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Actress Riddhi Dogra is one of the stars who has brought something different to the audience every time. In such a situation, Riddhi, once again, is ready to blast with Alt Balaji’s ‘The Married Woman’. Prior to the release of ‘The Married Woman’, Riddhi had a special conversation with Live Hindustan and gave many answers to many questions.

What do you think about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender) relationships?
I only believe in humanity. I think that our religion is human and all other things have been created by us humans. I believe we are all equal, we all have feelings, anger, love, sorrow… all are equal. In my view, whether it is LGBT community or something, everything is equal. I do not see anyone with anything different and wrong eyes.

There was a time when you thought of saying goodbye to the acting world, what happened?
Actually there was a time when I started feeling that I am not getting the work that I want to do. I felt that if I have to wait for one project after another, then there is some problem. I love acting but I can’t do networking. So I did not waste my time and worked on myself. I did a lot of work during that time.

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Have you worked on both TV and web series? Which mode did you like better and why?
Both modes are quite different and this is its specialty. We actors are very lucky that we can work on different mediums and work in different ways. TV has its own different fun, you go to work every day and feel like an office. All times of your arrival, lunch, packup are fixed. You get a family feel on a TV show. At the same time, OTT is quite different, because there people come from different backgrounds and work together. You work hard on the character and every scene.

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Does social media consider boon or curse? How do you handle trollers?
Trollers should ignore, not talk about them directly. At the same time the internet is a very good thing, in the entire lockdown we were connected to each other even while away. The internet has done a lot of good things and I think that is very important.

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