recovery, Pallavi calls Raghav close to her and say what happened. I see your changed behavior, Raghav says I realize my mistake, I can’t see my family wounded by me, Pallavi says it wasn’t your mistake, Raghav says I know the truth Pallavi, you have no idea what the last hour they Was to me, when I saw that I would lose you forever, I couldn’t pull out, I got my father and brother and me. He became angry Raghav, but the fear of you lost me a good Raghav and stop all the bad business, I can’t lose you, Pallavi says my love has won, thank you for keeping your intact trust.

Milind, Vijay, Amruta Visit Pallavi, Vijay says they’re soon healthy, everyone is worried, Amruta says you’re lucky enough to have a man like Raghav, he cared for you.

Raghav Sorge of Pallavi for 7 days. Pallavi makes excuses while medication and says that this medication made me feel so sick and when Amma comes, Raghav says he went to the house of his brother for a few days and will soon return, Pallavi says I miss her a lot. Farhad tells Raghav that government officials are here for tender purposes, Raghav says we tell I will take time, Pallavi says I’m fine, let’s help them.

The officers tell Raghav, Farhad asked a little more time, but it is not possible for us, and we want pink diamonds in the crown and on the date, if not delivered, you will have Oay Big fine, Raghav says I will liver. Timely don’t worry, officer leaves. Farhad says this treatment is a great loss, Raghav says that losses in the eyes will do good, Farhad says it means closing some of our points of sale, Raghav says I know all the consequences, God Will help us, so don’t worry, to work. . Pallavi listens to what and step to Raghav, Raghav Saya Go Rest, Pallavi hugs Raghav, Raghav puts her on a chair and asks that everything is in order, Pallavi says yes, Thank you very much, I heard you and Farhad talking I’m so happy. I know there will be obstacles, but I’m with you, Raghav says you will praise my wife, so you will praise me, I say talented, hard-working and beautiful, Pallavi that I agree with hard and talented work, but I mean. In your nose, the jaw, Raghav approaches Kiss receives a call. Raghav says you’re going to rest. This is an urgent call, Pallavi says I can help you, Raghav says I thought about everything you go.

Amruta thinking about what message he will send him to Farhad, Sulochana asks him to marry, the Mani sells them, Sulochana says that even your father accepts it now, I suggest that Mansi believes I will not allow it to happen first, And now she marries. Ways, she will marry me or never and leaves. Amruta says enough mom. I need time to talk to him and order things and then go correctly, I want to discuss abortion and other previous issues, explain and concentrate on Mansi’s wedding because he would feel bad if he married her. Raghav in the discussion with Jeyi Jeweler Tres office team, which will have to go because Raghav closes the stores, but it will support them as much as possible and will ask Farhad to compensate them 6 months. Raghav listens to an employee who speaks and feels bad with his family. Pallavi in calls with Jaya, says Raghav promised that he would not return to the bad track and he had all the consequences and therefore to make him happy, I cooked his favorite dishes. Pallavi is waiting for Raghav to go after dinner. Farhad receives a drunk Raghav house, Raghav sees the food and says Pallavi. It’s a big meal, Rajan doesn’t ask all those who can’t afford all this luxury and business, we have to go back to the city, Pallavi says we take it to room.

Sunny says he looks at Keri, Pallavi’s love has ruined him so much, the woman must be a source of success, but her Bhabhi looks what she did. Farhad says that Pallavi is drinking habit too much, Pallavi says it’s a serious matter.

Mansi to Farhad and says I know what happens between you and Amruta and let me tell you that it’s not a good girl, all this is your usual past time and so forget about it and live a happy life, it’s your decision that ahead.

Pallavi throws alcohol in a bucket, Raghav says that all this is a limited edition and a hard work, Pallavi says that I will break all these bottles, because its consumer habit is capable and Farhad is in so many problems, Raghav says Enough of you, I’m not enough. Alcoholically, I love drinking about it if I love and choose Pallavi and keep it out of the room, Farhad approaches, Raghav says exposing there. Pallavi says you compared to me with an alcohol, just wait and look at what I do.
In advance: Farhad asks Raghav, how did you learn SANSCKRIT, ask Farhad Who? Raghav Pallavi makes an agreement that reaches normality as Raghav’s report, he can drink and, if not, he will leave it. Pallavi Hey Sunny tells Keri to be parents


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