Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav get precious stones from Hyderabad obligation office, he gets in his vehicle and leaves. Farhad gets call from Raghav everything is great, Farhad says just return home soon, Raghav says my telephone will be turned off now bye. Amruta says did she say a great deal to Farhad in light of the fact that he hasn’t called or informed, Sulochana strolls to Amruta and says for what reason hasn’t she set off for college, Amruta says its her free day,

Sulochana says great, for what reason are you home then, at that point, go out appreciate with your beau, Amruta says Farhad isn’t my sweetheart, Sulochana says don’t conceal things from your mom, simply advise us so we can go converse with Farhad for marriage since I like him, Amruta says you are unimaginable and leaves.

Milind hears all that.

Overseer at designated spot with Laxmi, he advises her Raghav has licked precious stones, Laxmi says extraordinary now he will return home this course and I will discover him in the act and hus capture will be our greatest success.

Milind meets Farhad and requests that he avoid Amruta, cautions him and leaves out of frustration breaking his telephone.

Pallavi fixes her Mangalsutra and wears it, she gets a call from constable Nitin and says I realize Raghav Anna well overall, I can’t contact him and Farhad, he has snuck jewels and Laxmi madam is at Jubliee Hill check guide holding up toward capture him, Raghav is awesome and accommodating man, he saved my folks, if it’s not too much trouble, save Raghav since, in such a case that Laxmi gets him he will be in huge difficulty.

Pallavi meets Raghav in the middle of street, Pallavi hurries to Raghav and says Laxmi has found with regards to you how about we go rapidly. Assessor educates Laxmi that Raghav’s vehicle has halted might be he has found out with regards to the arrangement. Laxmi says lets move rapidly before he get away.

Raghav says Pallavi did you advise her, Pallavi says am I that distraught that first I reveal to her then, at that point, go to her, Raghav says might be you are acting, Pallavi says trust me I haven’t done anything presently how about we go, Raghav says I would prefer not to accompany you, I realize Laxmi knows nothing, Raghav hears police alarm, and sees van approaching,and holds Pallavi’s hand to flee and gets into ranches, Laxmi says pause or, in all likelihood I will pursue you.

Raghav and Pallavi are pursued by police, they stow away in shrubs, abd and begin fleeing once more, Pallavi harms her leg and says you go rapidly I cannot run, Raghav says I can’t let you be, let her do anything she desires, Laxmi sees them and says stop or probably I will shoot you, Pallavi recollect Abhishek being shot, Laxmi shoots, Pallavi steps in the middle and takes the projectile, Raghav yells Pallavi’s name. Raghav says Pallavi awaken,

Saree ka Dukan awaken, it begins pouring intensely. Laxmi hurries to Raghav and says give up rapidly. Raghav says you did serious mix-up, I am not hitting you since you are a lady, Laxmi says quiet down Pallavi is harmed give up and I will save her. Raghav says now I will do what I need, Raghav sprinkles mud in her eyes and leaves. Laxmi requests that auditor pursue them

Raghav places Pallavi in vehicle and leaves.

Laxmi is educated Raghav js no where, Raghav calls Farhad and says I can’t take Pallavi to any emergency clinic and on the grounds that Laxmi will capture her also, get a specialist and make the back room a brief emergency clinic rapidly. Raghav says Pallavi I am with you, all will be fine.

Keerti says Sunny in our old house, Amma never left me alone and presently look I am distant from everyone else, she went to Tirupati for Raghav and Pallavi and worker’s inform me regarding it, she has gone so away from me. Bright pondering how is there no Raghav Rao capture news. Sharda breaks Pallavi’s image and feels something is off-base, Amruta strolls to her says gives up eat, Sharda says I broke this edge, Amruta says I will get new one tomorrow, Sharda says I feel werid and anxious like my Pallavi isn’t progressing admirably.

Bright hears a vehicle sound and goes to check what it’s identity is. Raghav takes Pallavi from secondary passage however Sunny couldn’t see anybody. Raghav says Pallavi kindly wake up for what reason are you doing this to me, nothing will happen to you, get up battle with me. Farhad gets in with specialist and medical caretaker. Raghav says rapidly start her treatment, Raghav asks Farhad did anybody see you, Farhad says no, Raghav says specialist I will pay immense I need her fine. Specialist says she is shot near heart I can tell about her condition just when I eliminate the slug.

Controller tells Laxmi that Raghav is no where, Laxmi says I know where he can go. Pallavi treatment begins, Farhad says don’t stress these are believed individuals and I have eliminated dimaonds as well, and there will be no case. Raghav continues to contemplate how Pallavi saved him abd and says I continued to blow up on her and she stepped in and saved me, that shot was for me not her and if something happens to her, Farhad says she will be fine, she has no other alternative, Farhad Raghav hear police alarm. Raghav requests that Farhad go check.

Keerti asks Laxmi for what good reason is she here, Laxmi asks where is Raghav, Sunny says you should realize that,Laxmi says he has fled, Farhad advises Raghav about it. Farhad says give me new garments, I need to meet all her away from this. Farhad goes to get garments.

Laxmi tells Keerti that I realize Raghav is here thus I need to look through your home, Raghav says why search I am here.

Pre cap: Raghav says I will do everything right, I will show Pallavi the Raghav she needs Laxmi visits Raghav’s home once more, and says I am here to annihilate you and says what entryway is that , Raghav says nobody enters there, Laxmi powerfully gets in.


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